Maybelline New York - Volum’ Express FALSIES Mascara

Maybelline New York

Volum’ Express FALSIES Mascara

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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies features a unique Kera-Fibers formula (serine, glutamic acid and ceramide) to lengthen, moisturise and volumise. The formula works in conjunction with a convex-shaped brush for increased product deposit. The brush also has a flexible stem.
Available in Blackest Black, Very Black and Very Black Waterproof.


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Perfect for dramatic lashes!

Love maybelline mascaras as I find the waterproof formulae hold a curl very well. This one did not disappoint! I have very short lashes that point straight downward, but with a quick squeeze with an eyelash curler and 2 costs of this, my eyelashes were big, dark and bold!! I was worried that it would clump a lot as it feels quite wet compared to "full and soft" but as long as you wipe the brush along the rim as you pull the wand out, you'll remove any excess. Follow the prompts on the packet to help enhance the curl! It's great for a dramatic look! Favourite of all my mascaras!!

By the end of the day, it had smudged a little but that is the only negative I have with this mascara! It is to remove with waterproof makeup remover without vigorous tugging or rubbing!

Ideal for

Lashes that don't normally hold a curl!



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One of the best mascara I've tried

I'm a massive mascara junkie and I had heard such great things about this mascara. All those great things were true. It's volimizing and lengthening and pretty much does everything in one. My lashes are naturally quite long so some mascaras tend to clump. This mascara doesn't do that, it makes your lashes look fuller without taking them too far.


Don't go over board with too many coats.

Ideal for

Those who love dramatic eyelashes but don't like wearing actual falsies.



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Love it, perfect.

I love the curve on the applicator. I think it allows much more easy coverage of the side lashes and for bottoms I usually flip it over to get the more precise application.

It is quite easily buildable. The first coat goes on nice and is enough to hold a curl as well as add that darkening to the lashes for a natural beauty look. At the same time though, extra layers rarely result in clumping what with the bristles being spaced out like they are.

It holds the curl for quite a long time but is also easily removed with a cleansing oil. At the same time, there is no noticeable smudging. Even once when I was crying with it on, there was no running of mascara.
Great product and I've already bought my second tube!

Melissa :)


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

good but not great

I found it really volumising and good waterproofness and held the curl well, except tended to clump.

kristy kirwan


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

fab long thick lashes

I LOVE this mascara, for people like me, that have tiny tiny thin eyelashes this mascara, darkens, fills and enlarges just as promised and no horrible clumps!. It's the next best thing I can't go anywhere without it on. Great prouduct and good price!


Use 2-3 coats

Ideal for

For everyone



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Perfect Mascara

For a person with straight eyelashes. It works wonders on my eye lashes. I wore this mascara for a night out. With curled lashes, my mascara made my curled lashes longer lasting throughout the night. The mascara coats onto each strand, which is a plus! You definitely get what you see. By the end of the night there were no smudges. Definitely long lasting! Amazing product


I tend to coat my eyelashes with cotton ball fibres to make my eyelashes long. My rubbing a cotton ball on a toothbrush and brushing on to your eyelashes just like you're applying mascara. This helps with elongating your lashes and making them look very flirtatious. Great for all girls with short lashes with me that are invisible

Ideal for

Long crazy night or day. No smudges.



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Alright for the price

The Falsies is a good mascara if your looking for a very thick coating and a long lasting finish, however I don't think it was for me. I have heard lots about it and I really wanted to try it, so I went and bought it on special (bonus!). I was disappointed with the formula as it didn't really curl my lashes but it most certainly gave it volume, a little to much for my liking. I decided to try the Falsies 'Flared' and I totally changed my opinion. It curls, separates, coats and best of all, they don't look fake! It depends on what type of lashes you have, but for my long, hard to curl lashes, Falsies Flared was best.


One coat is enough - A little goes a long way!

Ideal for

Medium-Medium Long length lashes that curl easily.



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled


I heard all the rave about this mascara and decided to give it a go but I got quite a shock when I opened it up and was met with a big clumpy wand! I find that this mascara is great for curl and is definitely waterproof and the only way I find it looks good is if I scrape down the wand on the sides of the ackaging and remove the goop. So I' am quite unimpressed by this but I still deem it usable


Scrape off excess

Ideal for

Night out



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar


I love this mascara so much it actually gives me compliments... well not me, but every time I wear it (which is all the time) I am asked if I am wearing false lashes. I noticed these questions and compliments after my first use.
This mascara is so good I use it as a professional make-up artist. I tried the waterproof and hated it because it was the hardest thing to get off, but if that's what your after then go for it. This mascara separates the lashes making them appear naturally fluffy, it definitely lengthens and it certainly flares them out. You can keep applying and applying and they don't really clump together, maybe its the special flexible brush. The brush bristles are quite delicate and grip the lash so well that I find I don't need to apply mascara to the top of my lashes like I would almost every other mascara. If you cry, sweat or are in humid weather I find it wont leave that residual faint black smudge under your eye. If you do find yourself crying with happiness - just wipe under your eye with confidence.

There is nothing bad I could say about this and there would have to be another innovative game changer to get me away from it.

Ideal for

If you want a falsey look.



Rating: StarStarStar-disabledStar-disabledStar-disabled

Not a fan

Really disappointed in this product. Didn't really give any volume to my lashes and took a long time to dry. Not a fan of the brush as I found it too flimsy and it was hard to reach some of my lashes without getting it everywhere.

The worst part was it flaked on me after a few others and smudged everywhere!

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