Lancome - Hypnôse Doll Eyes Volume Mascara


Hypnôse Doll Eyes Volume Mascara

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Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Volume Mascara gives lashes more volume and length for a wide-eyed look. The cone-shaped brush provides a smooth and clean application, and helps define lashes. FiberShine™ technology within the formulation sculpts, curls, and loads each lash to leave eyelashes thicker and longer.

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I got an sample version of the Mascara and I have to say it, it makes your eye look bigger. The only problem with it is that it can get Clumpy if you put too much



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Got it in one!

Doll eyes is right - I had no need for false eyelashes with this baby in my make up bag. It smells divine and goes on smoothly, making the application process extremely satisfying and fun! I wouldn't use it before going to work, only because this product is literally making me look like I have a full set of false lashes on and it's too much for me in the day time. However come night time its perfect, and a great match for Lancome's liquid eyeliner. I've had the product for 3 months now with no clumping, however I suspect it'll be reaching its end-of-use date soon given the 3-6 month rule that exists with mascaras and their tendency to dry out.



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Does a lovely job

This is a fantastic mascara. The brush is tapered to so allows you to style your eyelashes for the 'doll' look. It also is a nice consistency that doesn't get gluggy or clump. The long lasting ability is fantastic and means that you can wear it from day through to night. I also find that if you want to apply another layer before going out for the night, it can be done simply and doesn't clump up at all. I have gone through two of these product and really love them as they are very trustworthy.



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I bought this only to use for a more dramatic or night time makeup look. I have naturally long and dark lashes so dont want to lengthen them too much, focusing more on thickness. This is a great mascara - it thickens and lengthens for a dramatic eye look. It can get a little clumpy, however it doesnt flake which is great.



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No smudging

I find this mascara is beautifully packaged/bottled, the bottle seems quite big in shape but is not awkward to hold. I like the design on the bottle and the ease it opens with. This mascara does not add as much volume as I would like, I think there are cheaper mascaras that do a better job at this. I do like how all my lashes are defined and separated with the brush, no more clumping with this brush.

This mascara does not disappoint on the claim of being waterproof, it lasts me all day without smudging. I would repurchase this mascara if more volume could be created but unfortunately I think there are better and cheaper mascaras out there.



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No More Fake Lashes

This gave me a set of lashes that looked just like I was wearing the synthetic lashes. I It instantly gave me a dramatic eye look, I didn't even need an eyeliner, because this instantly framed my eyes and gave it an enlarged appearance. I love it, it doesn't smudge or clump. The only down fall to it is that it cannot be worn if you're going to school or work - it looks as if you're a bit overdressed, but great for parties, dates, or night outs.



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Nice packaging and eye brush length.

I recently bought this as part of a Lancome Christmas set, and I have the big sized mascara.

The brush looks like a Christmas tree, and there is a nice pleasant scent to it. The brush helps to apply the mascara onto my lashes.

The packaging looks lovely and luxurious, which I would imagine considering the price we pay for it.

So far the mascara has worked well, didn't have any issues. However as I've only used it barely a few times, and is still new, hence I am not too sure how long this mascara will take before it dries up in the container.



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Use it quickly

This mascara starts off well: great brush, easy to use, fab fat lash results. Downside: dries out ridiculously quickly so I didn't get the full return on investment. When I say quickly, I'm talking about four weeks before it went to dried out clumps on my lashes. Bummed. Not buying again. Especially at this price. I'd rather buy something cheaper and layer up.


Use daily.

Ideal for

If you've got the money to burn.



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Never knew I could have such long lashes

Being a complete mascara newbie,I had originally tried any old mascara and wouldn't leave the house wearing it as I hadn't had any success with it(Any sign of clumping and I would have to take off the mascara completely).I had given up on mascara all together until I noticed a co worker with the most beautiful eyelashes and was told that this product was behind it.

This mascara is just awesome!,I was a bit apprehensive when the lady at the Lancome counter applied a little too much,but still bought it to see how it would look when it was applied to look more natural.I was right in my decision to buy it.My lashes are lengthened,My eyes are widened and its really easy to apply it for an every day look or to layer it a bit more for a night look.There is minimal clumping and no panda eyes.It is pricey but you are getting a quality product in return



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Rose scented!

This mascara has a light rose scent, it really smells like a little luxury product! It is perfect to build up big and beautiful lashes without clumping. It lasts all day and the smell in the bottle lasts which is great as most other mascaras start to smell horrible after using them a few too many times! I love the sleek shape of the tube too!

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