Johnson's® baby - Powder with Pure Cornstarch

Johnson's® baby

Powder with Pure Cornstarch

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Johnson's® Baby Powder with Pure Cornstarch helps to absors excess wetness and moisture from the skin to keep skin feeling dry, fresh and comfortable. Other ingredients include aloe vera and vitamin E to help the skin feel soft and smooth.


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Good ant killer

I bought this product to get rid of the many ants that seem to be breeding in my back yard and migrating into my house. This really did there job as I found when I used it for about a week the ants actually died a quite a bit so I'm happy with that.

I also sprinkle baby powder on my sheets before I go to bed and it's wonderful, the sheets feel very soft and breathable, and as you move around at night you get the wonderful smell of baby powder. I have also put this in my bin to neutralise smells which is good if you can't be bothered changing your bins



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love it

I used to use this with my last 2 children and have not had nappy rash with the last two, I really like how soft there skin felt , no nappy rash and the smell it was perfect and it lasted a long time also.



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Talcum-free and still smells JJ awesome

After reading about the potential ill-effects of talcum, I was at a loss as to what to use instead. Aus doesn't allow for much in the way of alternatives, and using straight up cornstarch is asking for trouble. When JJs came out with this one, I was hooked. And it still has the great smell we all grew up with.


Buy. Bathroom-must-have, whether you have kids or not. Just make sure you put it on over a bathmat; baby powder of any brand and description gets slippery on tiles. You'll want to catch what doesn't hit skin.

Ideal for

Armpits, under boobs, down below, feet, babies, boys...



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This is great as it's cornstarch and not talc. I used to use the talc and a few people raised their eyebrows - although it never hurt my babies. This one is just as good - better as it's not talc. Smells great, applies easily, just one or two shakes on my baby's bottomo was enough. It didn't ever irritate them and it cleared up any nappy rashes or irritations they had around their bottom or genitals (I have boys, so never used on a girl).



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Just awesome for sensitive types like me

I use this product myself as I have very sensitive skin and perfumes also present breathing problems for me.

The cornstarch ensures no skin reactions and that makes my life just so much easier.

I love that it is so versatile and I can use it in my shoes in the summer to keep feet fresh and dry.

I wish I could buy it here for the R.R.P. of $3.99 you have listed, but unfortunately it retails here on Kangaroo Island for around $4.90. Still, I pay the higher price to get the benefits of the product.

I really do wish that they would produce it in the larger pack sizes though, because it is so good, I just want more! :)


daily personal hygiene, keeping shoes fresh



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Family favourite

We began using the cornstarch powder when we started hearing about the original possibly causing cancer. I believe Johnson's is a trustworthy company so I don't know if these are rumours or fact.

Either way the cornstarch does the job superbly and I would recommend it to any new mum.



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Keeps sensitive areas dry.

Great for using during nappy changes and stopped my boys from getting nappy rash due to wetness.



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Really handy to have around

I use this a lot for all kinds of things, especially in summer when I get sweaty in random places like behind my knees and on my back. It's also great to put in your shoes to keep feet smelling fresh, the powder has a nice crisp smell to it and uses natural cornstarch as an alternative to talc :)



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Safe and smells beautiful

Talc free this is perfect for babies. I use it to massage her after her baths and she loves it. I don't need to worry about her breathing harmful talc and the smell is wonderful.



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Excellent Product

Have used this as alternative to talcum powder after reading studies linking talc to ovarian cancer in little girls. This is a safe talc free alternative that soothes nappy rash and any red itchiness. A cheap and great product

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