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Thermal Spring Water

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For all skin types.
Avène Thermal Spring Water has a low mineral content, a neutral pH and a high proportion of precious trace elements including silica. It soothes and refreshes the skin while hydrating it.
It works to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, razor burn, facial redness, itching, post-depilatory irritation, eczema and nappy rash. It's recommended to be used after surgery, after laser treatments or on skin that is irritated by prescription medications. As a daily skincare product, it is suitable for toning, whilst travelling, after the gym or just to refresh the skin in the humid summer months.

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50mL/ 150mL/ 300mL

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Kittens meow


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great little pick me up

i keep mini bottles of this in the fridge, my desk at work and in my bag. i use this to freshen up on hot days or after work when i have to go out, i spray this on my bare face and over makeup and it never leaves any residue, the mist is really fine and there is never any reaction to my sensitive skin.

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Good at plumping dry skin

I think this is a good product if you live in a moderate climate and need something quick to rehydrate skin. I am currently living in Northern NSW and this would suffice however recently moved from Darwin NT and this definitely wouldn't do much there. I imagine it would be great for flying however am not so sure there are as many benefits as the price tag would suggest.

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Temporary Pr...


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Water in a can...

I bought a 50ml can of this recently for my travels. and I didn't think it did much for my skin. I used it in flight to moisturise my face without having to rub cream into my skin, and that worked well.

I also used this while out and about in Anaheim, just keeping cool under the hot sun. It dispersed a fine mist over my face, and enabled me to feel a little cooler, and it was quite refreshing.

However, I didn't think it made much of a difference to my skin in general.

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Cannot leave the house without it!

I bought the Thermal Spring Water a few months back while prepping for a holiday... and I have not looked back! This product rarely leaves my side now as it really is a god send considering all things irritation. My skin, and my partners, is incredibly sensitive so travel, hay fever, winter, sunburn, harsh water, even a simple cold all create havoc over my face. If my skin starts to feel a little dry, tight or the least bit irritated I spray a super fine mist of this all over my face and can instantly feel the calm relief.

I also use this in conjunction with my toner, and have found my skin has been reacting better and my hyper pigmentation and blemishes are settling down quicker and more easily.

During a few hot days while I was travelling a week or to back this was my saviour. Theres nothing like being in a strange city, pouring with sweat to have you reaching for this spray every few minutes. It really was sweet relief! I own both the 50ml bottle and the 300ml and can say that there really is a size for everyone.

A great product I recommend to all with sensitive skin.

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BIB review - calming spray

The nozzle is great, dispensing a very fine mist. I don't feel my face is drenched, just enough to cool my skin when my rashes were getting too warm or I've been under the sun.

I sprayed a small amount on my face, wait a little while then pat dry. This also helps to distribute the water to the edge of my face which the spray might have missed. I feel that afterwards my face is less itchy and not as warm.

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A relief in a bottle

I love this product! It amazes me how "water" can work like this. I do not have sensitive skin and very seldom does my skin need this kind of relief but there are times I really need the most gentle and soothing products, and Avene Thermal water is the answer.
I mainly use it when I overuse the exfoliating products and my skin dries out a bit and is very irritated and red, especially around the nose and mouth. One spray has such a soothing effect, it reduces the stinging sensation and eases the redness too. Avene Thermal water calms down the irritated skin and prepares it for other products.
My theory is that a ltf of people will not notice any effects of this water as their skin is in a good condition and does not need all of those micro elements. It may be used as a toner or just a refreshing mist and works very well as such, but only when your skin is in dire straits will you notice the amazing relief it brings along.
I like using it when I have got a runny nose and my skin around the nose is scratched because of all of these tissues and constant contact with gentle but still... paper. Avene Thermal water works very soothingly then. I used this product also when I was on Differin and my skin had periods of being extremely dry and flaky, which is a normal side effect but can be annoying.
It is so gentle that can be used on babies as a product to reduce signs of nappy rash. I sometimes spray my daughters bum on a hot day just to give her that refreshing feeling after so many hours in nappies.
I have to mention the packaging, especially the spray which gives us the most subtle and gentle mist of water. There are no big drops and sometimes it is hard to notice that we sprayed anything. I love it. I also like the fact that there are different bottle sizes so we can have a bog bottle at home and a small travel sized bottle in out handbag. :)
I believe people with very dry and sensitive skin will benefit from using this thermal water.

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lemon juice


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Is it working?

I bought this spray after I saw it go on sale at Priceline for 40% off. It's very refreshing, but I don't really use it that much unless I have a really hot shower. I'm a bit dubious as to whether it is effective as a toner or if I should opt for one with more goodies inside for better hydration of my skin.

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Summer Lovin'

Great for summer, in fact it's a must have product for your bag in summer. It's a very fine mist spray so it can cool you down in an instant without feeling like you've sprayed yourself in the face with a hose. It's soothing to spray this on sunburnt skin and I believe it calms down the nasty burn and allows your skin to heel quicker.

I have used this after my shower and cleansing routine as a toner, and it works just fine however I do feel that this product is #1 for summer cool down usage and a must for after sun care.

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Karano 月


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not cheap for what feels like plain water, but it does work so . . .

I never understood the deal with these thermal spring water spray-cans, but after trying the mini avene one i can see at least part of the appeal.
i'm lazy so i basically use this as an add-on treatment for my eczema on my neck, which sometimes stubbornly refuses to be moisturised either by drinking or creams.
At those times i spray the avene water directly onto the irritated dry patch (then add a calming basic moisturiser) and it aids in remoisturising and calming it down again. note that that's AID, not fix.
when i have eczema and i go to the beach, usually the seawater helps too so i largely think it's the increased minerals and salts (in the right combination) that aid in the rehydration, and not some magical property of avene water alone. But this water comes in a spray can (thats not too pointed, or wide, not too weak or too strong) and doesn't feel sticky afterwards so yay for convenience!

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Best in Beauty 2014

Avene Thermal Spring Water comes in 50ml, 150ml and 300 ml sizes. I purchased the 50 ml size, which lasted some time, using once a day.
The facial spray contains many goodies such as, trace elements, silica, calcium, magnesium. Contents that you would expect in a good spring water. It is free from bacteria and preservatives. The product is gentle, so perfect for the most sensitive skin. I don't suffer from sensitive skin, but wanted the benefits by using as a toner.
Not sure exactly how to use this Spring Water, I began by simply spraying on a cotton pad, then wiping over skin. After some consideration, I decided that I should just spray on my face, and let my skin soak in all the product, which in turn would allow me to reap all the benefits that this spray offers.
Would I repurchase? I would. I just love how soft and light this water feels on my skin, I enjoy using this fine mist spray. I could imagine just how refreshing it would be to use in the coming warmer months.

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