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Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara is a sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes.


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Not worth the hype

I purchased this whilst browsing for some mascaras in Myer. Do not like it at all. It did nothing for my lashes. No curl at all, too heavy and caused curled lashes to drop. It did give a little volume but I felt the mascara was too thick/clumpy to apply. When you get a mascara that just doesnt work because of the brush.

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Dramatic Lashes!

This mascara is amazing to create a dramatic eye look! Sexy full lashes, that are black as night, coupled with a smokey eye or neutral look they really make a make-up look pop!

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by Amber595.

Temporary Pr...


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Gives it volume, but no curl

I have dead straight Asian lashes that don't go anywhere, not even with an eyelash curler sometimes, and while they aren't the worst, I do know that they can be quite boring.

As such, this particular mascara from Benefit doesn't add too much else to them. While it does coat the lashes well enough, adding what appears to be a bit of volume to them, this doesn't appear to lengthen or curl them, which makes it ok in my books, but nothing spectacular.

Additionally, this brush is quite big, which can make handling a little difficult.

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Best mascara

This is my favourite mascara so far. First of all, I love the packaging because it is very creative and unique. When I apply this mascara, I notice that it doesn't create any clumps which is really good. The mascara volumizes my lashes and really makes my eyes stand out. The wand also applys a good amount of product, not too much and not too little. Overall, a good product especially if you are avoiding mascara clumps and looking to add volume to your lashes.

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by H.J..



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Doll eyes

This gave me the prettiest, thickest, longest lashes. Beautifully dark and glossy. The packaging is pretty too! Gets a little flaky but the benefits way outweigh this.

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by laurenrose90.



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Fantastic Product

WOW! Love this mascara so much, does wonders to my lashes! Have so far repurchased this 3 times!!

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by SarahMHeit.



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Did not work for me

Did not like this one. By the end of the day of wearing it, there was so much flakiness that I looked so tired. Plus it was so hard to take off with make up remover. The next morning I still had panda eyes which I found so frustrating!!!

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by Celia291.



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Great Volume! Easy to apply and doesn't clump.

It's a thick formula that glides on easily and stays on all day. I did find if you put too much on the bottom lashes it can smudge during the day but it does look fantastic and well worth the price. The brush is thick and rounded to give maximum volume while still separating the lashes.

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by ejrs..

Anitas Artistry


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Really Bold

I love this mascara! It's great at thickening lashes. It gives a good strong colour. It lasts all day with no smudging. Exactly what I'm after in a mascara. And it's easy to remove at the end of the day without feeling like you're pulling your lashes out.

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by Anitas Artistry.



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Finally got to try this...

After years of drooling over this mascara, I finally got a sample of it. It's only half the normal length but it will still give me a couple of months of mascara.
I love the brush, it has heaps of bristles that get in there to separate and coat my lashes. I have sparse lashes so need a mascara like this that can build on the lash and make what I do have look full and long and this does.
My only negative about this mascara is that for some reason I tend to get some fall out throughout the day, little flecks that will fall onto my cheeks or just under my eye...annoying if I don't know it's there. But I do like the effect it gives my lashes.

Read the full review of BADgal Lash Mascara by iluvfacialz.

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