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Thermal Spring Water

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For all skin types.
Avène Thermal Spring Water has a low mineral content, a neutral pH and a high proportion of precious trace elements including silica. It soothes and refreshes the skin while hydrating it.
It works to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, razor burn, facial redness, itching, post-depilatory irritation, eczema and nappy rash. It's recommended to be used after surgery, after laser treatments or on skin that is irritated by prescription medications. As a daily skincare product, it is suitable for toning, whilst travelling, after the gym or just to refresh the skin in the humid summer months.

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50mL/ 150mL/ 300mL

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Always winner product

I first know Avène Thermal Spring Water was in 2004. I remember my skin was in big trouble after a summer holiday in Bali, got a terrible sunburn. My skin was so red, dry, irritating and pain. One week passed but still not recover then my sister bought me Avène Thermal Spring Water to try. I give few spray on my face, instantly feel refresh and shooting, it helps to calm down my skin irritation. It did give me better feeling after a week my skin getting better.
Today, I still use it everyday anytime. It is convenient to carry with me in my handbag especially for holiday. I will not stop using it...



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When I first heard of this product I thought "it's water in a can...can't be that great", however when they had a deal in Priceline I decided I would finally try it for myself.

It is just Thermal Spring Water in a can but it is a lifesaver during Spring. I get bad hay fever and my skin can end up quite itchy, red and splotchy. As soon as this happens I spray the Avene Spring Water on my skin and it instantly calms my skin down. It stops the itch and removes the discolouration from my skin-amazing!

I also use this after I have been in a chlorinated pool for a while as my skin can get quite dry and itrritated but this fixes it right up. I like the fine spray it emits and how it covers a large area without much spraying. It stays cool without needing to be kept in the fridge too!

I will be purchasing this again!



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Great for refreshing skin

I love thermal water for refreshing my face and setting makeup. The fine mist in this can feels really soothing on the skin and helps calm irritated skin. However it's rather expensive for what you get.

Ideal for

Sensitive skin



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im happy with this product, its great for when its hot, its easy to spray lightly on my face, body and sometimes my hair. i used this often while on summer holidays in greece, walking the streets on a hot summers day it would refresh me with a few sprays on my skin. sometimes i moisten cotton pads with the water and place it on my eyes for 10 minutes or so when ive had a long day and my eyes need some pick me up. i understand some might think its just water but it does abit more than ordinary water for my skin. its hydrates and softens my skin after i have removed my make up though i still apply my tea tree oil/rose hip oil at night and followed by my medik8 serum just to get that moisture back into my skin. i always have the small bottle on hand on hot days its a covinient spray.


spray in hair

Ideal for

travellers, hot days



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rather expensive for what it is

I have a small bottle of this on my makeup shelf. I only reach out for it occasionally. I like the simple design of the bottle and its ease of use with the spray nozzle.
However, for what it does, it is an expensive product. I do not see any difference on my skin after using although it does provide some coolness on a hot day and is almost fragrant free. It does not irritate my sensitive and oily skin.
I do not see myself repurchasing this product.


use on a hot summer's day



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Refreshing but not miraculous

This is a great product because I'm often lazy with toner. It's great to spritz on as a pick me up or after cleansing or even after moisturizer if I forget. I love the big bottle and it's pretty affordable if you get it on special, compared to toner prices. I'm still not sold on whether it does anything for my combination skin, but it definitely doesn't hurt. I do have a bit of a tomato face after the gym though and it does calm me down. But the big bottle is hard to carry around all day. It has served me well this Summer and has a nice cooling effect. I can't see myself using this as much in the colder months.



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Handy refreshing mist but not a necessity

I got 2 of the 300ml cans for $20 during one of Chemist Warehouse's sales (which they often have) and it's a great bargain. I've been using this throughout the day all spring and summer and I've only used up half of one can. I like how it makes my skin feel refreshed and cool but I'm not sure if it actually does anything miraculous for my combination skin. I don't have much redness in my face but I wanted to try this out because it's a hygienic way of restoring my skin's moisture throughout the day. I do tend to go overboard with it and I end up with some of the water dripping down my chin but I don't really mind that since I usually use it at home, lol. It doesn't make me break out or clog my pores. It also doesn't make my skin get any oilier than it normally is either. I had an allergic rash on my left forearm from a makeup remover and I tried this to calm the itchiness but it only relieved the itch temporarily for half an hour at most.

I also occasionally use this as a facial toner and I find that my following skin care and makeup go on the same with or without it. It does take about half a minute to sink in properly into my combination skin before I can apply moisturizer. I'm less partial to this as a toner because my other toners only take about 10 seconds to be absorbed, lol (first world problems).

I really like how widely and evenly the nozzle disperses the product. It doesn't require much force to press down on the nozzle (so it's good for people who don't have much strength in their hands) to get a nice good spray and it's actually one of the best spray bottles I've tried; I only wish it was reusable.

Scray Scray


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Water in a can, seriously

I have a hard time taking this product seriously because it just feels like super expensive spring water in a can. Which I mean.. is okay! I could probably get the same effect from actual cold tap water in a spray bottle, at least for how I use the product. It's really nice during Perth's hot weather! Especially when I go out in my backyard to tan. Not having a pool to cool off in is a pain, so this stuff really helps. I spray myself a bit and it keeps me from melting, all the while enforcing that summery-beach feeling



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So useful

i recently discovered this product and am in love and have got everyone else in the family hooked as well. It's so soothing and has so many different uses. I use it as a toner and setting spray, and also just a spritz before moisturiser therefore I need to use less product. Yes it feels just like water,moods just like water, but this ain't just plain old water. My sister started using it for dry skin, even my mum likes to spritz this on before moisturiser, and I also used it after my skin got irratated after waxing and it helped calm it down. I don't know what makes this stuff special but all I know is that it's our new family must have



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In a can? really?

When I first came across this product, I thought...thermal spring water? will make my skin feel better? yeah, right! I try the sample...sprayed it on my arm, pottered around the store I was in for a bit longer, then I rubbed my arm. Oooo, that does feel nice!!! Now I have a large can in my bathroom - spray it on my face, and my arms and legs, and a small can that I keep just for travelling - fabulous on the plane to keep my skin hydrated!

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