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Peace, Love & Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture Peace, Love & Juicy Couture is a feminine floral with wood harmonies. The scent opens with top notes of meyer lemon tree blossom, wild hyacinth, sweet apple accord and black currant absolute, then develops with heart notes of sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom. The fragrance dries down with notes of orris extract, sheer patchouli flower and enveloping musks. The bottle is swathed in turquoise gems adorned with bohemian charms and girly pompoms.

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RRP: $65, 250mL
Shower Gel
RRP: $55, 250mL

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RRP: $75, 200mL

$65/ $85

Pack size:
30mL/ 100mL


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Lovely Perfume and Cute Bottle!

I really like the fresh scent of this perfume. I was given this in a gift set along with the body lotion and shower gel for Mother's Day and it's so cute! The bottle is gorgeous and I love the cute acessories dangling on it! The only thing is that the scent doesn't last long at all. I find I have to keep touching up throughout the day, there is just no lasting scent, which is a shame considering the price. Although I really like this perfume, I have had others say that it smells like damp grass. LOL. I don't think so though.



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A much loved Xmas prezzy

I received this fragrance for Christmas this year and I really love it.
The design of the bottle is really cute. I adore the large gemstone of the lid and the bracelet wrapped around the neck of the bottle is really cute too. The bottle just screams "look at me".
I consider it a light, musky fruity scent with a slight floral back note to it too. It's a really good every day kind of fragrance that wont be too overpowering.
I love that I received this and it has become a much loved addition to my collection.



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A Perfumy Hit Of Floral & Fruit

Juicy Couture Peace Love & Juicy Couture comes boxed.
The perfume comes in a square - rectangle spray bottle with a clear plastic jewel lid.
It's decorated with pretty charms and a plastic gem.
It is tinted, a see through yellow shade.
The perfume has a lovely fragrance, floral and fruity. I think it's warm and feminine.
It really is a mix of different floral and fruit aromas. It does carry a little sweetness to it with the added fruity scents.
It's a nice fragrance, although I've come to the conclusion I prefer Viva La Juicy.
Peace Love and Juicy Couture is a lasting fragrance, it does fade but still hangs around.
I like this perfume, although I would not buy again.
Impulse buying is not a good thing to do with expensive perfume.

Made in U.S.A.

Princess Per...


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Green and Citrusy

I hate to say this because I LOVE Viva La Juicy and Couture Couture but this is really not for me. It is a very citrusy, green scent that also has a slight woody, peppery, spiciness. It is fairly strong too and the green, clean scent doesn't really become any more musky or sweeter over time. I can see it would be a summer scent for those who don't really like floral scents but it's just not sweet enough or fruity enough for me.
Big pluses for the gorgeous bottle though.

Ideal for

Those not wanting a sweet fragrance.



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fresh floral

I got this for Xmas is a gift set and I fell in love with the amazing fresh floral scent. It's a great scent for the warmer months and lasts for hours. I have recently run out of the fragrance but do plan on purchasing it again, but until then I will continue to use the body lotion which has the same incredible scent.



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fresh, light fragrance

I tried a sample of this product in a store and i loved it.
My husband commented on how nice it smelt and I loved wearing it - it's light and citrusy without being overpowering.
The bottle is just gorgeous and very appealing to a young person.
while it wouldnt convince me to change from my usual perfume I did decide to buy it as a gift.


beautifully presented and well priced - use sparingly - you can always layer or add more later

Ideal for

a gift for a young woman that loves beautiful things - tha also smell great!!
hmmmm maybe I will get another bottle for myself too!



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A positive gamble.

I originally didn't warm to the smell of this perfume, but now i'm really attached to it. The woody smell is really nice and I have people constantly commenting on it and asking the name of it. I bought a 100ml bottle as a dive in the deep end and it really paid off.



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Incredible !

I've read a lot of different opinions on this perfume, a lot of people have described it as "horrible" on other forums, although looking and judging by the reviews on beautyheaven, most of us seem to love the smell ! I was starting to think that i had an odd taste in perfume, until i decided to check up on the reviews on beautyheaven. I bought the 50mL bottle of this with the body lotion and shower gel - at first, i didn't really like the smell, but when it settled into my skin - i fell in love. It smells so fresh and clean ! I couldn't help but to go back and buy it. Glad i purchased this, and will definitely buy it again when it runs out.



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The winner is peace, love and juicy couture

Such a gorgeous perfume from the packaging to the fragrance itself. The bottle itself is simple with a lovely cut glass style top and gold charms and pink tassle, girly and cute. This fragrance is more sophisticated and classy than the bottle leads you to think, in fact to me is smells like my mums favourite scent that is not made anymore which is Estee Lauder Private collection. The scent is earthy, musky and woulld be a great summer scent. Love, love love this scent and is my favourite juicy scent yet.



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loving this new scent from juicy

I love love love the orginal and so i had to try this one too and so glad i did. Im loving it a beautiful light scent not too over powering.

Ideal for

If you love th original youll love this one too

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