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Maybelline New York

EyeStudio Master Liner Cream Pencil

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Maybelline New York EyeStudio Master Liner Cream Pencil has a cream texture in a pencil form that allows for precision every time. The formula is rich in pigments, while the inclusion of nylon and waxes allow for the pencil to be soft and smooth. Oil-free and 100 per cent waterproof and smudge-proof. Available in Black and Brown.



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Pigmented and smudge proof for upper lash line

Some days I feel like I just want to wear a simple eye makeup look as oppose to my everyday winged eye liner look and thought this eyeliner was perfect for it.
I gave it 2 stars because firstly, the colour is very pigmented, I got the eyeliner in black and it's as blackest black as any 'pencil' eyeliner you could ask for. Second star goes to the the smudge proof effect ONLY when it is drawn on the eyelid/upper lash line. From early mornings till afternoon, the eyeliner stays put. Very happy!
As for the downside, I found I had to press a little harder and draw it back and forth on my upper lashline to create the line. Even though I mention it was really pigmented, I had to press that hard for the colour to show which I don't think it's good to do that everyday. I also felt it took longer than usual to apply this eyeliner which didn't make it quick to use.
Another one is when I line my lower lash line, it smears under my eyes. Even when I line my waterline either in upper or lower lash line, it smears heavily! I don't recommend drawing this anywhere near the waterline!
Lastly, although I love the retractable pen eyeliner it's hard to maintain or sharpen them. I eventually would draw it on my upper lash line blunt, which is okay when I wear a bit of eyeshadow but as a stand alone product, it will not give me a nice neat finish.
I probably wouldn't buy this again, I realised applying this eyeliner takes almost the same time as when I create my winged liner look. I would most likely buy an eyeliner that creates a neat finish and likes them sharp!

Melissa :)


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natural look, but hard to apply

I wanted a more natural looking eyeliner (instead of liquid) for the top of my lids, so I went for this one in brown.
I found it dragged a lot and was hard to apply, but once it was on, I really liked the way it looked and it stayed put for hours.

Instant Awesome


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Short life-span, clumsy packaging

I have a few gripes with this particular product, which make me reach for pencil eye liners rather than this one.
1. You must screw the tube to release more product. This sounds simple and easy however do not be fooled. Often when I am applying this product, it pushes itself back into the tube which is ultra frustrating and complicates the application process.
2. Building on the above - you cannot sharpen this product. So if you are looking for a seamless cat eye - forget about it! The product becomes quite stumpy and too thick if you are looking for a subtle finish.
I have just been using this product for my tight/water line for a while. However, I have tried pencil eyeliners in these areas and find their pigmentation superior and longer lasting.
Will not repurchase.



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Terrible for oily skin!

The package said it was 24 hour, long wearing, smudge proof and waterproof. This eyeliner was none of those things! I bought it in brown and as soon as I got it home I tried it out on my upper lash line. Within two hours it was completely gone! It had crept and smudged its way into my eyelid crease and there was absolutely nothing left along my lash line. I decided to give it another go today, and the same thing happened.

I have quite oily skin, and tend to buy long wearing products for durability, but this was absolutely useless for my skin tyoe.


Don't use on oily lids.

Ideal for

non-oily skinned gals.



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Well to start of, I was very disappointed with this eyeliner. I have a few reasons why I dislike this eyeliner. I've always been a huge fan of maybelline especially their eyeliners but not this time. I purchased The waterproof one because every eyeliner I've used always tends to wear off after an hour.
Firstly I applied this on my upper lash line and it was very hard to get the product on their. I had to press really hard and also it dragged a lot. I also tried this on my waterline and i had very bad results. It wouldn't even go on without it haven't to drag and it doesn't come out black, instead it's a very light grey because the product is not good. Though the only good thing about this is it really doesn't smudge. That's all.

Ideal for

I honestly wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!



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Amazing Product!

I bought this a while ago and forgot about it, but as soon as I found it I feel in love! Its so easy to apply and looks just like liquid liner on the top lashes. I like the applicator and there is no need to sharpen the tip. Also, relatively cheap. Really recommend this product!!



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Pretty good!

I love how only a little bit of product spreads on when I apply it so I can build up on how much I want to apply. The only problem I have is how hard I have to press when I apply- I find it does not go on too easily and drags a little bit that it almost hurts. Great otherwise and does not smudge when I apply!



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Great make up staple!

I love this liner and find its a really great staple product to have in my makeup case and hand bag as its so easy to use. This is one of the first liners I began using when I was younger and the easy application of the cream allowed me to create a smooth line without having much previous experience. I find the colour is dark but not as black as using the Master Precise Liquid Liner, but I generally use this product mainly if I'm too lazy to put in effort with a liquid liner or if I'm out, as the product is extremely easy to apply without being too precise. I do find it does wear off slightly by the end of the day as I have oily lids, but with saying that, the liner does not smudge or crease on me. This is a favourite that I will continue to repurchase and would definitely recommend.


Often when I don't have much time I will first use this product to create a really even and flawless line along my lashes, and then I go over the line (touching up briefing) with the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, which together creates a more defined, black glossy line. Doing this method I find you don't need to be as precise but you will still end up with a very neat and defined black line!

Ideal for

Beginners and anyone that's time poor.



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Great Product

Previously I had always applied eyeliner on my upper lash line with kohl pencils as I could never apply liquid eyeliner properly (Don't have the steadiest hand!). Pencils didn't really do it for me. I saw this product at the shops as the 'liquid look' caught my eye so I bought it in black. I completely fell in love! So easy to apply, long lasting and doesn't smudge. I've now been using it for about a year, one pencil lasts me about 2-3 months.


Wouldn't use it on your water line, the colour won't stick.

Ideal for

Great for upper lash!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

would never buy anything else

this is a great eyeliner, the best i have ever tried. and for the price it is the best value for money!

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