Don’t you just love the golden and orange hues of autumn? It’s a time for frolicking in the great outdoors, accessorising with colourful knitted scarves and cuddling up with your man in front of the open fire.
What could make your guy feel more loved-up than an uplifting autumn fragrance to invigorate his senses? Check out our top 10 faves…

1. Blue Stratos Eau de Toilette Spray, RRP $24.99
This is the perfect invigorating autumn cologne for men. Filled with bright citrus scents and notes of wood and oak that waft ever so subtly when released, it’s the next best thing to a colourful scarf!\

2. Esprit Collection For Men, RRP $29.95
A sophisticated scent for the mature man about town, this men’s cologne is rich with warm, spicy notes reminiscent of the smells of crisp fallen leaves crunching under your feet and hot drinks to curl up with at night. It’s autumn in a bottle!

3. Calvin Klein Eternity For Men, RRP $75
A refreshingly masculine scent with a soft edge, this fragrance is perfect for a sensitive new age guy. He’ll love the juxtaposition of subtle geranium and lavender, underscored by tough sandalwood and amber.

4. Van Heusen European, RRP $34.95
A unique, warm and manly fragrance, this cologne carries masculine notes of patchouli, cedar, redwood and suede, so it’s the perfect way to rug up with your man.

5. Mount Romance Fury For Men, RRP $85.95
If you’re looking for one of the most unique perfumes for men on the market, this is it. Designed by New York perfumers and made from essential oils straight from the Australian firetree, it doesn’t get any more distinctive than this.

6. Hollywood Playboy, RRP $12.95
For less than a whole twenty, the price is certainly right and if your man loves warm, oriental scents then the smell is right too! A seductive, masculine blend of vanilla, jasmine and cedarwood.

7. Instinct By David Beckham, RRP $65
An uplifting cologne for men that’s perfect for the cool autumn season, this alluring fragrance is bursting with notes of mandarin, pimento and white amber. It’s also likely to be the closest you’ll get to sniffing David Beckham…

8. Estee Lauder Intuition For Men, RRP $80
A crisp, spicy and dynamic scent perfect for the man that likes to stand out in a crowd this cologne opens with fresh top notes of sage and cucumber which are rounded off by warming amber and cedarwood.

9. John Varvatos Classic, RRP $80
A warm, woody masculine fragrance with exotic notes of sandalwood, Indian tamarind tree leaves and coriander seeds softened by smooth hints of vanilla, this is the ideal cologne for the pulled-together man.

10. Jovan Musk For Men, RRP $7.95
This cologne comes in a nifty stick so it’s super-easy for your man to use and transport. It’s decadently warming with top notes of lavender followed by clove and amber and strong whiffs of musk.