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Nivea Creme is an ideal all-purpose skin protector and soother for dry, sensitive skin. The rich, creamy texture is an effective emollient, and is also ideal for use on cuticles, elbows, heels and other areas of very dry skin that need special attention. It is also gentle enough to be used on babies' nappy rash and on facial razor burn. In addition too caring eucerit, the creme contains lipids and glycerin to increase moisture retention and give the skin a smoother, more supple feel after each application.

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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Lovely thick moisturising cream

I love having this around for days when my skin is just super dry and my normal moisturiser just isn't cutting it. It's very thick and heavy and creamy which I love because it feels so rich and luxurious on my skin, but can be a little greasy before it soaks in and probably isn't the best for the middle of summer. Makes my skin feel so soft an silky though and has a lovely clean smell



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Works alright

The creme does make your skin feel more smooth for a few hours but because I have eczema on my back, it didn't really help with the eczema. I usually put it on after shower before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels dry again.



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My new Holy Grail

This has become my HG for moisturiser. I use it morning and night, both on body and face Its lovely and rich so fixes up my dry skin on my legs that I get during winter. Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin either.
I prefer this to the thinner bottle Nivea creams simply because my skin drinks up anything I put on it and the thinner creams I usually need to reapply.

Ideal for

Dry skin and sensitive skin.



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A great Multi-purpose cream, for everything!

I've been using this creme ever since I was a tiny child. My german grandmother would slather it all over me. Now that I look back on it, I think she can credit her amazing skin to Nivea too!
It's a great winter moisturizer for knees, elbows and any dry areas. I slather it on my feet and put bed socks on.
I use it as a moisturizing mask on my face, and as an all over body moisturizer when it's really dry and looking for TLC


I find it is a great night mask treatment for the face, once a week.

Ideal for

Winter, dry skin, cracked lips, hands, feet.



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Love this cream

I use it on almost every parts of my body in including my face. It's a great multipurpose cream with a dead cheap price. It has a thick consistency but doesn't feel greasy at all after applying. It also doesn't cause breakouts at all. I love how the result can be seen in short time,


Some of the uses: on face as moisturizer/kind of like cold cream, as eye makeup remover, instantly smoothens dry/flaky body parts such as elbow, knee and the sole of the feet, also as styling cream for hair (doesn't leave that greasy, extra sheen look!), as hand and cuticle cream, and for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks (works for all above, based on my own personal experience)

Ideal for

People with dry and flaky skin, stretch marks, hang nails, and perfect for cold season



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Very handy to have in the colder months

I find this cream to be very useful in the colder months when my skin can get dried out and flaky. It's thickness is great for treating and preventing windburn. It can also soothes a sore red nose after being blown to often. A great multi-tasker.



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Great cream, great price

While I love some fancier creams a little more, this is a fabulous, basic cream for night time - and what a great price! Doesn't block pores.

Ideal for

Skin using heavier treatments such as prescription strength retinoids and intensive AHA/BHAs which require moisture support and no irritants.



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Love it

I really like this cream. It is extremely reasonably priced, it's absorbed quickly and doesn't leave you with greasy skin. I first tried it when I went overseas and got a small complementary tin on the flight over. I liked it so much I bought a tub of it when I returned home. It has a very light fragrance which I don't find offensive at all. Thoroughly recommend it.

Ideal for

I use it on my hands, mainly because I'm too lazy to rub it anywhere else, but I'm sure it is suitable to use anywhere you need to.



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Fantastic for dry, flaky skin

This product is very thick and creamy with a slight fragrance but nothing that bothered me.
My nose was very dry and red with flaky skin and normal moisturisers wasn't helping so I gave this product a try and it really helped. The dryness and flaky skin disappeared after only a couple of days using the creme. The redness is still there but now it is heaps easier to cover up with makeup.
I only use it on the really dry areas of my face and overall I'm really pleased with this product.

Ideal for

Dry, flaky skin



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works good

This cream has a nice texture and I love it because it is really great for dry skin specially like for our elbow and cuticle. Gives a smooth skin and suppleness.


Will be great for extra dry skin

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