Johnson's® baby - Bath Top-to-Toe

Johnson's® baby

Bath Top-to-Toe

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Johnson's® baby Top-To-Toe® mild liquid cleanser gently cleans and protects your baby's skin and hair. Its NO MORE TEARS® formula means that Top-To-Toe® is as mild as pure water on newborn baby's delicate skin.

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Rosey Posey


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Didn't work for us

I purchased this prior to having my baby because everybody uses it. Seriously, everyone I knew who had a baby uses it. But when we used it we found it dried out our bub's skin - that being said he does have sensitive skin. We kept it and tried it again when he was older (18mths) and still found it caused his skin to become dry. Unfortunately this product isn't for me but I know plenty of ppl who swear by it. It's a shame because the smell is so nice!

Ideal for

Normal skin type (not sensitive)

Emma Jo


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Great product

I really like using this product during my 5 month olds bath. Its super gently on his skin and it does a great job of cleansing gently. It does not have an overpowering smell. I like that it is an all in one product so shampoo and body wash. It makes it 100x easier to use it being in a pump bottle especially when you're trying to hold onto a slippery baby who loves kicking around in his bath!



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Great for newborns

I used this on my newborn for the first 6 months or so. It has a pleasant smell and washes baby well. Not harsh on skin. I liked how it reduces effort and amount of products to use. I would use again.

Ideal for




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So gentle on bubs skin

I used this mini bottle in the hospital. It worked really well for bubs skin.

Not greasy. Easy to use and wash off. Love that it comes in a different bottle size. The mini one is great for travel and a spare of the nappy bag.

Rebecca 263


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I have been using this ever since I had my daughter as the had samples of it in the hospital. I find that it leaves her skin very soft, doesn't dry out her hair and doesn't irritate her eyes if some suds do over her face. Would recommend it to everyone!



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Best in Beauty 2013

My sister has been using this wash since my niece was born and now she is 9 months old. Its very light and leaves my niece's skin soft and smooth. Its great for washing hair and body and doesnt hurt her eyes. No allergy and smells light, fresh and soft.



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Outstanding Product & Price!

I used this when my daughter was first born as it was easy to use all over her body including her hair. It was super gentle on her brand new skin and smelt that lovely classic baby smell. :)
One of the most affordable baby bath products I have seen on the market. Would buy and use again. Outstanding all round great product, especially for new mums & babies!



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Mild and gentle

Mild and gentle for the baby. One bottle which doubles up as shampoo and body wash is great! It is mild and does not cause any rashes.



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Drying but an ok overall wash

A good overall wash but nothing special. Ideal for a hand wash or to have at the sink to clean up dirt and mud but wouldn't use it as an everyday bathing product.



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Top pick

My eldest is 3.5 and I still use this. It's so easy - a soap, shampoo and bubble bath all in one. No need for anything else, it's smells fresh, his hair is soft, and NO TEARS.

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