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Nivea Creme is an ideal all-purpose skin protector and soother for dry, sensitive skin. The rich, creamy texture is an effective emollient, and is also ideal for use on cuticles, elbows, heels and other areas of very dry skin that need special attention. It is also gentle enough to be used on babies' nappy rash and on facial razor burn. In addition too caring eucerit, the creme contains lipids and glycerin to increase moisture retention and give the skin a smoother, more supple feel after each application.

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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Budget Friendly & Suitable for all!

I love that this product is budget friendly, but also that its works wonders for my skin. I can use it everywhere; on my face, hands and legs, after shaving... it always manages to make my skin feel so smooth and re-nourished. My skin is usually quiet dry, but after using this product, it feels so much softer & healthier.
The packaging is also really cute and convenient. The smell of the product is amazing. As soon as I open the package, I can't help but inhale the amazing smell!
I think this is an excellent product, one of my favorites, and its suitable for people of all ages & skin types! 5/5 for Nivea, for making such an awesome product :)

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My dry skin fave for me and my husband

I love this cream as a supplement to my usual facial moisturiser (which doesn't QUITE do the job for extra dry skin areas). Yes, it's thick and tends to be kinda greasy, but for a limited application I can handle that. And as an extra bonus, having such plain packaging, and blue!, with no overwhelming floral fragrances means that my husband is also willing to use this product.

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Used heaps of different moisturisers, but there really is a reason this one has been around for a long time. It's really thick so you don't need to use much of it, but it really stays and it doesn't disappear into nothing after a few minutes and make you wonder whether you got it all over your clothes or your skin actually absorbed it.

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I love this. I bought this in the 75mL tin a week and a half ago... and it's almost gone now!

This is a really rich cream and moisturises amazingly well. The only con is that it's greasy on your hands for ten to twenty minutes after application.

My hands, legs, elbows and feet are loving this.

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Ms Billi


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Smells lovely

This product is amazing! It is one of my all time favorite moisturisers because it not only smells lovely (it doesn't have a strong overpowering scent but it is still noticeable) but it also keeps your skin moisturised all day which is exactly what I need in the cooler months.

It has quite a thick consistency so you don't really need much of this product in order to see results. This product absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving an oily residue. I prefer to use it as a body moisturiser rather than a face moisturiser as I find it is a bit heavy for the facial area and makes my oily skin produce even more oil. Other than that, this is a fantastic product which I have purchased many times over the years and highly recommend it if you are looking for an effective moisturiser.

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Thick, but luxuriously effective

For those pesky stubborn dry patches of skin, this is great. I usually apply it at night on feet, elbows and anywhere else my skin is feeling extra dry. Use a loofah on your skin in the shower and Nivea Creme afterwards. 100 years of business. What better marketing is there?

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The creme is so nice and thick so you dont need to use a lot.

Read the full review of NIVEA Creme by Lieke.



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Excellent Skin Nourishment

The Nivea Creme I have comes in a cute 10ml small round tin with a picture of Rihanna on the lid. I received the creme compliments of Nivea.
The creme is sealed with silver foil. Open foil seal and the product is ready to use.
The white creme is thick and rich and is suitable for all my intensive moisturising needs. The creme has a nice smell, reminding me of soft talcum powder.
I use the rich creme on my legs, knees, ankles, feet and elbows, applying as much as I need to. It is a non sticky formula, that absorbs nicely into my skin. The creme seems to work immediately, my skin feeling soft and smooth. The dry areas of my elbows, knees and feet, softening with the use of the moisturising creme. My skin absorbs the creme to the point of looking and feeling healthy.
I love how my legs feel nice and smooth after using the creme. For me it is a highly nourishing skin moisturiser that achieves excellent results. Using the rich creme daily on rough and dry skin is a good idea to help keep skin moisturised.
The creme has a 12 month use by after opening. Nivea is a registered Trademark of Beiersdorf AG.
Nivea Creme can be purchased in Priceline and Chemist Warehouse at an affordable price. Nivea Creme is Made in Germany.

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must have

This moisturizer is one of my favourites! I use it on my legs and face before i go to the bed and it keeps my skin soft and supple!
its a bit thick, but i dont mind it! Its a great multi-purpose cream and I highly recommend it.

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Nivea Creme

Women need to use this product everyday to get the full benefits out of the product.

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