Estée Lauder - Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

Estée Lauder

Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

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Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is a fast-acting serum that delivers resurfacing benefits. It repairs the look of uneven skin texture, flakiness and roughness while reducing the look of pores. It leaves skin looking clear and even toned with more clarity and luminosity. Dermatologist and opthalmologist tested and non-acnegenic.

Apply in the morning on clean skin. Follow with a moisturiser. 

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30mL / 50mL

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WOW but wait for a sale to purchase it!

I received a sample of this when i purchased some products at Estee Lauder and i found that it was the perfect moisturiser for me and acted like a primer.
I personally don't have large pores so the intentional use of the product wasn't directed for my skin. However, i put this on prior to my makeup just as a moisturiser and left my skin smooth, matte and filled in my small pores so i didn't bother with the primer. This product actually concealed my major concern which is redness coming through my foundation 6 hours later from applying. I love this product so much and a little goes a long way however i wouldn't consider repurchasing it until the price has dropped down as i find $60 would be a somewhat more reasonable price rather than $120+


I found the best way to use it is after exfoliating or your shower as it melts in better when skin is warm.

Ideal for

Any skin type.



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minimise pores

Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is my favourite serum, especially in summer.

After a thin application of this product, quick absorption and it gives a instant silky smoothness on my skin. As a primer, it provides a smoother surface which makes the application of makeup easier.

What's amazing is that the small pores on my cheeks have significantly reduced in size. I don't think any product can completely make pores disappear, but if you want less obvious, shrunken pores, the new Idealist definitely delivers.

Princess Per...


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Silky Skin

This might just be my favourite of the Estee Lauder serums (and I've tried them all). It just feels so lovely on the skin. It has a velvety feel and smoothes on a bit like a primer. It sinks in fast to leave my skin super silky with a subtle powdery yet hydrating finish. This is defintely the most moisturising of all the serums with a nice citrus scent. I'm not sure that it makes a difference to my pores per se but it does create a nice surface for makeup and makes it look more flawelss. Overall, this is a product that really does wonders for my dry skin and I would certainly purchase this in the future.


Dry skin.



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didn't help at all. make skin break out.

i dont have much to say about this product apart from the fact that i didnt like it one bit. i used it for 3 weeks and didnt notice any change. it felt too oily and didnt help with pores at all.


Princess Fiona1


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Fantastic as a primer for velvety smooth skin

the light texture of the serum, which absorbs very easily into my skin. The serum was not too overpowering and left my skin with a very light, citrus fragrance. The pump distributed perfect amounts of serum at a time, and you don't need to use too much



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Silky and soft finish!

I don't actually have very large pores over most of my face, so I can't attest to the pore minimising properties of this product, but I tried a sample of it and the next day my skin was glowing and dewy and I immediately picked up a full size bottle!

I usually use it before bed, some time before my moisturiser, because I feel like that's the best time for my skin to absorb the product, essentially like a serum.
I do love how moisturising it is, without being oily. I use two squirts to easily cover my whole face and it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and silky to the touch and very comfortable.

I also like that it's suitable for the eye area (according to the girl at the Estee Lauder counter) and it is a very light and smooth product so I feel comfortable applying it around my eye area as well.

However, other than having my skin feel smoother after application, I haven't really felt it do anything significant to my skin (good or bad, that is). Judging from how much of the bottle I've used now, I think the 50ml bottle could easily last at least 6 months, but at the high price tag it comes with, I'll have to rethink before purchasing a second bottle.



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nothing special

the texture is really nice and smooths out the surface of the skin but did not notice any pore minimising ! doesn't do what it's meant to but great as a primer and/or moisturiser



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Pretty good

I haevnt noticed anything in the pore minimising department but i actually use this as a primer and its wonderful for oil control and smoothing over fine lines and unevenness.
lovely product for that i suppose.



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Smooth canvas

I have a small 7ml bottle of this and have been using it for about a week. It does leave the skin more matte, smooth and leaves a silky velvety finish. My pores aren't that big so after application, my face does look quite smooth and makes foundation application afterwards look flawless. However there are other similar products out there which achieve the same results so I probably wouldn't buy this given it is quite expensive. I think this would be suitable for most skin types including oily/combination.

ski diva


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Not useful for large pores - noticed no minimizing effect after nearly 10 months. Applies nicely but is very expensive.

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