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Customise your lash looks with the ck one color Mascara that features a unique twist brush applicator to customise your lash looks. Choose the setting for either definition or volume with a twist of the cap. Mascara is available in Attract, Confess, Electrify, Show and Trip.



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Brilliant mascara with a hint of colour

I love this mascara! I'd read the reviews and was determined to try it - and I have not been disappointed. I bought this in the purple colour and its subtle, but you can definitely see hints of colour in the right light.

The brush of this mascara is really clever - it starts off set for creating volume, then with a twist, it is set for length. Both are great, but I prefer the volume style for my lashes.

Its not clumpy and is easy to apply more than one coat (I like two). I was warned it would be tricky to remove, but I had no problems - it came straight off with my eye makeup remover.

I paid $30 at Myer which is a great price for a quality, long lasting mascara.



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Glosscars 2013 -- Fantastic mascara!

I am still using this at least once or twice a fortnight, and there still seems to be a fair amount of mascara left in my container, I purchased it in July last year.

The twist wand seems to be holding up to frequent twisting, it doesn't show any signs of wear or being brittle at all. The mascara itself is still in almost perfect condition, with very little clumping or drying out.

I am still able to apply this mascara with ease, and highly recommend it.

I will definitely repurchase this product.



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Brilliant! (Best in Beauty 2012)

This has become my number one mascara!

The formula is great, not too heavy and doesn't seem to clump too easily. I've only used the black so I can't comment too much on colour, but the black is, well, black.

The brush is genious! Being able to just twist the lid to change from volumising to curling and back again is brilliant, much better than using the throw away applicators, I always felt like I was throwing away a heap of my masacara. I am also a big fan of the plastic bristles, I find them much easier to use.

Overall, I find this mascara really simple to use and it wears very well. I would definitely recommend this product. The price is also a bit plus!



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Curled lashes

In terms of a discount mascara this was fantastic. The price was $30 whereas I usually pay around $50 for store mascara. The mascara applies well and opens the eyes as it gives your lashes a slight curl. Definitely recommend giving this one a shot


The brush can be extended to lengthen lashes



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Brittle Lashes, Beautiful Applicator

One of the best things about this mascara is its brush. You twist the lid prior to opening to either extend the brush for long lashes, or contract the brush for massive volume. I found the formula left me with very hard lashes, and the purple I got wasn't very vivid. It's just okay.

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