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Can't Live without it

This product is a must used product if you are using SK-II range. The first time I used FTE made my skin a bit dry and flaky (my skin was oily at that time) but after 3 months, the oil reduced.

FTE have a special smell because its originally made from rice. It's a fremented rice water. 75ml can last up to 2months for daily usage (twice a day).

If you want to have the best result using this products you have to used other SK-II products. Tapped on a cotton pad for best result. This is recommended by SK-II beauty advisor.

My daily regime: ckeansing oil (after make up) - cleanser - toner - FTE - Serum - moisturizer

This product is pricey and I wish it is cheaper.

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dont understand the hype

So I got myself some of this 'micracle lotion' and it was expensive....
The glass jar contains a white based lotion and firstly the glass scares me in the bathroom, at the price I would just hate to drop it or slip it- so points off for glass!!
I used this like a toner after cleansing and found the best way for me was to apply a few drops onto my palms tapping my face.
Its a light weight lotion in which it absorbs into the skin nicely and doesn't make me break out. Its smooth and clean and does leave my skin soft and smooth. I do notice softer skin but for me that's really it.
Ok I guess I don't understand. This product contains petria and water- that's it. There is no research behind this ingredient apart from a lot of advertising and claims abcout asian woman, so I guess id like to use something a bit more active and researched. I'm quite suprised woman buy this gimick. Plus my skin needs more than one ingredeient not just one like this product. Overall its a niceskin softener but for the price id'spend the money on something a bit more' active

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A Skincare Staple

I've had my fair share of sample bottles and even a full sized bottle thanks to bh and I always notice a huge difference in the complexion of my skin whenever this product is incorporated into my skincare routine.
In the past I would finish off a bottle and move onto a different product to try out. That's when I notice some dullness and uneven skin tone returning and it is all because I stopped using this Facial Essence. So I know now that if I want fab looking skin keep using this product!
Also I sometimes get some scarring on my face and when I focus this product onto the scar it speeds up the recovery of it and gets the scar to fad faster.
I now cannot image a day without this product in it. I really enjoy using it :D

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No miracles :-(

This was one of my most eagerly awaited trials of a skin care product - I collected the equivalent of a large bottle in sample sizes from magazine freebies and DJ's beauty bags, and patted it onto my face morning and night for 3 months.

Sadly it didn't do anything for my skin - not a darn thing :-( Well at least I know that I can't be swayed by marketing hype - I desperately wanted to love this splash-on skin conditioner, but the whole experience was a fizzer. It has a really peculiar smell - kind of stale and musty, not unpleasant, but not something I looked forward to in my regime, but I was prepared to dismiss this little oddity if only I saw some results.

It seems to work for some gals, but I'm so glad I only paid around $30 to find out that it's not for me...

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It did nothing for me

Not sure what the hype for this product is about. It's expensive and I didn't find the facial treatment essence to do anything for my skin. It had a funky smell I did get used to but that it didn't give me any results.

I noticed no changes in my skin, it didn't even feel more hydrated...nothing! The one thing I liked was the packaging, and that's it. The price is absurd for something that hasn't done anything. (A little glad I don't like it hehe).

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Not worth the hype?

I purchased a full size bottle of the Facial Treatment Essence and could not stand the smell. I used it for 4 months and do not think it did much for my skin. Overpriced and because it is the same consistency as water, you have to either splash it onto your face or use cotton pads. I went through a bottle quite quickly and think I will not be repurchasing this.

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Charlie B


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After hearing so many rave reviews about this product I decided to give this a go for myself.

The product is a clear liquid (it pretty much looks like water). I have been using it in place of a toner. I pour some onto a cotton pad, then wipe all over my face. It soaks into my skin quickly and easily, leaving my skin prepped and ready for the next step in my skin care routine (serum then moisturiser).

I don't think that this product is a miracle worker on its own, but I find that it helps other products (put over it) to work better and absorb into the skin more quickly.

I think it is a lovely addition to my skin care routine. It is just such a shame that it is so expensive.

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Dissapointed at first

When I first purchased this product I felt like my money was wasted but I persisted for a month and only after that month did I see results. It made my skin feel like velvet but that was about it. Then I introduced the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion to the mix and the results were a hell of alot better. Spots were reduced, skin still soft like velvet, uneven skin tone gone. It sinks into the skin really well, at first I thought maybe I have to really massage it on because of the thin consistancy but that was not the case. I think it is a product that has to go with another SKII product for you to get the best results out of it, which is expensive but I believe is worth the cost. The only thing I do not like about it is the smell, I do not enjoy putting it on as much as I do with their other products.

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Amazing product

My friend's skin had improved dramatically & when I asked her what products she used to achieve this, she highly recommended SK II. I decided to try it as I have problem skin. After using it for a few weeks, my husband commented that my skin was softer and less oily. My friends also said my skin looked better. I also felt that my skin was softer and nicer.
I now use this product every morning and night. All you need is a few drops in your palm, then tap it all over your face and neck. I don't like putting it on a cotton pad because the pad soaks up so much of it. I don't mind the smell (it's very faint so I hardly notice it). I apply it after cleansing and toning. I find that if I apply anything on my skin after applying the essence (eg serums or moisturizers), I don't have to use as much of these other products because they glide on very easily over the layer of essence. This is definitely a product that I cannot go without!

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Not for me.

I was very excited to receive a deluxe size sample of the cult SK-II Facial Essence with a magazine. I have heard so many wonderful reviews and so much hype about the product. I used it religiously for several weeks. The product has the same consistency as water. I patted it gently into my skin with my fingers after cleansing but before my serum and moisturiser, both morning and night. To be totally honest, I can't see what is so great about it. It didn't do wonders for my skin. I'm not really sure that it did anything, as I didn't see any difference in the condition of my skin at all. I'm not really a fan of the scent either. I can't really describe it, but it has kind of a weird 'yeasty' scent. Whilst I do appreciate that everyone has different needs, and what works for some doesn't work for others, I'm not sure that I would part with $100 plus for this.

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