By now, you’ve heard the wonderful news that Jessica Simpson is a proud new mum, joining the ranks of the many women who are adjusting to life with a new addition to the family.

As an exciting time as motherhood can be, it comes with its stresses too. And when your baby isn’t sleeping well (which most likely means you aren’t sleeping well either), it might make things seem all that more daunting.

Fear not, because we’re here to help with some top tips to help your little one have a more peaceful night from Dr Alex Bartle, Johnson’s baby’s Sleep Doctor.

-    Look for tired cues such as rubbing eyes, jerky movements and yawning. This usually means your baby is ready for sleep.
-    Try the Johnson’s baby 3-Step Routine, which includes a bath with soothing Johnson’s baby Bedtime Bath, a relaxing massage with Johnson’s baby Bedtime Lotion, and quiet activities before putting your baby to sleep, like reading them a story.
-    Put your child down in their bed when they’re tired, but make sure you put them down awake. This should be before 9.00pm.
-    Avoid being in the same room as your baby when they go to sleep.
-    Be in tune with your child rather than worrying what others are doing.
-    Avoid rocking or feeding your baby to sleep.
-    A constant background (white) noise will help your baby fall asleep. Avoid complete silence.
-    Maintain naps for as long as possible. The better they sleep in the day, the better they will sleep at night.
For more information on creating a bedtime routine that will help your baby sleep better, visit the Johnson’s baby site.

It won’t be long until there are a few more celebrity babies in the world…

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What tips do you have for helping your baby sleep better?