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Fresh fruity floral

I am CRAZY about this fragrance.
I bought my first bottle about a year ago, and have since bought two more - one as a gift because I love it that much! Each time I wear it I swear I pick up a new fragrance nite. It's not sickly sweet like some other Juicy Couture ones I've found.

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This perfume is by far one of my most favourite perfumes, it is the perfect combination of sweet and subtle, and isn't too overpowering but enough to make a statement. The bottle is soooo beautiful and unique, the pink satin bow and cute dangly charms add such a youthful and edgy vibe to the perfume. When first sprayed, I am hit with burst of fresh, fruity sweetness that is so soft and beautiful. It lingers on your skin for ages. Later on, I can smell hints of caramel, praline and mouthwatering chocolate. It's honestly like candy in a bottle! Fresh, sophisticated, flirty, and romantic, this perfume is suitable for absolutely everyone, and can be used on any occasion.

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My favourite perfume by FAR!

The packaging of this fragrance is amazing - it's fun, bold and elegant all at the same time. The detailing around the bottle lid is very appealing and as a young female, I think that the design of the bottle is very captivating.

The smell is lovely, it's fruity and sweet without being too over powering - a very feminine scent. It lasts for hours and it suitable for day and night.

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A true favourite of mine!

Thanks to beauty heaven I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous perfume. I received it as part of my BIB prize over a year ago and am still really enjoying it.
I love the design of the bottle. I looks lovely paired with the gold and pink additives.
The scent is divine. It's fruity, yet light and sweet. Basically it's everything I love in a perfume. It is also very long lasting and I can get day wear out of a morning application.
I get alot of compliments from friends, family and even strangers at the shops when I wear this perfume, they always ask what it is.
I adore it and am looking forward to having my Juicy Culture collection grow.

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Just wished it lasted longer

I like that this is a softer floral than many other floral scents which I find too overpowering. It is not sickly sweet either. Though I find it does not last as long as I would like it.
Both the scent and the beautiful bottle are very classy and feminine.

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So lovely!

I bought this as a sample to try, and i have never tried it before so i didn't know what to expect. I am usually a very fruity person, don't really have anything that's woody or floral! But Oh my.... this is really lovely! It has a very subtle woody smell. And i can't even describe it! But it is delicious! I'll be adding this one to future wish lists!

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Face Paint


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Very good lasting power

This is a light floral/fruity perfume that is not overpowering and great for everyday wear when you want to smell pleasant and fresh but don't want to draw too much attention to yourself. Great for work and shopping and play, but not a sexy evening scent. You only need a light dab, so a bottle lasts forever. I think it is an ageless perfume - suitable for both young and old. The scent is supposed to have mandarin and berries in it, but it smells more like melon to me. As for the florals, I think I can smell honeysuckle, but not the jasmin or gardenia (which should be much stronger scents). The dry down leaves a hint of caramel, but again I don't smell the vanilla or sandalwood. All in all, I think the scent is a subtle blend which is appealing.

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Holy Grail Perfume.

Holy moly this is my all time favourite smell ever. It's sweet and floral without being overbearing or sickening. I cannot put in to words how much I adore this perfume, seriously everyone go try it. If you are considering getting it, get it! Best of all I picked mine up from the discount drugstore for $65 instead of $99

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Amazing, but wish it would last longer!

Love this perfume so much, definitely my favourite out of the Juicy Couture range. The bottle is really cute, easy to use and I love the bow! It's pretty sweet and flirty, but not overpowering or sickly which is awesome. Only problem is that it barely lasts a few hours!

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One of my all-time favourites!

I love Viva La Juicy, and I am not sure why I haven't given it a raving review sooner! I am not the best at describing scents but to me it is fresh, fruity (but not too sweet!) and lightly floral. It is perfect for day wear anytime of the year, although it is particularly perfect for Spring in my opinion. I love that it is fruity without being overly sweet and has that perfect balance of florals for freshness. As for longevity, I spray on 2-3 sprays in the morning and it still lingers subtly at the end of the day. And, of course, how could anyone resist the bottle! It is so pretty that you just want to put it on your dresser and stare at it in admiration. For me this is just the perfect fragrance which has it all; the beautiful juice, and the gorgeous bottle! One smell and you will be hooked too!

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