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9IX Rocawear

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Woods, Fresh

9IX Rocawear is a fresh, woody aromatic scent which opens with notes of coriander, mandarin zest and cantaloupe before ascending into middle notes of spike lavender, geranium leaf and suede. Base notes of amber, musk and timber wood finish the fragrance. The bottle is bold and unexpected, with an exterior of sleek gun-metal, reflecting masculinity, strength and refinement.

Also available:
Deodorant Stick
$19, 75mL

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$49 / $69

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50mL / 100mL


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smells great

This is my hubby's all time favourite scent. I think it's my favourite of his as well. It lasts a long time and smells delicious. He makes sure he saves it for special occasions though.



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Worth The Money

This smells fabulous, very masculine and sexy as well. I love how the Musky base shines through with the woodiness. Worth every cent because it lasts as well and doesn't fade off within an hour like a lot of others.



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Smells Great

This is such a nice males fragrance i would highly recommend this product to any male out there, this is one of my partners favourite, great shaped bottle and can get for a reasonable price.. LOVE IT !!!!

Ideal for

Business Man, or males who like to smell nice



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Perfect balance of masculine and fresh

The freshness of mandarin and melon balances perfectly with the amber and musk in the base. This makes 99 the perfect fragrance if you are looking for a manly scent. It's a winner with the ladies too !

Ideal for

20-30 year old males.



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Most guys love this one, one of the fragrance you can get if you are not sure what he likes.


It's masculine and young. If you want something fresh, try nautica.



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Mmmm mmmm

This is such a great smell. I have to admit when I saw the ad I thought "not another over rated, over priced celebrity money maker". Oh how wrong was I? I gave the tester paper to my partner for him to pick out one for a Christmas present and he picked this one out. It smells devine and it lasts. Well worth the money.



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great gift for the boy

i bought this as my boyfriends christmas present last year and i have to say i do love it.. it came with a deodorant stick and shower gel and also a designer bag..great deal!
and although he doesnt really appreciate the price of it .. he loves the smell and although the deodorant stick is now used up he said that it lasted and smelt great all day...
the bottle design is so great for men and durable enough to take wherever and u no he isnt going to damage the bottle...
perfect gift idea!!



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Not a fan of the packaging..

It looks awful!!! I saw this when it first came out and didnt take a second look when I saw it in myer .. A sales rep tried to sell it too me another time and I was actually surprised at the smell, its pretty nice for a guy but definitely a night time cologne as it is very strong ..



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yummy scent :)

I bought this for my partner last year, it is one of the best smelling male scents as it is has a nice modern smell which isn't to overpowering :) very sexy fragrance and found my partner often got complemented on smelling great :)



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pimp my... boyfriend?

do you want your boyfriend to smell lik a drug lord or pimp? because that is definately the vibe i got from this, and i wasn't alone! my friends (male included) all gave it the no. it's over powering and just too... try hard? like eminem mixed with nelly... someone trying to be what they're not.
perhaps it smells nicer on a partner, once the smell starts to wear, but it's a no go for me.

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