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Best eyeliner out

I absolutely love these eyeliners. I have them in black, nude, bronze and brown. At such a cheap price (and often on sale) you really can't go wrong with them. They are super creamy, really easy to blend out and overall just a fantastic eyeliner.

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Amazing Eyeliner

I love use this creamy eyeliner, it glides on smoothly. I have this eyeliner in "Taupe", but have always wanted to try it in "Nude" but I can't find it. This eyeliner last all day, I love this and I will repurchase this again.

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Waterline brightener (Nude shade)

The nude shade is amazing for brightening up your eyes. It clings to the waterline to create that wide-eyed look. It is not the most long-wearing formula but will last about 6 hours on me. If you have watery eyes it will certainly come off faster. I also wear contacts and have not found this irritating.

The formula is creamy and does not tug when you apply it. I imagine it would wear longer on the lash line rather than the waterline, but I have only tried this nude shade on my waterline. Considering picking up some more colours to experiment with.

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Long lasting

I used this as an eyeliner for the top of my eyes and it just glided on so smoothly. I almost found it better than my liquid eyeliner. It was precise and it lasted for most of the day. I was very impressed and have been using this more than my other eyeliners. The colour was also very rich and deep.

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Not for me

Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeliner pencils are great quality. They highly pigmented, and glide on easily without pulling or tugging. The colour does seem to last for quite a long time. But unfortunately they irritate my extremely sensitive eyes. I'm so disappointed, as I have heard wonderful things about these eyeliners. They are great value for money, priced at under $10. There's a great range of colours to choose from, and they are widely available. I wish I could use these, as I can clearly see that they are a quality product, and would recommend them for anyone who is able to use them.

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Good but not great!

I have purchased this eyeliner in 3 shades: black, taupe and nude. These eyeliners are very affordable and I love the range of shades available. However, these eyeliners have some positives and some negatives.

I'll start with the things I love about these eyeliners. They're very pigmented and glide across my skin so smoothly. They last all day on my lash line, and are easy to remove. They can also be smudged if you're going for that look. I also love the shades they come in. It's nice to see an affordable nude eyeliner as they're not all that easy to find.

Now on to the negatives. These aren't exactly waterproof because they don't hold up all that great on my water line. The nude shade does fade from my water line and require retouching throughout the day. I love how it looks when it has just been applied, but I usually can't be bothered to reapply to maintain the look. However, I've given this eyeliner four stars as it is still better than most!

Overall, these eyeliners are better than most and not bad by any means. They glide on easily and are well pigmented. However, they don't last that well on my water line like most other eyeliners. Additionally, I find it is hard to sharpen them to a point as they are so soft (maybe that will change once the weather cools down). These are good for the price though!

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Creamy eyeliner with rich pigments

I bought this eyeliner for sale in the shade black and wasn't expecting it to be so amazing. The texture of the eyeliner is creamy and it glides on like a dream. The colour is rich and really pigmented so I use it in my waterline and to touch up my lashline. It lasts for a reasonable amount of time, however I can't comment on the waterproof factor as I have not tested that aspect of the product out.
What I absolutely love about this product, though, is the fact that it can be sharpened easily and the nub does not break off at the slightest pressure like most other eyeliner pencils. Will most definitely repurchase as it has the greatest quality for the price it comes at.
I also love the fact that there is a large range of colours to choose from as well.

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I bought this in the sparkle black for extra night time glam.... The first few uses the product was perfect, glided on like the pack said. Lasted with very minor smudge, however, I found after a couple of uses that the sparkle pigments in the liner somehow meshed together to create some sort of block on the black, therefor making the eyeliner useless.... No matter how much I sharpened or cut the end, same problem. Wasn't so satisfied with this purchase but LOVE the idea of black liner with extra sparkle factor. xx

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Great value for the quality

I love these creamy liners that glide on smoothly. I have the nude, black, green and taupe liners and I love them all. The nude is perfect for the bottom waterline and the black for the upper waterline to create the illusion of fuller lashes.

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Only eyeliner I use

I've used a lot of eyeliners from cheap to expensive but this one by far is my favourite!
I use the nude one to line my waterline to give me that awake open eye look. It stays put all day and night, it doesn't seep out of my waterline and smudge down under my eyes. It stays in place whether I'm wearing it at a dancing concert or a wedding where I am crying.
I use the black one to line my upper tight line and to line the outer 1/3 of my eye. And once again it doesn't smudge anywhere it stays where I put it.
Because I put it in my tight and water lines it does make it a little difficult to remove but I wouldn't want it any other way, and now I have a great make up remover to take care of that, so no need to have to scrub my eyes anymore.

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