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Facial Treatment Essence

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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was the first SK-II product to be released. It was launched in Japan in 1980 and the formula has not changed since. Rich in Pitera, it contains 90 per cent, which is the highest concentration in the whole range. It works to boost the skin's moisture intake, smooth skin texture and renew dull looking skin. Japanese women who have been using the product for more than 20 years, refer to it as "miracle water".

$100 / $185

Pack size:
75mL / 150mL


Myer and David Jones

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1800 012 169

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Unsure If It Actually Does Much

Considering all the hype, I really haven't noticed that much difference. The only thing is that perhaps my skin looks a little softer. But considering all the other products I'm using, it could just as easily be one of those.
I've used it a fair few times by itself and I usually feel like I need a moisturiser with it, because my skin can dry out otherwise. I do use the Treatment Mask though which I love, so I will just keep buying those.



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Doesn't work for skin type

I got a sample of this essence to try and sadly, it doesn't work for me. It left me with patches of scaly skin each time I used it so I have up after persisting for a week! Plus the scent of this essence is a bit strong for my liking! BRAND RESPONSE: Thank you for reviewing SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It sounds as though you’ve had an adverse reaction and we recommend you stop using it immediately. Please contact us on 1800 012 169 to share more information.

Lucy may3


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Pure magic water

I had always wanted to try this 'amazing' water like substance. I have seen amazing reviews and my fav beauty editor eleanor pendleton raves about this stuff being her savour from difficult skin problems. I first tried it last year while living in melbourne in cold, harsh winter. It looked like water, felt like water, smelt like... Not sure, but what it did after a couple of weeks was clear up my complexion. I looked healthy, nice and pale, but not 'are you feeling okay' pale. My skin was soft and hydrated. Everything I wanted in a bottle. In lasted me about 3-4 months. I sadly can't afford to re-purchase right now, but I will! As well as the hydrating mask and eye cream... My day will come! I definetly recommend!!


Put 3 drops directly onto the hands instead of onto a cotton pad so your hands can soak up the excess and reap the benefits, not the cotton pads!

Ideal for

Full complexion, dehydrated skin.



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Been using this for 3 years now

I have been using the essence along with the whole SK11 range for around 3 years now. I must admit I love the essence and if I was to choose one thing from the range it would be this. The smell is unusual but I wouldn't say its a terrible smell it actually reminds me of vinegar ! Expensive as it is, a big bottle lasts me a year easily and that's using it both morning and night. I do find that my skin in terms of lines and wrinkles is very very minimal, I still get occasionally brake outs and red patches and find that the essence doesn't really do much to eliminate these.
I like to splash a bit on my hands and apply it on my face in a pat type motion, it does dry very quickly. My mum who is 56 also uses this and has long before me and looks amazing. I tend to buy a kit with the essence in it and wait till after christmas or mother day when the pack goes on sale. Last year one of the high profile magazines like vogue had a sample of this free with their magazine which for some people was a good oppertunity to try, they also offer a small travel type pack which is also a great way to try without forking out the heavy price.


Don't be too light on coverage on your face, it may feel wet applying a larger amount but will quickly dry and observed into your skin.

Ideal for

Any woman from around 25 years onwards who want a fresher look, and reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.



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I started using this product after the birth of my second child, at a time when I just couldn't stand looking in the mirror anymore. I was sleep deprived, my hormones were all over the place and it was the first time I noticed myself looking old. I bought this product in sheer desperation, as I hadn't spent anything like that much money on a skincare product before, but I haven't regretted it for a second. It has improved every aspect of my face; fine lines, uneven tone, hydration, pores, absolutely everything. I absolutely refuse to be without this product now, it's worth every cent.


Buy this product.

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Smells like feet and does basically nothing.

I've had a few sample bottles of this and also a full sized bottle that I received in my BiB prize pack last year.

This facial essence looks and feels like water but smells like a pair of dirty feet were washed in it.

You can apply with a cotton ball/pad or tip a small amount in to your hand and pat on to your face, I like to use the patting motion with my essences as there is zero waste that way and I can rub my hands together after applying and they get a little special attention too.

I found this product did nothing, it possibly offered some extra hydration but ultimately the results are far from being worth the price in my opinion.

