Rimmel London - Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

Rimmel London

Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

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Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil draws a soft line of dense colour, which can be blended into the lid for a soft, smudged look. Formulated with a blend of waxes, hydrogenated palm oil and coco-glycerides the easy-to-apply formulation is smooth and won't drag. Available in: Jet Black, Sable Brown, Cool Blue/Royal Blue, Jungle Green, Denim Blue, Stormy Grey and Pure White.



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Worth the money

It's not the absolute best pencil eyeliner out there, but considering it's so cheap it's great for everday use ! I find when I use alot of it and then smudge using a dome brush it looks great ! But it does NOT stick to my waterline whatsoever.



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My staple

This is by far my favourite black eyeliner. It just seems to stick when no one else can. It leaves a dark line that stays all day. I've rarely come come home from a day out with eyeliner still on my waterline but that really does the trick. Its soft enough that you don't feel like you have to use excessive pressure to get it to work. But it is also firm enough that it doesn't smudge and leave a semi opaque line that I'm not happy with. It's a wonderful product and for the price you can't really go wrong.



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One and Only

I've never bought another eye liner as this was the very first eye liner I bought and have never considered buying another. It is very reasonably priced and lasts me forever. The soft pencil spreads nicely and doesn't require you to poke out your eye to apply it. I've never tried any of the colours but I'm sure the quality is across the board.



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The price is so cheap and there is a variety of colours. And when I applyed the eye pencil on, my eyes looked so much sexier and better and it''s so easy to apply!!



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I'm a 15 year old girl and this is completely perfect for me and my needs. It is cheap and extremely effective for such a price. It is simple, easy to apply and achieves amazing results.



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Dramatic eyes - Perfect for blending

This is such a great eyeliner because it's so easy to apply and goes on smoothly. I love the dramtic black colour that is achieved with just one application. It doesn't have the best staying power so be sure to take it with you for on the go touch ups! It's perfect for smudging and blending and using on your lash line to achieve a fuller lash look.



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good eyeliner!

bought this in a pack from djs, very good eyeliner, i have the black one, and it glides on very well with a creamy ish texture. It does tend to rub off towards the end of the day, but i dont mind, as i carry one in my beauty bag to touch up. its easy to take off too, and doesnt irritate my eye/eyelids. good product!


Anyone who is looking for a basic eyeliner for everyday use,must have in a makeup bag!



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Not the best

I find that this eyeliner is not very good for me. I love black eyeliner that is long lasting and as dark as possible. I want my eyeliner to stand out and stay where it's supposed to! Unfortunately this eye liner did none of those things for me. It is a good product for emergency use but not something i will repurcahse.



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I use this everyday, it goes on smooth, stays on for ages and doesn't smudge. I always use the black one but there are lots of great colours. This is my go to eyeliner. Brilliant.



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one of the best

these eyeliners are fantastic, one of the best i have used. The colours available are brilliant and bright. So easy to use.

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