As smart women we all like to know what ingredients we are putting on our skin and what affects these ingredients might have in the long-term. Having this information gives us the power to make informed decisions.

Thankfully WOTNOT takes the hard work out of making a clued-up decision as its entire product range is natural, organic, biodegradable, GMO free, not tested on animals and housed in recyclable packaging. Phew! Now do you understand what I mean when I say “wot’s not to love”?!

Not only is WOTNOT concerned about your skin health, but the wellbeing of your children (if you have kids) and the environment. The WOTNOT office and warehouse uses 100 per cent renewable energy and all company waste is either reused or recycled (they give their empty tape rolls to the local childcare centre and play groups for craft).

Of course, many of you already know about WOTNOT and have showed your support by voting for its Baby Wipes and declaring them a Best in Beauty winner 2011. You’re also advocates of WOTNOT Biodegradable Travel Wipes, deeming them a winner in our 2011 Glosscars awards.

Another firm WOTNOT favourite is the Naturally Nurturing facial Wipes for sensitive skin. Here’s what our very own longstanding member Beauty Obsession had to say about them:

“I recently received a WOTNOT care package after recently having a bub with lots of goodies from the WOTNOT range for me and bubs. Included in the package was a packet of these facial wipes.

“I'm a huge fan of facial wipes for their quick effective convenience of cleansing the skin especially when you're on the run or travelling. I packed these wipes in my hospital bag recently so that I'd have a simple skincare regime.

“I love these wipes!! The wipe is of a decent size, has an ultra soft cloth like texture and contains fabulous ingredients such as jojoba, almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E to help gently cleanse and treat the skin.
My skin felt clean, refreshed and smooth! The packaging is great. Nice and neutral with a re-sealable lid to keep the wipes from drying out.

“I love the WOTNOT range! I love that I can use the products with peace of mind knowing that they don't contain nasties and are environmentally friendly as they're 100% biodegradable.
I'd certainly purchase a packet of these wipes again. Great to have in the bathroom, in the handbag, gym bag or packed when travelling. Highly recommend!! “


How concerned are you by the ingredients you put on your skin? Have you tried WOTNOT?