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Lankan Princess


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Amazing pigment

I own this in the colour EXPRESSO and it is perfect if you are trying to pull of a natural everyday look as the colour is not very harsh. The product glides on very easily and smudges nicely if you want a smokey effect. My only disappointment was that I wish it was retractable pencil as having to hunt for a makeup sharpener can be annoying at times. The expresso colour is also a perfect base for lids for those wanting to create a smokey eye as it is not too harsh and can be used to build shades of brown and black.

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nice and easy

Basically it is easy to apply and stays on for as long as you want! I got it in graphite colour which i was abit hesitant at first but im loving it. It has a sparkle to it which lightens up my small eyes.

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Re: my review

I should also mention that I have this in Expresso, a lovely chocolate brown, rather than Onyx! Adds context to my references about gold and bronze shadows :P

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Not fantastic on its own, but great as a base!

If you're looking for a subtle thin line along your lashes this liner isn't for you. It's incredibly soft and difficult to sharpen, to the point where you'll smudge it or the tip will break off against your skin. It also fails to set to a rock solid finish, so it's not great for anyone who wants to swipe it on and go.

However, I absolutely love it as a base for eyeshadow. I enjoy applying a light messy line along my lower lashline and smudging that out with a pointed pencil brush. I then use the same brush to smudge shadow over the top to set it. It also looks great when smudged along the top lashline over a gold or bronze shadow, for a smudgey smokey look that's a lot softer than black. It also works nicely as a base underneath gold, bronze and brown shadows.

As mentioned, it is incredibly, incredibly soft. This means that you blow through it quite quickly, and lose even more product when it comes to sharpening it. For those who have tried the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners and use those as a reference point, Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner is a *lot* softer and doesn't have the budgeproof finish.

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Love at first sight

This eyeliner would definitely be one of my favourite eyeliners of all time. It is a creamy pencil eyeliner that can be sharpened to reveal more of the product. I was able to purchase two of these for a very low cost on dollar cosmetic club recently and since then, i have been loving them. My Revlon GrowLuscious Lash liner is in the colour graphite, which I find to be an exceptionally beautiful colour. The eyeliner is very easy to apply and is extremely pigmented. It does not tug at my eyelid and glides on perfectly. It is easy to create a thin or a thicker line, depending on your choice. It also has amazing staying power - and despite not being 'waterproof,' it does not seem to budge until makeup remover is used!

I have really fallen in love with this eyeliner. However, a point that I may point out is that it advertises itself as being able to help lashes grow. I have not yet seen a difference, which may be accounted towards not using it for a long enough period of time. That aside, I would definitely recommend this eyeliner as it is simply amazing :)

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This eyeliner is amazing!

It's not even waterproof yet it's the first eyeliner to ever stay on my bottom lashes (however, I haven't used specifically waterproof eyeliners in the past). All my past eyeliners from australis, to DB to nyx have always smudged on my easily. This one I don't even need to set with a eyeshadow. It's very creamy and very pigmented. In some ways, the creaminess could be a bad thing because too much comes off at once and you don't have much control if you're not too careful. I don't want a think bold line on my bottom lashes and that's why this can be a little annoying for me. But overall, liking this eyeliner so far and not sure if I can bother trying others as this is so affordable and works! I was considering trying the milani liquif'eye at a point. Oh also! Not difficult to remove either, despite its great lasting power. Keep in mind, this is still not a waterproof eyeliner and you maybe should not go swimming with it. And although I've said that it doesn't smudge badly, it does fade a bit throughout the day.

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Seriously fab liner

A seriously fab liner, I don't see how anyone could not love this. I have mine in espresso brown? Anyway it glides on so smoothly like butter, and it lasts AGES. You wouldn't expect it to because it doesn't say waterproof or anything but this lasts the whole day on me before I take it off! It's obviously gone from my waterline a little but it still remains on the skin part below. It DOESN'T SMUDGE AT ALL! And the thing is ALL LINERS SMUDGE ON ME, at least all the previous ones I've tried i.e. Nyx, DB etc. So I just find it really impressive that this lasts and it's not even waterproof. Not sure about the lash growing effects yet. And I haven't tried this on the tightline either. Anyway, love love love. Definitely recommended. Pigmented colour! And you get quite a bit of pencil unlike automated ones too. Not giving it 5stars because it if lasted on the waterline, well, that'd be a miracle. haha

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HG of eyeliners ♥

For those who aren't familiar with a creamy pencil like this, first time users might find it a little bit tricky to apply. I can honestly say i thought it was a lost cause at first and it sat in my makeup draw for a few months.
Now, this pencil is my HG of eyeliners. The colour is rich making it perfect for a sultry smokey or glamour eye look. Application is like silk, so smooth. it's also a staple in my kit! ♥ it!
My tips to use this are to build your colour, starting with a little at a time and use an angle or small blending brush to get a precise line or to blend out the liner for a more smokey look. Adding more colour to intensify. One important thing to remember though is this sets quite fast so blending time is short and ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to put the lid back on!
This is also fantastic on the waterline. I thought i could only get gel liner to stay but i was wrong. this stuff doesn't move!
As for making my lashes more healthy... not 100% sure on that. But this product has found its place on my repurchase list over and over. Thanks Revlon!

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Great for smudging and highly pigmented

I received this liner in a pack for spending over a certain amount on Revlon in Myer. The pencil is soft and creamy, which does not make it ideal for subtle lines, lining the water line or creating wings. I like to use this liner when I want to smudge out the eyeliner. For those people who have the eyeliner and cannot find a use for it, it would make a great eyeshadow base instead of a cream shadow, as its formula is so smooth. Have not used it enough to determine whether or not it actually encourages lash growth.

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Disappointing Onyx

I received this Eyeliner in Onyx as part of Revlon's Autumn Myer GWP. Unlike most of the products in the pack, the GrowLucious Lashliner has proven to be very difficult to apply and use properly.
Unfortunately, no matter how sharp a point on the tip it is impossible to line the eyes subtly. The consistency seems "chunky" somehow. I can tell that it must contain something different to most eyeliners which must be designed to encourage lash growth, unfortunately I haven't been able to test this in any real way as it also makes my eyes stream.

Hopefully for Revlon, I am just in an unlucky minority. I wish I could test it for lash growth but I don't think I'll be able to.

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