Maybelline New York - EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Maybelline New York

EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

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Fragrance free and ophthalmologist tested, Maybelline New York's EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner helps build definition around the eyes enabling you to achieve anything from a thin line along the lashline, to bolder, thicker definition. The gel formula glides on smoothly and boasts ultimate long wear and shine. The formula is 100% waterproof and smudge proof.

Available in Blackest Black and Charcoal.



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Pretty good

This is a pretty good eyeliner. It's dirt cheap and the packaging is nice - it even comes with it's own brush.
My only problem is that it didn't last all day. It seemed to fade away after 5 or so hours. However, a quick touch up and it looked excellent again.
Very easy to use, even me, a complete eyeliner noob, could easily apply this.
Very good and definitely recommend.



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love this!

I love eyeliner, mostly liquid as I find that performs the best. However recently I wanted to try out a gel liner. I picked this during priceline's sale.

This is a great product! So easy to use and even comes with It's own brush. I use it everyday for a basic liner bit have also used it to do a cat eye for a fancy dress party! It was so easy to do and looked pretty great!

I highly recommend this product for anyone who loves eyeliner, a little or a lot!



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I use this gel liner for both every day use and for when I'm going out. This gel's formula allows for it to be applied lightly (for every day use) and built up (for a darker, more dramatic look).

This liner is so easy to apply, it goes on smoothly and doesn't budge throughout the day (even when I go swimming!).

The product is extremely pigmented and not much is needed, even when creating a thicker line. I was originally disappointed by how much liner is available in the pot but a year after buying my first pot and using it every day I still have plenty left!

I did however find it difficult to apply the liner with the brush that was provided so I use a different small liner brush - this is my only fault for this product!



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You Give Me Wings

Being a cat eye devotee, it seemed to take me ages to find a liner that could get me to that wonderful crisp black wing perfection on an everyday basis. A lot of the liners I'd tried before this were a pain to apply, they dissolved into a black mess and leaked into and irritated my eyes before the end of the work day, or they just flaked off.

Not this one.

The trick with this product is that you have to be really confident for it to look awesome. I started off by using a pencil liner to work out the wing length and angle first, before going over it with this product, building it up and smoothing it all out. Now I just apply it straight away.

It dries quickly, so if you take a long time or make lots of little dots and then try to join them up, it doesn't quite work. Get the lines right first and then just go for it with this, and you're good to go. Once that perfect wing has set, it won't budge. From a little tiny flick to a huge Cleopatra wing, as long as you commit to it, it'll come out awesome.

The pot comes with a pretty generous amount of product, I think you'd have a pretty hard time using it all up before it dries out, but for the price I think it's easily worth a repurchase when that happens. I do wish the lid had a bit of a shinier lining because I use that to smooth out a dollop of liner on the brush before applying so there aren't any clumps. If you work the liner into the brush first and then wipe off any excess, it makes it easier to get a really crisp line.

The brush is seriously awesome. It can handle thin or thick lines, wipes clean easily and even though it can get stiff if you don't clean it properly, it easily softens up again and doesn't ever split or shed.



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One of my favourite beauty buys.

Love this product. I find the color range to be versatile, it is affordable, and it is long-lasting. There is a little bit of an earthy smell when you open the jar, but it's not an issue, even with my contacts.

Note: Mine dried out after several months. It was tempting to reheat it to save money, but I decided to get a new one to replace it for safety's sake. I was okay with throwing this out after 6 months because it was a cheaper drugstore makeup.

I have repurchased this. It is my go-to eyeliner, and I recommend it to my friends.


This does set quickly, so you need to work accordingly. I found that. I used to do both eyes then do touch-ups. I got stuck with some really weird looks because this set before I could fix it. Whoops! Lesson learned: Do one eye at a time!

Be sure to clean the brush. It gets a lot of build-up and it can make it difficult to get a smooth line.

Ideal for

People who want to try a gel eyeliner, people looking for a cheaper gel eyeliner alternative.

Fiona 820


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Great gel eyeliner

I love the eyestudio gel liner and its formula. It's very pigmented and creamy and lasts for a really long time. The brush provided is also great!! i like to use this when i want that clean eyeliner look or a winged eyeliner look. the product hasnt dried out on me and i've had it for a very long time.

Overall this is an amazing product.



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amazing quality, best drug store product

Love this gel liner! Would have to be one of my best purchases from a drug-store range. The quality of this liner is superb, excellent pigmentation and very long lasting, does not smudge or leak at all.

Has a paint/clay like smell but this is not majorly noticeable and it does not contain any overwhelming fragrances. It is rather thick, creamy formula and tends to dry very quickly which seems to be an issue everyone has. If this is the case DON’T throw it away! Just pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (with the screw cap off) and wait for it to cool down… voila! It is now much creamier in texture and easier to apply. After a few weeks or days, if it dries up again then heat it up again :) It is definitely very simple to use and comes with an eye liner brush which comes in handy to create that perfect winged liner or to drag it across your lower lash line or even your water line (if your eyes aren’t too sensitive) to really give your eyes that instant pop! definitely will be re-purchasing this product!


use a waterproof makeup remover or cotton ball dipped in olive oil to remove it, as it is waterproof and a little difficult to remove



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Impressed First Timer!

Believe it or not I had never tried a gel liner before until recently when I took advantage of a sale and got this for half price and couldn't wait to give it a go! Wow, it is so good! I wasn't sure how well I would go with it but for formulation was really smooth and easy to work with with the little brush it comes with. The shade is perfectly dark and black and I am able to easily create a nice neat line around my eyes and it also smudges out nicely if I want it to. Loving this and the packaging in the glass tub is so pretty too, I really love everything about this!



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Great quality and affordable gel liner

So I have hooded eyelids and I find this smudges on me after a full day's wear. I have used primers with it but still smudges ever so slightly. Still mighty impressed with it given the price. I've had a jar open for a little while and it hasn't dried out.The brush that comes with it too is also pretty decent.



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Great product

This is very easy to apply, and the colour looks great on me. I prefer this over pencil eyeliners as it is much easier to tight line with this and I love the brush that came with this. It does smudge a little after a whole day but because I have hooded lids, so all products smudge on me.

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