Rimmel London - Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

Rimmel London

Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

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Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil draws a soft line of dense colour, which can be blended into the lid for a soft, smudged look. Formulated with a blend of waxes, hydrogenated palm oil and coco-glycerides the easy-to-apply formulation is smooth and won't drag. Available in: Jet Black, Sable Brown, Cool Blue/Royal Blue, Jungle Green, Denim Blue, Stormy Grey and Pure White.



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Miss Dior


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Soft Kohl eye pencil

I have this is white to open up my small eyes. It deposits colour evenly and doesn't drag and is highly pigmented. Great value for money too.



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the only one i like is the white eyeliner

^^ like said, the only one i like is the 'pure white' one. i use it for my bottom waterline and it makes my eyes appear larger. the only downside is when applying it, little bits of white flakes appear so the line doesnt have a very smooth consistency.its staying power is just for an hour or 2 but i dont really mind since its just my waterline not my actual lids



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A bit disappointed with this eyeliner considering the hype around it. The pencil is really soft and creamy but the staying power is not good.
I've tried a few brands and this one is not one of my favourites.



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its creamy and rich but average

IF you havent already tried it out ladies. try it at the shops.

Its creamy to use even in the winter when its supposed to be a little hardened up. The colour is very rich and it stays fairly well on the eye

worth $8.50? in my opinion its worth around $5 per piece because i know of other brands that compete with a more affordable price with very similar quality . However its also double sided so it does kind of justify its price.



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I bought this the other day as I had run out of my regular (very expensive) eyeliner. Unfortunately I was a while away from pay day so decided to try a cheaper one.

I am really glad I did. Of course it doesnt measure up to a lot of $40 liners, but who cares when it costs $8.50.

I use the brown colour and would probably like it to be deeper. However, it is great to blend for smokey eyes.



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Nice Colours

My Rimmel Eye Pencil is in the colour 035 and is called Green Shimmer. I don't often put pencil eye liners that you have to sharpen because I don't like having to mess around with sharpeners and messy shavings, but I bought this one because the colour really appealed to me. I do still love the colour but I have to admit, it didn't turn out to be as pigmented as I had expected. You really have to apply it quite firmly and go over it a few times to really get a dark, solid, pigmented line. And even then, it'll only stay looking like that for a few hours and then it tends to fade and smudge. Mine hasn't dried out like I've found eye liner pencils tend to do, so at least that is good. But I wouldn't really recommend this unless you were just using it to create a makeup look and take a photo of how it looked or only planned on wearing it for a short time. I do like the very light shimmer of glitter throughout the colour though, it is really pretty. If only it lasted and wasn't so dull, it'd be a sure winner.



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use it quick

I have had three of these liners now in different colours and I have found that I need to use it often in order to get my money's worth. The pencil dries out quickly and it becomes hard to use a decent cosmetic sharpener with it. The colours are good for the price, but the reliability of the product is average.

dolly wink


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These eyeliners are very good! Unfortunately they don't last super long on your waterline, they do last just maybe an hour or so. I love using these to subtly tight line or just line. They are so easy to smudge and blend! The white pencil works like a dream too for your inner corner and brow bone. Overall these pencils are amazing, I just took off one star since it can wear off a little quicker than some and because it doesn't really last that long on the waterline.



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Creamy like butter

I have to say that my eye pencil looks different to the one on the description picture. I have mine in colour 001 chianti, which is reddish brown. I actually bought it to fill in my eyebrows, but the colour was wrong so I left if for eyeliner. I bought it on clearance at discount chemist for 4$ which is reallyyyyy cheap.

The texture of the crayon itself is amazing. It is really creamy, slides on really easily, really easy to make straight lines, really pigmented and is not hard at all.

It is really easy to work with. You can smudge it to have a good base under your eyeshadow or make a smoky eye or give your eyes a softer look. Whatever you do it is good, and it doesn't crease, melt, crumble, smudge.

Even though I have it in the wrong colour, I still love it because it is a really good quality eye pencil for everyday, a night out and early mornings! I definitely recommend it:)



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The only one I've been using

I have been using this eye pencil ever since I started out with makeup. And, I've got to say, this really is the creamiest one out there, it also lasts an incredibly long time. The black one is so pigmented it's crazy. And, if you can find it on special, you can get it for around $6!

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