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Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

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Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream is an oil-free hydrating cream appropriate for skin with persistent redness. It has a slight green tint and acts immediately to quell visible redness and blotchiness, while soothing to cool discomfort. A combination of non-irritating antioxidant ingredients such as caffeine, sucrose and algae extract soothe the skin, while green tea extract and vitamin E provide skin with antioxidant protection. Wheat germ, barley extract and linoleic acid strengthen the skin’s barrier. Over time, this moisturising formula steadily improves skin’s comfort.

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It was ok, but would not be buying again.

I found this to be quite moisturising and the green tint was what caught my attention. However after using 3 containers, I haven't seen any improvements to my redness (due to broken capillaries), redness occurs usually during hot weather....
I've actually found the redness to occur much more frequently, but then again I do have sensitive skin, and Clinque does seem to be much more harsh in their products, taking longer to get use to on the skin. But I'm not a fan, it's the best thing, as it feels really cool on my face.

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Perfect for me

I have fair skin with many broken capillaries on my cheeks and nose. These have developed over years of over heating, blushing and the odd hot flush ( I am 50!)

For the past two years I have been using a product from America - Zenmed - which is expensive and I only noticed a slight improvement.

I wish I knew about this Clinique cream sooner. I have been using it twice daily for 3 weeks. It's soothing going on and already the redness has reduced. I can honestly say the redness on my face has halved. I have comments from friends and family. Even my Mum, who introduced to Zenmed, is going to give Clinique's a try. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I do realise though, all people's reactions and experiences with products are different but for me this is perfect. The price is reasonable and only a small amount is needed.

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Didn't see much results

I have really red cheeks which worsens in summer so I wanted this product to work so badly. Unfortunately it just didn't really work for me. I have a few broken capillaries and whilst I knew that the cream wouldn't heal them, I thought it could still help reduce redness. The cream did reduce redness, but only slightly around my nose area which was caused by rubbing.

The cream feels quite nice and cool to put on and it isn't heavily fragranced and didn't break me out. It's a great cream - but it just didn't fufil what it was supposed to do.

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This cream has quite an unusually firm texture but blends easily into skin. The slight green tinge to the cream seems to reduce redness immediately. I usually wait a few minutes before applying foundation & you can actually see the redness disappearing. It is oil-free which is great, but towards the afternoon my skin feels tight & a little dry. I wish that my beloved peeps at Clinique would come out with a night version. Happy enough with the results to re-purchase.

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broke me out

I wanted to love this but it gave me red pimples on nose/cheek area after a week. I have rosacea so my skin is very sensitive. The cream is very nice and seems luxurios but by morning my cheeks seemed a little dry. I only used it at night.

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nice consistency

i find this cream is soothing and easy to apply, but feels like the redness is only covered temporarily by the greenish tinge of the cream and not completely gone. moisturisation wise, if feels like it's doing the job but does take a bit of time to soak into the skin

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Not as good

I have sensitive and redness skin. I have used this product for 1 month. The results are not visible yet and blemishes problem doesn't stop. The redness on my skin is still present. The positive side will be it is not too oily and easily absorbed, hydrates my skin well.

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Can see improvement

I don't have sensitive skin per se but one of the problems I have with redness is that when the weather is very hot, or its very cold and windy, my cheeks can get quite red. It never really bothered me too much till I started to use blush and whenever my cheeks got red it just made it look like I had packed on tonnes of blush!

I saw this moisturiser mentioned in a magazine and though I'd give it a try and after only using it a few weeks I can say that I definitely see an improvement! I was at uni and it was cold and very windy and I thought my cheeks would be really red but when I went to check in the mirror it was totally fine! It wasn't a one time fluke either so I'm quite impressed.

One thing I don't like is that its not as hydrating as I would like...its strange because the texture of the cream is quite firm almost, and when you work the product into the skin its almost like a cream/gel but it quickly becomes a satiny finish...I thought this was quite strange. Definitely not for those who have dry/dehydrated skin.

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Nice but didn't reduce my redness.

I have sensitive skin prone to redness and break-outs so I was thrilled when Clinique brought this new moisturiser out. But while its a nice moisturiser that hydrates well and feels nice on my skin, it doesn't do anything to minimise or calm my redness.

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Love it!

I bought this recently when was on holidays in New York. It is much cheaper there, and I think I'd be reluctant to spend $90 on it, but I'd definitely receommend it if you have red, sensitive skin. I'll be buying it again when I run out. It is moisturising and soothing.

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