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Rimmel London

Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner

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Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner is formulated to create a bold, precision contour around the lash line
Available in: 100% Black or Absolute Brown.



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Great colour but not for me

I purchased this Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner a while ago and it is not a favourite of mine.

The applicator is a bit hard and I find that it pulls on my skin.

As someone who is not used to using eyeliner I am slow and I need to go over the same area a couple of times.
If you are an expert and apply in one go this is great for it dries fast but since it dries so fast when I try to go over the same area the eyeliner flakes and the line becomes very wonky looking.

The colour is intensity is dark and lasts once it has been applied correctly.


Work quickly

Ideal for

For people who can already apply eyeliner, not for a beginner.



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great formula but hate the applicator

The formula is great as it is intense black and long lasting. The liquid dries really fast and there's no sign of clumping. However i dislike the applicator as it is a thick felt tip thus it is really hard to draw precise thin lines.



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Exaggerates the fact that it smudges all over my eyes

Jet black with semi-matte finish, fine brush that has just the right amount of firmness for super easy application without feeling draggy on the skin, storage-friendly packaging and affordable. It ticks all those boxes. Unfortunately, this would work on everyone except people like me with oily hooded monolids, one of the most difficult eyelids to keep eye makeup on in the world. It's smudge-proof if I splash tap water onto a swatch of it on my hand and try to rub it off, but certainly not when it's on my eyes and my watery eyes muck it up with every blink. This doesn't last 2 hours on me before breaking up into black flakes down my cheeks. Needless to say, it's not a pretty sight. And no, an eyeshadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance, UBPP, Lorac pro primer) does not help. Good thing it's so cheap.


My brothers and sisters of the hooded monolid family, look elsewhere!

Ideal for

Double lids, true monolids rather than hooded, normal/dry skin

87 Beauty Queen


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Easy to use

I'm not sensitive to any other products but for some reason this eyeliner stings my eye lids for a couple of minutes after applying. It's easy to apply and has a rich black finish unlike some other liquid eyeliners. It is long lasting and is great for a night out as I found it does not smudge or run. Comes off easily using regular cleanser and a face cloth.



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Not a favourite

I used this eyeliner for a while before I knew anything better. Although it is intensely black and definitely lasts a long time, I really hate the applicator. I found that the applicator was not thin or precise enough to create the thin line I wanted, I also experienced some irritation with this on my lash line which hasn't happened with any other make up. It also didn't stay very well in my tightline and I ended up with smudging on my waterline. I chucked this out before I finished it and moved onto another.

Vintage Chic


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Great liner, but needs a primer.

This liquid eyeliner is wonderful...and then slightly disappointing at the same time. The applicator is extremely good and easy to use, the colour is strong and a true black, but I found after a couple of hours the colour was smudging above my eyes. With the use of an eye make up primer it was fixed, and I am very happy with the results.



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One of the best liquid liners!

When it comes to liquid eyeliners, this is pretty much one of the very best you can get. The applicator is really thin and easy to navigate making it ideal for creating a variety of looks. The black color is very deep and bold, while the formula is smooth and consistent making it super easy to apply neatly and precisely. Most importantly, this eyeliner stays on all day with no smudging, running or clumping. It's easily one of the most impressive liquids liners I have used, and could without a doubt give many high brand liquid liners a run for their money! :)



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Usually I find liquid eyeliner very difficult to use, but when i tried this one i found it very easy to use. Everytime i use this it gives perfect lines and lasts for ages.

Ideal for




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I really did not like the applicator, my eyelids are very sensitive and when I used this, it hurt my eyelids and was very painful when I put it on, never used it again.



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So easy to use

I've always been more into liquid liner because i find it easier to use and this product was no exception. It gives a pigmented black and lasts throughout the day without smudging. The felt tip wand is by far the standout of this product though it makes application easy for anybody. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a beginner liquid eyeliner.

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