Maybelline New York - Volum’ Express FALSIES Mascara

Maybelline New York

Volum’ Express FALSIES Mascara

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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies features a unique Kera-Fibers formula (serine, glutamic acid and ceramide) to lengthen, moisturise and volumise. The formula works in conjunction with a convex-shaped brush for increased product deposit. The brush also has a flexible stem.
Available in Blackest Black, Very Black and Very Black Waterproof.


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I bought this after reading many positive reviews about it, but personally, I didn't have a great experience with it. Yes, it lengthened and volumised my lashes, but I found that it clumped. I applied it with a zig-zag motion as suggested online but it still clumped my lashes together after 2 coats without drying in between. I also found that after it dried, it had this slight flaky look. It also didn't curl my lashes considerably as I has expected from the wand, though it did lift them - but not in a very attractive manner, I found that they were fanned out and straight. I'm not a fan of spidery lashes, so this mascara was not for me, despite having a wetter formula which I liked.

Ideal for

People who prefer the slightly spidery lashes look.



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Instant Volume In Very Black

The mascara comes in a blister pack.
It comes in a round plastic chunky tube with an applicator brush lid.
The mascara creates instant volume and intense colour being the shade Very Black.
A waterproof mascara that produces a false lash effect.
The applicator is a flexible spoon brush, round and curved, the bristles firm.
To apply the mascara hold the spoon side of the brush against lashes and brush up lashes from root to tip.
Its a non clumping mascara and covers lashes easily.
Build up the mascara on lashes with several coats before it dries.
My average natural brown lashes lack volume and length, the mascara instantly transforms them adding great length, volume and curl, brown lashes turn Very Black.
When the mascara dries, flexible natural lashes firm up a little and stay in place.
Love the mascara, it wears well, lashes stay nicely groomed.
My lashes triple in size with the mascara, being longer and thicker, its a great look and finish to eye makeup.



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Great length and volume

I have been using the falsies mascara in blackest black pretty much everyday for about a month now, and I really love it! I have small lashes, so am always looking for an all over good mascara for lengthening and if possible, volumising. For someone with short lashes, I really find this mascara works well in quickly adding drama, bulk and length. It even curls my lashes a lot, although that might be because I already have a natural curl to them.

It's awesome that it's waterproof, I don't find it smearing off throughout the day which is perfect because I wear glasses and am at uni or work all day. However, i find the shape of the brush (which I love but sometimes hate at the same time) can sometimes be messy if I'm not careful with applying it - nothing that can't be solved with a q-tip though. :)

I typically don't like wearing false eyelashes, so this mascara is great because it gives me the drama and bulkiness I want. Overall, I like to wear this when I don't want a natural look but it's still not over the top :)


Use the bendy wand neck for easy application of the product! And if it gets a bit messy (like it sometimes does for me and my short lashes), just wait for it to dry and wipe off using a clean q-tip - easy :)

Ideal for

Someone looking for fast volume, drama, length and curl! Even those with short lashes! Can get away without wearing falsies :)



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Longer lashes

Maybelline New York Volum' Express Mascara is waterproof and comes in bright purple packaging. The mascara contains a slightly curved brush which allows you to reach all your eyelashes.

I bought this in the Very Black shade. The mascara heps make my eyelashes look longer and thicker and it isn't clumpy when you apply it.

I don't wear mascara all the time but this is a good product and good value for money

Ideal for

Good if you have thin eyelashes as it adds volume and length.



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Great Waterproof Mascara

I love this waterproof mascara. It doesn't have any scent. It has a great, true black color. It really adds volume to my eyelashes without being obvious. I find that it lasts all day, and it comes off fairly easily at night. I love that it doesn't flake.

This is a staple in my make-up bag because it doesn't irritate contact lenses. It's gentle and I can wear my contacts all day and not worry about my mascara irritating my eyes or my lenses.

It can be a little messy when you apply it, so you have to be sure to have as little on the brush as possible. It's a fairly wet mascara as well, so if you touch your eyes at all before this is set, it will smudge. I learned the hard way that the waterproof version won't budge at all once it's set and smudged. Not a huge deal, but there can be a learning curve.


Don't open your eyes really wide right after applying this - you will NOT be able to remove those black dots.

Ideal for

Someone looking for a volumizing, waterproof mascara.



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great mascara for beginners

My first mascara ever since I started wearing makeup, the colour is really dark, makes my lashes thicker, big and fuller, it is very long lasting, stays on all day, I tend to get a little smude but thats alright. My lashes stayed curled from a person with straight lashes.


If I layer this with a thin mascara it doesnt clump on me.

Ideal for

Begginer, everyday makeup, school



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A good mascara with an easy to apply brush

This was one of the first mascaras I ever brought for my ever growing make up collection and after all these years I still rate it as one of my favorites. I have tried other brands but I always find myself coming back to this one. For me I found the bush reduced clumping and it gave my eyelashes a very thick and full look. Overall it a versatile mascara (especially for the price)



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messy and it clumps

I am not a fan of this one. I got the non waterproof version in black drama. The brush has fine bristles so lifts and separates lashes but the content clumps and smudges very quickly. Maybe because it's non waterproof so it doesn't survive summer heat as well. It imparts instant volume and lengthens my lashes well. However it transfers quickly on to my face thus giving me panda eyes. My lashes are long they just need definition and volume. This would maybe work for someone with short and stubby lashes (and in cool weather) as my lashers look like spider legs after applying this. Yikes!!!



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Too messy and difficult brush

After reading rave reviews I bought this hoping it would help my straight and short lashes. Unfortunately I found the brush to be too big for my asian eyes and it seemed to clump them together rather than seperate and give the illusion of false lashes. The brush just doesn't work for inner corners and it's easy to poke yourself in the eye because its just so large! I think plastic brushes such as the Covergirl's clump crusher seem to work better with my eye shape but this mascara just really disappointed me. I found the formula to be too wet, and it got very messy when the brush touched my skin. I know waterproof mascaras are waxier so they hold the curl better but this mascara when applied to curled lashes just made them droop faster because its formula was so heavy.

I guess I'd recommend this to people who have very sparse lashes which are naturally spread out. Then the brush would be easier to use and volumising effect would work.



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Perfect for dramatic lashes!

Love maybelline mascaras as I find the waterproof formulae hold a curl very well. This one did not disappoint! I have very short lashes that point straight downward, but with a quick squeeze with an eyelash curler and 2 costs of this, my eyelashes were big, dark and bold!! I was worried that it would clump a lot as it feels quite wet compared to "full and soft" but as long as you wipe the brush along the rim as you pull the wand out, you'll remove any excess. Follow the prompts on the packet to help enhance the curl! It's great for a dramatic look! Favourite of all my mascaras!!

By the end of the day, it had smudged a little but that is the only negative I have with this mascara! It is to remove with waterproof makeup remover without vigorous tugging or rubbing!

Ideal for

Lashes that don't normally hold a curl!

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