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freezeframe® INSTANT LASH Extensions combines two unique technologies to create dramatic, natural looking lashes. A collection of tiny synthetic hairs are combined in a nourishing and thickening dark gel and, as the product is applied to your lashes, the gel base deposits the tiny fibres to the tips of your lashes and bonds there like a safe, gentle glue. The dual-ended wand features dramatic colour and lengthening lash extension on one end and a clear mascara on the other. Available in Black, Peacock, Envy, and Chocolate.


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Love the product completely but was disappointed with the second order

I LOVE this product for what it does. The first time I bought it and started using it I could see the instant results of living up to what it said it would do. Applying it correctly is necessary but, hey, that's the case with everything. Longer, fuller lashes resulted and it doesn't disappoint. The first order I bought there were lots of fibres in the product, the mascara lasted as long as a mascara should and I was happy. When I re-ordered, the second product arrived and had visibly fewer fibres and by the time I had used it only a week or so there were hardly any fibres left !!! It was as though FreezeFrame knew I was hooked by the first order and had a second batch to send the next time because it didn't really matter. Either that or there is little or no quality control with the product. Whatever the reason I was bitterly disappointed with the second order. I perservered and bought again and it wasn't as bad the third time but....It's an expensive product for a mascara. When it delivers the results, I don't mind. But I do not like being ripped off with an inferior product. My tips to FreezeFrame - product review regularly on this one - it really needs to be consistent and working for return order!!


Be patient with application - a few layers are better than trying to put on all at once. It's excellent if done properly.



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Makeup artist's dream

As a makeup artist my pet hate is applying fake lashes. They are time consuming and I have to carry about ten or twenty sets for different eyes. This product is perfect to create longer, fuller lashes. But the trick is in the application. I apply one coat of dioshow maxmiser primer as a base, then wiggle the extension brush through the lashes. the primer helps the extension mascara stick. I top off with a coat of waterproof mascara. This technique keeps the lashes in place and they don't budge - all day. They don't flake and are contact lens safe.

Cons - The product is expensive, but worth it for me. On the packet it said 'can even be used swimming' - which I think is a bit of an ambitious claim!


Do not use on its own. Use with an eyelash primer and top off with a waterproof mascara.

Ideal for

Lengthening and filling sparse lashes. Weddings and photo shoots and long nights out.

Marshmello b...


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I was pretty dissapointed with this product because the end result did not look pretty at all. The bottle is just full of fiber and hardly any mascara solution to give it that nice glossy finish. I got frustrated applying this because when I wanted to smooth out what I had just applied, more fibres would attach themselves. I ended up with uneven lashes that looked weird fluffy and fake. This product is only good for one thing-adding length to lashes. I like the concept but I think they could improve the formula.



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Bit of a disaster

Unfortunately when I use this product it never seems to set with the set and seal mascara. Instead it results with my lashes being wet and then if I blink I find mascara under my eyes so not a good look.

It is easy enough to apply, but it does not set for some reason.



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Uneven lashes

While this product is really simple to use since there's only one step involved and it does do what it claims to do which is lengthen your lashes, it doesn't lengthen my lashes evenly so there would be a few lashes that are extra long. When this would happen, I would try to brush the short lashes to make them longer but instead, I'm just creating the longer lashes even longer! This product does lengthen, but not as effective since your lashes are all uneven.



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Instant Lashes

Freezeframe Instant Lash Extensions is a gel product that contains small hair like fibres that attach to the lashes, with the gel bonding them, taking on the role of a glue type substance.
The product comes in a typical mascara tube, black in colour, quite simple packaging really, but hey, it's the product inside that counts, right? :) The spoolie brush is not unlike any other mascara brushes that I have used.
Instructions sound relatively easy. Brush on lashes in upward and backward motion, concentrating on the tips, repeat the process until you have reached the desired results. Well, yes, easy to follow, but I guess the name "Instant" gave me the impression of quick application. This was not the case, hence 4 not 5 stars. I found it not only took longer than expected, but I found it difficult at first to include my inner lashes. After some perseverance, I discovered that using the end of the brush gave me better results.
After some time of continual brushing of my lashes, I finally got the length that I wanted. It was worth the effort, as my normally stumpy lashes had surprising length. An application of my normal mascara gave me the volume that I seek also.
I have used fibre based mascaras before and got flaking and fall out during wear, with this mascara I had none. No smudging to be seen, either. With this kind of hold, I expected removal to be on the difficult side, but no, it removed with ease, no special remover needed.
Freezeframe Instant Lash Extensions may be on the pricier side and takes some time to apply, but it really does deliver longer lashes, without the hassle of fiddling with fake lashes.



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Works well for natural looking lashes

Thank you to beauty heaven for sending me this as part of the beauty heaven best in beauty pack.
Ive used this product a fair few times now.
I do find it very time consuming to apply the fibres and its something i need to continue to practice doing. The product recommends going up and down your lashes but its actually harder then it seems. But if you spend time you will get long gorgeous looking lashes.
For my daytime wear i apply a few coats and i get lovely lashes that look like they have no mascara on them at all. It honestly looks like there is no product on at all and that i just have unbelievably long lashes. I love this so much as sometimes i dont want that heavy black look that mascaras provide.
This product never falls onto my cheeks and never gives me panda eyes by the end of the day.
So to conclude i love this product for day wear or going into town with, but if i want a real dark smokey eye i will return to a volume mascara.



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its okay, not magic or HG though

While i do like the idea of brush on lash extensions that are easy to remove, its still a little tedious and time consuming. Also I feel I can get just as good or if not better results from mascara (without falsies)
I used this when I got it and it was alright, now using this again I have been able to find nice mascaras which do so well. Firstly, when I brush these on, they weigh me lashes down and only look longer from the side view. Then I curl/apply some regular mascara but the curl will not hold.
I think this is an okay product and I guess you do have to try it to see if it works for you.



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Despite all the rave reviews on this product, I didnt have such a great experience with it. To be honest I had never heard of this product until my sister was telling me about it. She pulled me into the store and showed me what it was - I saw that it had the BH beauty stamp on it so I thought why not!

It looks like a normal mascara product on the outside but when u turn the knob and take it out you can see tiny fibres attached to the brush.

I applied eyeliner and used two pumps of the eyelash curler then applied the freezeframe. I could see the fibres attaching to my eyelashes but I could also see a few drop onto the bottom of my eye.

I rub my eyes alot so maybe thats why it didnt stay on longer but I don't see that it extends my lashes very much. It falls off too quickly or doesnt even attach to my lashes at all. I'd much prefer sticking on false lashes!

I would stop using it but since I bought this full priced I will continue trying to see whether it will prove my previous experiences wrong.



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I'm so impressed. I was able to trial this as part of the road test team and I can easily say that it provides great results!
It is a little bit tricky to apply, you have to wiggle it and build it up on the tips of your lasts but the results are worth it. I think it's great for everyday wear when you want nice long natural looking lashes!
I also found it easy on my eyes, I wear contacts and was firstly a little but worried about the fibres falling into my eyes and affecting my contacts but I have found this product to be completely normal and not affect my eyes at all.
I was very impressed and I think it's definitely worth having, especially when your after more oomph than just mascara!


Be patient when your first using it, it takes a little it to work out how to build it up and a bit of time to build it up, but its definitely worth it!

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