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M by Mariah Carey

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Floral Oriental, Crisp - White Flower

M by Mariah Carey eau de parfum spray translates the beauty of her musical notes into carefully chosen fragrance notes that embody her warmth, sensuality and glamour. The three key elements of the scent – Tahitian tiare flower, warm marshmallow and Moroccan incense/amber accord – work together to present Mariah’s utmost femininity and sensuality in one strong statement. The bottle features a glass cap in the form of a butterfly as it rests upon the tiare flower, and its petals open to reveal the fragrance within.

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My signature scent

I fell in love with this scent a few years back and have been using it religiously ever since. My Mum used to use it and it reminds me of her this past year while I haven't lived nearby. It has a gorgeous glass bottle. The butterfly lid used to be glass as well however the newer bottles have it as plastic. The scent is sweet but not sickly sweet, 'earthy' I guess. It's very lovely.

Scray Scray


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Not for me

This was over the top sweet, vanilla, musk - to my nose at least. I really prefer fresh, fruity scents to types like these. I'm sure on the right skin it would transform into something delectable! However it is just not for me which is unfortunate as I'm a big fan of Mariah personally. The bottle is pretty good looking though, and I adore the purple which is what attracted me to it initially.



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My Signature Scent

The bottle is too gorgeous the butterfly on top of an opening bud an the weight and feel of the bottle in your hand has nice balance.
This scent work's so well on me it's almost illegal what I can get away with, from creating new friendships to easing an argument this scent when it hits your system gives you a deep warm feeling of security that you can control anything that happens that day.....
I will be buying M for the rest of my life xxx

Ideal for

If this works with your chemistry then M is ideal for anyone that has the maturity n seduction to carry it off Will turn heads Every time!



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Like Candy

I got this as a gift for Christmas and was a bit worried about how it would go. I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume it has a beautiful scent that is almost like a sweet candy sort of smell. Two quick sprays in the morning is all it needs as it seems to last forever. It's not an overpowering scent just a nice soft subtle one.

This has definitely become one of my new favourite perfumes, I have worn it everyday since I got it and I still love it.



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My boyfriend seems to have amazing taste in perfume. He bought this for me and I love it. I am prone to headaches and it can sometimes irritate them. However if I am careful it's perfect. A beautiful summery scent but not too sweet.


Apply a little at a time so as not to be too overpowered. I spritz a little on the ends of my hair.



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Feminine floral

Many celebrity perfumes can be sickly sweet when you spray them on your skin, but this is a feminine floral scent. It's meant to contain marshmallow, but I just detect the floral notes. The floral notes dissipate really quickly on me, but that always happens with my skin's chemistry. The creamy and powdery drydown lasts about four hours which is surprisingly good for me.



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Feminine floral

I've had this multiple times and it is a very nice scent, but its not my personal favourite. It smells VERY Floral and it doesn't dry down any different. Whereas I prefer more vanilla, fruity and floral scents all mixed together.

This has awesome sillage and lasting power, I know this because I would always receive compliments when wearing it. Sometimes it would even be too strong for me even to handle and I would get migraines.

The bottle is also gorgeous, purple with a butterfly lid. All in all, a very nice feminine floral scent. It's also very affordable and there's usually some good discounts on it.



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Love the Bottle - Not So Keen on the Perfume

I loved the bottle for M by Mariah Carey right from the first time I saw it. It looks gorgeous in person and the butterfly on top makes it look like one of those empty perfume bottles you use as decoration.

The perfume however is a bit of a disappointment. On me it starts off okay but becomes a little sour and weird after a few hours. I know perfume smells different on different people but on me this is not a good perfume.



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feminine elegance

Been wanting this perfume for a longtime. On first spray i felt flirty , feminine and summery. I bought a giftpack with body lotion and perfume. Just using the perfume alone, was very surprised how lasting the scent is. No wonder Mariah Carey is number one celeb frangrance person! She really deserves that accolade.
I love the pretty purple packaging and Mariahs signature butterfly as the lid. Very very pretty and highly recommended beauties! A must have in your perfume collection.


those hot balmy nights, turning on the romance, instant feel of sexiness or just a pretty pick me up



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Rich, Sensual & Absolutely Gorgeous

Mariah Carey M Eau de Parfum 50ml comes beautifully presented in a box.
The parfum spray comes in a curved glass bottle, mauve in colour with a pretty butterfly pull off lid.
I love the aroma of M. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's a floral perfume, rich and silky sensual, a bit like Mariah Carey herself.
I think M is a bold perfume, by that I mean it is confident and brings a certain confidence to the wearer, with the gorgeous fragrance that is put out by sumptuously scented skin.
M is up there in my list of favourites, the floral aroma is special, there is a silky softness to the sensual fragrance, it flirts with smelling senses.
If you are put off by celebrity perfumes, don't let this deter you from trying 'M' because you will be in for a pleasant surprise.
M is a perfume with staying power, the fragrance lingering on skin for a good part of the day.

Made in U.S.A

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