Manicare Mascara Brushes Trial Team

11 Dec 2011 04:56 AM | Posted by Editor
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If you're the type of girl that likes to change up your eye shadow shades and make-up styles, then chances are you also like to create different lash looks too. But does that mean you need to have a million mascaras on the go all at once? Not anymore it doesn't!

Enter the new Manicare Mascara Brushes - a handy pack containing four types of disposable mascara brushes, each designed to give you a different lash look. How fabulous is that for an idea?!

Use the blue mascara brush for added volume; the red mascara brush to give straight lashes a gorgeous curl; the orange mascara brush to define and lengthen your lashes; and the petite purple brush to capture every lash - including those along your lower lash line and in inner corner of your eyes.

But don't just take our word for it - read the reviews below to find out what our Trial Team thought of their road-test of the Manicare Mascara Brushes...

Manicare Mascara Brushes

"Of the four brushes, I found that the orange and the purple brushes worked the best, with the orange ones really holding onto product and defining every single lash without any clumps! The purple ones are extremely tiny so they took a bit of getting used to, but I found they were brilliant for my short lashes and for the first time I could even apply mascara to my bottom lashes without making a mess!"  - Vivixenne


"These are so easy to use, with colour coding and simple instructions. Each brush works just as described, and I found the red and purple brushes worked the best on my tiny straight lashes- red for curling and the tiny purple brush for getting into all the corners!" - Bebeautiful34


"I had a lot of fun trialling this product! I didn't think mascara brushes that looked so similar did really different things! My favourite brush was the Blue brush which gave me great volume. I think disposable brushes are a fantastic idea! They are also perfect for travelling. I've been using the same type of mascara for the last 6 months. Now I can have four different mascaras with amazing effects!" - Shazam


"The thing I love most about it is how each different type of brush is colour co-ordinated, so its easy to tell which brush achieves which result. There is also colour coding on the back of the packet to see which coloured brush achieves which effect...I really like how hygienic they are as they are thrown away after each use, so great for when friend want to borrow your mascara." - cupcake11


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Have you ever used disposable mascara brushes? How do you achieve different lash looks?