Ok, so I know none of you would actually step out on an ordinary day sporting bold, contrasting hues across your temples, but this look was so colourfully divine (and my gosh, those lashes!), that I just had to share it with you.

So now that you’ve seen this beautiful (yet not exactly practical) butterfly-esque make-up design, it’s time to tell you a little about how to recreate the one aspect you’ll most definitely want – those longer than life lashes.

“If you want your lashes to be the focus of your face, it’s best to leave the rest of your eyes very clean and nude,” advises Sarah Tammer, Make-Up Artist for MAC at the Alice McCall show. “Then, curl your lashes and apply coat after coat of MAC Zoom Lash Mascara.”

Top tip: this is one look that allows for lashes to look slightly clumpy – to achieve this, simply use the very end of your mascara wand to carefully ‘paint’ your lashes, as opposed to using the full body of the brush.

I also loved slightly disheveled, bohemian hair (also known as the trendy new take on 80s-style crimping). Created by Jamal Hammadi, SunSilk International Hair Expert (and personal stylist to celebs such as Drew Barrymore, Linda Evangelista, James Franco and Sharon Stone – just to name a few!), the look not only rocked the runway, but is super easy to achieve at home.

Watch our backstage footage (below) to find out how…

Deb x

Would you recreate this hair and lash look at home?