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Temporary Pr...


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Surprisingly gorgeous!

Ok, so I'd be the first to admit that I initially thought that the juicy perfumes were a little too faddy for my taste, but it's certainly something I've grown to love over time.

To me, this scent has very sweet notes, and I mostly catch jasmine and gardenia when I catch a whiff of it. It's a good daytime perfume, and it's suitable for people seeking a sweet scent.

It doesn't tend to last for very long, but it can certainly lift you up when you first spritz it on.

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This Perfume is AMAZING!
I have been looking for a new 'signature scent' for a few months nnow.. & one day (about 2 months ago) I came across this one!
I have always looked at the Juicy range, although never smelt it before.. but once I did I just had to buy it!!
& I have worn it everyday since!! I just can't get enough!
The bottle it self is enough to make you LOVE IT (:
so elegant! & the scent!! WOW! I have received so many complements on how nice I smell! If i had to describe it in one word id say YUMMY! & surprisingly not that expensive either!
I purchased mine from Chemist Wearhouse during one of their sales. & Seriously when don't they have sales! (:
Although I find that I am re applying through out the day.. because after a few hours it can become quite faint.. but I am one of those people who love smelling their own perfume on themselves! but all in all I highly recommend this! LOVE IT!! (:

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Tabitha Amy


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Firstly, a HUGE thankyou to bh for this perfume!! It was my first win and I was so happy to receive this this bottle of loveliness! Pics were sent instantly to my sister to rub it in as she is always winning!! This perfume is just TO DIE FOR!! Not only is the bottle so damn gorgeous but the perfume really packs a punch too! It is one of those scents that is just beautiful and sweet. It is not overpowering and quite lightly scented. This being said it is perfect for a night out but if you are wanting it to last all day you may need to reapply throughout. Overall, a beautiful gift to receive or give! A perfume fit for a princess :)

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amazing scent!

I absolutely adore the scent of this perfume, it's one of my absolute favourites. However, when I spray it and it catches on the air, It provokes me into having asthma attacks.

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Oh its juicy! Really sweet and fruity.

This product comes in variable sizes and is often on sale at Priceline and perfect to purchase during sale peaks. It comes in very cute pink and gold packaging and a pretty bottle with a pink bow.
The perfume is long lasting and a very youthful fruity smell, however you do have to re apply every 4 hours or so if you like your perfume to be highly noticeable when you walk past a person however if you want individuals only to smell it when your up close just place on the neckline area and wrists.
The 30ml bottle lasts me about 3 months and i wear it roughly 4 days a week and reapply twice, if you don't want to pay the full retail price just look out for catalogues, mothers day and christmas time i get this perfume so cheap that it becomes the perfect gift for a friend.

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I love it

Fresh Flowers and romantic

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Favourite, Sophisticated, Unique

This unique scent is in my top three favourite perfumes of all time! I feel like it's lovely on both young and mature females. It's definitely unique but I would say it's woody, strong-scented and has a zesty floral sort of scent. The packaging is also gorgeous and it lasts a full day!

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Everyday fun scent

Love it! Has a fruity, but soft scent. I wear it more as a everyday perfume during summer, for some reason I just associate it with a summer scent :) It lasts all day too and you don't have to go overboard with it in the morning for it to do so.

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Sweet and feminine perfume!

This is my favourite perfume and one that I wear almost on a daily basis! It is sweet but not overly sweet where you feel like you are in a a candy shop. It has some fruity and floral notes which makes it a perfect combination! It is versatile in that it can be worn for during the day but also at night. The bottle itself is gorgeous as well! Very feminine, chic and looks great on my dresser. Being that it is EDP it also lasts longer so I do not have to spray as much!

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My all time favourite lift me up elixir

Since i bought this and spritz the precious. Juice on me, i never went anywhere without being complimented on how nice I smell. Even a taxi driver dared to ask me what my perfume is because it smells so good he wants to buy it for his wife on her birthday. The scent is so complex its a burst of everything fruity, floral and gourmand and i find it lasting.

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