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Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara is a sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes.

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Will not be re purchasing

I got a sample size of this mascara in a set I purchased from Benefit over Christmas. I had high hopes for this product after having read all the reviews.

However, this was a let down for me. It is not waterproof, which is something I like since I prefer to just wash my mascara off with water instead of makeup remover. The wand itself is big and not very easy to use, I have to apply several times to get any decent amount of product to my lashes so it makes any kind of difference. The end look with this mascara is nothing special, any drugstore mascara with 1/4 of the price could have done a better job.

The mascara itself is not that good, it is thick and a bit clumpy. and for me the worst part of all is taking it off at the end of the day. Seriously, it is a real nightmare. I thought it would wash of easily, being non-waterproof (my Clinique High Impact mascara is a dream to remove with just plain water) however the BadGal lash mascara came off in little messy balls and stuck around not quite going away no matter how much I washed it off.

Even using makeup remover, it is hard to get every bit off and that said, I will not re purchase, nor will I recommend it to others (not when there are heaps of way better mascaras out there).



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Good mascara providng thick lashes

I received this mascara as part of a Benefit Glam box and was quite impressed. The mascara applied well without leaving clumps of product on my lashes and volumized well. My lashes looked much thicker after application.
The mascara does not smudge as easily as other brands however is also harder to remove. Overall I will probably purchase this mascara again.


Use a good eye-makeup remover when washing your face. This mascara does not come off easily and cannot be removed with a face wash (even if it claims to remove eye-make up as well)

Ideal for

Lashes requiring a volume boost



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Magnificent Mascara

i got this in a pack so only used the sample size however it comes with the full sized wand which was so great!
I find slightly too much product collects at the tip of the wand but it's easily fixed and when applied, doesn't clump or flake.
The packaging is simple but cute and the wand is bushy and coats every lash beautifully



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Best Kris Kringle present...

I received this mascara for christmas last year and loved it! The large brush adds volume and length without making your lashes spidery or clumpy. One of my favourites and I would buy again for sure!



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One of my favourite!

I've tried so many mascaras over the years - high end, middle end, and low end - and always come back to this one. it provide definition, volume, and length without making lashes clumpy or spidery. If you like a natural feel to your lashes, but want some definition - this is the mascara for you! If I want to give my lashes an extra oomph - I use BadGal and then top it with a coat of They're Real. Amazing combination. Great for traveling and still delivers a pow in the eyes. It also doesn't feel heavy.



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Not for Asian eyes

I like how it does not clump and makes my eyes look bold and voluminous, however, because i am an Asian and any Asian girl out there would understand, my lashes are straight and falls straight down, no matter how much I curl it. Waterproof mascara holds the curls, unfortunately this one doesn't.


buy the waterproof one

Ideal for

naturally curled lashes



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Believe the hype!

I have sparse, stumpy lashes, and this mascara has been the second best I've used. The brush does overload with product easily, which isn't a deal breaker for me, but it does mean if I'm in a hurry I might accidentally look like I'm wearing fake lashes to work! Doesn't fall, smudge or panda easily - but then, I don't wear it on my bottom lashes.

Ideal for

Anyone wanting to discover how good non-drug store mascara can be, but without taking out a second mortgage.



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Not worth the hype

I purchased this whilst browsing for some mascaras in Myer. Do not like it at all. It did nothing for my lashes. No curl at all, too heavy and caused curled lashes to drop. It did give a little volume but I felt the mascara was too thick/clumpy to apply. When you get a mascara that just doesnt work because of the brush.



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Dramatic Lashes!

This mascara is amazing to create a dramatic eye look! Sexy full lashes, that are black as night, coupled with a smokey eye or neutral look they really make a make-up look pop!


Use a disposable wand for a more subtle look.

Temporary Pr...


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Gives it volume, but no curl

I have dead straight Asian lashes that don't go anywhere, not even with an eyelash curler sometimes, and while they aren't the worst, I do know that they can be quite boring.

As such, this particular mascara from Benefit doesn't add too much else to them. While it does coat the lashes well enough, adding what appears to be a bit of volume to them, this doesn't appear to lengthen or curl them, which makes it ok in my books, but nothing spectacular.

Additionally, this brush is quite big, which can make handling a little difficult.

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