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Woody Oriental, Fresh - Citrus Fruity
This fragrance is a combination of scents that are sweet, fruity and sensual. So…? Kiss Me has fruity top notes of blackcurrant, pineapple and citrus, which reveal layers of sweet vanilla and a floral heart. Base notes of musk and wood round off the fragrance.

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30mL / 100mL


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Chantel Larissa


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Personally i usually buy expensive perfumes, but So...?Kiss Me surprised me due to its sweet fragrance and i now carry it in my bag for daily use.

Ideal for

Younger females, teens and tweens

Temporary Pr...


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Cute scent

So... Kiss me is an uplifting scent that smells immediately of a Summer fruit basket, and in a good way. It begins with a pineapple-like scent with bits of blackcurrant.

It then dries down to a woody type smell. Quite pleasant, and something I can imagine wearing at something fun, like a festival, or carnival.



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I remember when I was a teenager I would catch the bus with this girl that always smelt beautiful!
Some days In particular I would recognise the smell as something she's worn before. One day later that year I found the so kiss me perfume in a chemist and I instantly knew it was the one the girl from the bus wore. I loved it & I still do..

These perfumes last all day unlike other cheap perfumes and the scents are gorgeous. Every time I wear it I find myself in a great mood.. it brings back great memories... & no! not because of the girl.. incase you were wondering, about a guy I was seeing at the time lol.

Would highly recommend :)



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Save the day ... wanting more

Hopeless me forgot my perfume on my wedding day but lucky i have my wonderful best friend/maid of honor who happen to have a bottle of this which i looved .
I had to go out and buy some as the sent brings back the wonderful memories of my wedding day and getting ready with my girls :)


Small budget girly girls



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Cheap and fabulous

For the price it's crazy good. Love this stuff and you should never be without it. Great everyday alternative especially on holidays



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I've been wearing this scent since I was 13. It was perfect, not overbearing and so cheap for something that lasted so long.

Tash ♥


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this was the first ever bottle of perfume that i ever brought myself. i thought it was great back in my high school days but now i am very over the scent. great for a cheapy but wears of quite quickly so wouldn't really recommend



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Fabulous scent

This perfume is so fun and feminine I wear it almost everyday. Definitely my favorite out of the So...? range



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Fun & Fiesty

I received a Mini Divas Boxed Set for Christmas from my kids. The set has 4 different So...? Eau de Toilettes. So...? Kiss Me being one of them comes in a 10ml spray bottle with a red and pink pop off lid.
The spray bottle is easy to use, I apply the Eau de Toilette until I have on the desired amount.
I like the aroma of So...? Kiss Me, it is a fun and fiesty fragrance. It reminds me of a mixture of blended floral arrangements with a light musk tartness added to the aroma.
When I first apply the scent, it is a strong aroma but quickly subdues to a level that leaves a lovely flowery fragrance on my skin.
So...? Kiss Me would be suitable for teenagers and young women. I think it is a youthful eau de toilette. Even with this thought in mind, being the perumaholic and age that I am I still like the scent and wear it occasionally.
The scent does not last so I reapply when necessary, the mini spray fits perfectly in my handbag.
So...? Kiss Me can be purchased in Advantage Parmacy and is Made in China.



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Feminine, Flirtatious...and Affordable!

One of the first perfumes I ever recieved. A gorgous floral scent, musky and vanilla scent. It made me feel feminine and flirty and it's affordable too which is a bonus!

Possibly the best out of the So...? perfumes.


Those who want to feel girly

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