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Thermal Spring Water

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For all skin types.
Avène Thermal Spring Water has a low mineral content, a neutral pH and a high proportion of precious trace elements including silica. It soothes and refreshes the skin while hydrating it.
It works to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, razor burn, facial redness, itching, post-depilatory irritation, eczema and nappy rash. It's recommended to be used after surgery, after laser treatments or on skin that is irritated by prescription medications. As a daily skincare product, it is suitable for toning, whilst travelling, after the gym or just to refresh the skin in the humid summer months.

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Not really sure if it's doing anything

I started using the Avene sensitive skin care range after developing rosacea in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and this thermal spring water came in the starter kit. I have to say that while the spray is refreshing and feels very good when my skin starts flushing, I'm not sure that its doing anything that a spray bottle of normal water would do. However after a week of using all of the products in the starter kit together, my skin has really calmed down and is probably better hydrated than its ever been in my adult life. How much this spray is contributing to that I don't know, I think the hydration is coming more from the skin recovery cream and not stripping my face with a strong cleanser. When the water runs out I'll go without it for a while and keep using the other products and see if I need it and its worth spending $25 a bottle on it!

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Vmwhitak.



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I got a few sample size bottles of this product and i feel like it doesnt really make a difference on my face. So i definitely wouldnt buy the full size of it because it's expensive and it's not so effective. I guess it's a good refreshing mist but i personally dont find it as a need in my skin routine.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Joey502.



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I received this in the priceline sincere goody bag and although it is nice and refreshing to use, I definitely wouldn't buy this for this price. It honestly just feels like normal water to me, I didn't notice any extra hydration.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Jenni500.



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must have in my bag

I love this spray, always bring this to my bag. I will spray to my face whenever I fell dry on my face, easy to use just spray and you will have bouncy skin.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Marielutt.



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Very refreshing!

I really love this product, as it's very refreshing for my dry skin. The fine mist is really cool and calming and I've been using this non-stop.

Since the winter weather has been making my skin terrible, this really helps it feel more refreshed, but otherwise I haven't seen much of a use for it. Still, I love this!

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by JessD_ .



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great nice refreshing and cooling mist. Great to use as a toner, to set make up or just to refresh yourself on a hot summers day. I spray this down my back on those 40 degree day. feels awesome.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Deeknight.



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Not so Effective

I received this as part of a bulk beauty bag. And I can't quite understand this product, essentially spring water in an aerosol can. It does leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. However I get better results from my People for Plants Toner.
Despite its claims for irritated or red skin I didn't see any improvement from a product that's only ingredient is water.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by Beckky.



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Great for dehydrated skin

I have really sensitive and dehydrated skin, especially during summer. But this product has been a life saver. It makes my skin hydrated and at the same time neutralises my skin's PH level. After spraying this on, my skin feels refreshed and calm. The redness on my skin reduces. The only problem I have with this bottle is that sometimes the spring in the spray breaks, and since you can't unscrew the cap the rest of the bottle goes to waste. So use with care.

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by H.J..



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soothes the redness

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by lorraineecruz.



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Cooling and refreshing

I loved this. Lovely fine mist spray that was a perfect primer for moisturiser or during the day in melty makeup Queensland weather

Read the full review of Thermal Spring Water by laurenrose90.

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