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20 Jul 2009 05:00 AM | Posted by Editor
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It’s an age-old debate: do men like girls to wear lots of make-up or not? The au-naturals amongst us holler no, men prefer girl’s to look fresh-faced (though let’s be honest, we keep them in the dark about how much make-up goes into looking that dressed down), yet very few of us are happy to be seen sans sprucing on a first date.
We’re experts in our field, but even we didn’t have the answer to the million-dollar question, so there was only one thing for it: hitting the streets with four photos, all of the same girl, but showcasing four very different make-up looks, and letting the boys battle it out, once and for all… 



Clean slate

Nothing, we repeat, nothing, nada, has been applied. Will the boys run for the hills or be too silly to notice?

Disclaimer: we asked the boys to say the first thing they thought of when they saw the photo. The opinions they’ve shared are entirely their own and we hold no responsibility for any offence caused to your make-up!

The verdict

“Her face looks rather dull, I’d give it 2/5” – Anthony, 21

“She looks pretty natural. 3/5” – Cameron, 30

“Au natural is the first thing that comes to mind. I’d rate it 4/5” – Chris, 26

“She looks natural. A 3.5/5” – Ben, 34

“Quite natural. 4.5/5 for me” – Nathan, 23

“She looks like she’s natural or has little to no make-up on. 3/5” Grant, 35

“She looks good,, limited make-up and relies on her natural beauty to do the talking. Nice. 4/5” – Casey, 30  

“She looks natural, this is my favourite look. 3.5/5” – Tyson, 27

“She looks natural for around the house/shopping etc. What I prefer most of the time. 3/5” – Alex, 23

“Natural and confident, this look is great for everyday running-around. 4/5” – Ric, 28

Total: 34.5/50

Findings: natural doesn’t necessarily mean nasty.

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