I think I will stick to my cheaper essences and skip the stinky foot water from now on.



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Best in Beauty 2014 - Not your ordinary water!

I have a soft spot for SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence. I don’t consider it a toner, nor a treatment product. In fact, I don’t know how to categorise it; all I know is that it does a wonderful job at calming and hydrating my skin. It is a pleasure to pop this on my face, and for that reason, it gets a five start vote from me for best toner.

Facial Treatment Essence looks like water, feels like water, and pretty much smells like water. For a bottle of water it sure is damn expensive! I don’t consider it a toner, per se, however I do use this product like a toner – apply after cleansing and before moisturising. For me, the key to this product is to apply it with your hands. I put a few drops into the palm of my hands, rub it in a touch, and pat it into my face. After applying this wonderful liquid, my face looks and feels soothed, redness is reduced, and my skin feels like it has been given a slight moisture boost. With regular use, I have found this product makes my skin feel more hydrated and clarified than usual. Facial Treatment Essence seems to work exceptionally well at combating and calming the skin – hence addressing any redness.

I’ll be honest and say I think this has very little effect on wrinkles or even fine lines. I feel this is more of a preventative measure which works by keeping your skin moist and making the most of the hydrating properties of your moisturiser. I love this product for how it makes my skin look and feel so calm and refined. If you are in a position to make an investment in this product, I suggest you look into this product depending on your skin’s needs. It isn’t a miracle worker, nothing is, however this does work a bit of magic on my skin. It is by far the best “toner” I have ever used.



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OK Toner

Not sure that I could classify this as a treatment essence as it felt more like a toner to me, and I used it as such.

I received a large sample size in a DJ's tote bag and had also picked one up on a freebie magazine offer, but I've only used one of these sample bottles as I was underwhelmed.
I'd read such wonderful reviews of this product, but I wasn't impressed.

I used it after cleansing (not an SKII cleanser) applying it to dampened cotton wool and wiping over my face. The cotton wool did have some grime on it, but that is the only observation I made. It didn't appear to renew my dull skin or smooth my skin texture.

Perhaps if used in conjunction with the SKII range it would perform better.



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An ok toner but did not work for me

I am so happy I am not the only one who is not overly impressed by this product. I believe that there is a large number of girls who love this product and swear by it, can't imagine their skincare routine without SK-II.
I had heard so many raving reviews about it before actually trying this product that it made me feel that SK-II would change the appearance of my skin, that it will become smooth and beautiful, blemish free.... yeah right? What product does that?
As it is extremely expensive I did not intend to buy it. The chance to give it a go appeared when I grabbed a sample bottle ( I believe 50ml) with a magazine, and one more sample bottle with David Jones tote bag. 100ml would be enough to entitle me to my own opinion. I felt so good the first couple of days of applying this product. I think it was just a placebo, knowing that the product is considered cult and very expensive. SK-II feels like water, there is almost no smell detectable, but when you can smell it , the aroma is not that pleasant. One has to be careful not to spill the contents at once because it is so watery. I used my hand as a container for a few drops and then I pressed my hands together and patted the SK-II essence in to my face and neck. It worked as as long as hydration is concerned. And nothing else. I didn't notice much difference in my complexion. Skin texture was the same, pigmentation the same. Probably the best thing about using this product was in my mind, knowing how posh and sophisticated it is.
I do believe though that SK-II essence might work pretty well when it is combined with other products form the line. Unfortunately, the price tag is at the moment too high for me to go and try them together. I have to say that I much prefer Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner.



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Can't Live without it

This product is a must used product if you are using SK-II range. The first time I used FTE made my skin a bit dry and flaky (my skin was oily at that time) but after 3 months, the oil reduced.

FTE have a special smell because its originally made from rice. It's a fremented rice water. 75ml can last up to 2months for daily usage (twice a day).

If you want to have the best result using this products you have to used other SK-II products. Tapped on a cotton pad for best result. This is recommended by SK-II beauty advisor.

My daily regime: ckeansing oil (after make up) - cleanser - toner - FTE - Serum - moisturizer

This product is pricey and I wish it is cheaper.


Put the bottle on your fridge. It has a calming effect on your skin

Ideal for

Any skin types and climate

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