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Australis Killer Curves Mascara is packaged in a hot pink tube and promises the ultimate lash curl. The ultra-sleek packaging and curved silicone brush means super curled lashes without having to use a curling wand. It lifts, curls and holds lashes into place with a warm wash-off formula. The wash-off formula also saves time when removing make-up. Available in: Blackest Black.



Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

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Lengthening without volume

Great mascara for lengthening but does not give any volume at all. Easy to remove but mascara flaked off onto cheeks during the day and the tube dried out very quickly compared to other mascara brands. Formula is on the dryer/clumpier side. OK mascara, wouldn't repurchase

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Great for the price point

I find this mascara to be great for lengthening and thickening. It's a tubing formula so doesn't flake or smudge on me but is still easy to remove. It does clump a bit if I try to layer it up, but all on all I think it would be hard to beat the performance of this for the price.

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Great mascara for lengthening

Found this mascara to be good for lengthening lashes. Gets clumpy after being opened for a month. Easy to remove but can flake onto face through out the day.

Read the full review of Killer Curves Mascara by Suesse88.



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This mascara is very clumpy and it does not hold a curl at all, so I don't know why it's called Killer Curves. The smell is unpleasant and the formula does not add much volume. The packaging is nice but that's it.

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Holy Grail Mascara

I find this mascara is comparable to other high end tubular mascaras like Clinique and Eyeko without the high price tag. It is excellent if you want lengthening and curling but not volume. I use one coat for a natural wide eyed look, two coats for a night out. It doesn't smudge or flake and is easily removed with warm water in the shower. The formula is on the wet side but doesn't try up too quickly and the wand is flexible rubber. It is exactly what I look for in a mascara. I will continue to repurchase.

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Works well, Smells bad

This mascara was love/hate for me.
I loved how it makes my lashes look. It's long-lasting and easy to remove. HOWEVER...
I really couldn't stand the smell of this! Usually i don't even notice that mascara has a smell, but this mascara has a very strong smell about it that i just can't stand. And it is because of the smell i won't be repurchasing.

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great for everyday

I quite like this mascara. It is very easy to use.

The mascara curls the lashes slightly, so if you can use it and still have great looking lashes even if you are in a rush.

The brush is workable, and the formula is quite dry. I prefer wetter formulas, as they apply smoother, but it is still a very good mascara.

The mascara is not a dramatic mascara, but more of an natural, everyday one. It is very lengthening, but probably lacking in volume for some. Separation is good.

Its most outstanding features are that it is completely smudge-proof, and it is also really easy to remove (just needs some warm water!)

I also love the packaging, its so sleek and stylish. :)

I recommend this for a clean-look, no fuss, everyday mascara.

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Defined natural curled eyelashes!

I have been wearing this everyday since I bought it! I love the way it defines my lashes and gives my stubborn lashes a natural lifted curl. I also love that it is a dry formula so I don't get mascara all over my eyelid. Being a tubing mascara it is super easy to remove with my cleanser and confident I wont wake up the next day with panda eyes!

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i loved it

If you really want a curvy look with this mascura then you should get a cheap eyelash curler first so that you get great looking eye lashes..

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Princess Fiona1


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Good basic mascara

Having sensitive eyes, I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara, and with a name like Killer Curves, I was certainly tempted.
One coat of the Killer Curves gave my lashes a very subtle curl and separated them nicely, leaving my lashes looking glossy, while two coats made my lashes even thicker, and longer. Adding three coats, and my lashes started sticking together, so I wound only recommend applying two coats. It does give the lashes a nice curl, without the use of an eyelash curler prior to applying the mascara.
The formula of the Killer Curves Mascara is quite nice, and it doesn’t budge, fade or smudge, during the day, even with my sensitive eyes that tend to water very easily.
It is claimed that it can be removed with warm water, but I felt that I ended up with panda eyes, so I did feel that I needed a gentle makeup remover to ensure that my lashes were completely clean from mascara.
With a name like Killer Curves, I did have a high expectation of a dramatic curl of my lashes, and while the mascara did give my lashes a nice, clean and defined daytime look with definite curl, I wouldn’t call it a killer look.
All in all this is a mascara, which is good for every wear, but I would not say that it’s the best one I’ve tried. But at only $12.95, it is still a bargain buy that won't break the bank.

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