If you’ve been avoiding using liquid eyeliner because you’re not sure your application skills are quite up-to-scratch, then beauties, it’s time we taught you a thing or two about liquid eyeliners...

1.) They’re not that scary – especially if you’re using a liquid eyeliner as brilliant as Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. The pen-like tip is super fine but still sturdy, making application sooo much easier.

2.) The beauty of make-up is that everything can be erased (and this is where our tip comes in). If you’ve made a mistake with your liquid eyeliner, don’t start your entire look all over again; simple dip the end of a cotton bud in some eye make-up remover and carefully erase the bits you blotched. You’ll be amazed at how well this trick works.

3.) Practise makes perfect. You can’t expect to be a liquid liner pro if you don’t practise a bit. Start small (think classic upper-lash-line definition) and work towards creating more dramatic looks. Head to the Maybelline New York facebook page and download the cool new Master Precise app – not only does it showcase a whole range of eyeliner looks to try, but it also provides application tips, tricks and video how-tos, and gives you the chance to create your own looks to win!

And speaking of winning….download the Maybelline New York Master Precise app, recreate one of the looks showcased (or create your own) and send your pics to debbie@beautyheaven.com.au with ‘eyeliner pics’ in the subject line by 5pm Monday 19th March 2012, for your chance to win a beauty gift pack!



Do you have any tips on liquid eyeliner to share?