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Floral, Fresh – Green

Estée Lauder Pleasures is a sheer, floral fragrance which contains notes of lilies, peonies, jasmine, karo-karounde blossom and bale rose.

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Long time favourite

I have use this perfume for last 10 years and only recently started to use a different one. I love the smell which lasts for a long time, the bottle has a nice design and when you shop around you can get some good deals with free samples.

Read the full review of Pleasures by Janinka.



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Light with rolling floral notes that last throughout the day.

Love the light lily, Jasmine and rose notes of this long lasting fragrance. This fragrance is one that you don't need to over-spray as a little seems to last me all day. The scent always lightens my mood.

Read the full review of Pleasures by Snowsmurf.



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Pretty fragrance

This is a beautiful EL fragrance - one of my favourites. I've had purse size EDP'S of this a few times over the years & always loved using them.

Pleasures is what I'd call a pretty traditional floral fragrance - without being old-fashioned, or too sickly sweet. Just sweet enough, not too over-powering to wear & ideal for all occasions ie office, a night out, suitable for any time.

It's a fragrance that also appeals across the ages, great for young & older alike

Read the full review of Pleasures by Linda_Vesinger.



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A spring pleasure...

Probably my #1 EL fragrance – so fresh and crisp, reminds me of my favourite perfume as a teenager, Justine by Louis Feraud. Thankfully this one is still available, and I always look forward to the teeny sample flacons in my GWP’s – love the handbag friendly size, and in warmer months, I always have one with me. Adore the shape of the bottle with its feminine curves, and the fragrance lasts well without being initially overpowering (important when you work in an office).

Love florals that have a slightly astringent tang - makes them far more wearable for me, and this one has just the right balance of sweet flowers and spice. It’s one of my greatest pleasures…

Read the full review of Pleasures by katshepsutt.



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Beautiful floral fragrance

This has been around for many years, I love it!

Read the full review of Pleasures by Tara163.



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My Sister Loves It!

This proves we are all so different. My sister adores this perfume but it's not for me. It's a touch old fashioned in all it's floralness yet for one who loves that type of scent then it is beautiful and deserves a five star rating.

Read the full review of Pleasures by softness.



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Iconic fragrance, lovely and unique.

I think this must be THE Estee Lauder fragrance of the 1990's. It has a distinctive kind of fresh, aldehydic floral scent that is great if you don't want other people around you disliking the strong smell of your perfume. Probably universally pleasing, I have yet to find someone who hates it. My only complaint is that it reminds me of my aunt and hence I associate it with a more mature lady.

Read the full review of Pleasures by sea157.



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Its a soft fragrance,lasts long,love wearing it during spring.

Read the full review of Pleasures by Fabb22.

Primrose Polly


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Subtle, feminine, floral

This was my first 'grown up fragrance', and I still use it to this day. I find it perfect as my every day scent as it is quite subtle, yet has a beautiful, classic floral scent that lasts all day.

I do like to change up my fragrance between bottles, but always seem to find myself coming back to this gem..

Read the full review of Pleasures by Primrose Polly.



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love love it

This is one of my fav scent love I like to use it when I go out....its feminine ...

Read the full review of Pleasures by Malomache.

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