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Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner offers the precision of a liquid liner and the ease of a gel-based formula. It is available in Black Ink, Sepia Ink, Cobalt Ink, Violet Ink, Granite Ink, Espresso Ink, Chocolate Shimmer, Ivy Shimmer, Graphite, Black Mauve Shimmer Ink, Forest Shimmer Ink, Caviar Ink, Denim Ink and Steel Ink.
To apply, dip tip of Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush into gel formula (coat both sides of brush head). Wipe off excess on tissue before applying to eye. Work quickly as product becomes transfer-resistant once dry. To remove, use Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover.


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It's fantastic if you don't wear contacts

Heavily pigmented, great staying power and easy to apply- once you find the right brush (which was a quest in it's own right). I love this product, but I found my lids were too oily without primer, and it's great as a waterliner if you aren't wearing contacts.
I found my eyes need drops with contacts so if I need to reapply during the day I have to redo my eyeliner also.

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Easy gel liner

I have this in the shimmering graphite colour. I have been fairly disappointed with the staying power of this liner. It’s great for a smudgey or smokey eye however for defined lining, it’s not great as it tends to smudge after a few hours of wear even with eye primer. The colour payoff is great and it is easy to apply, very smooth and doesn’t dry out. It doesn’t irritate my skin, and is definitely waterproof as claimed, I just wish it would stay exactly where I put it. I have tried the black ink and this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem so perhaps the shimmer is part of the issue. I would buy this again in black ink, but the Shimmery graphite is not for me.

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My Must Have Product!

This would have to be my best investment yet! The Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner holds a strong lasting colour and is easy to apply. I have tried using other forms of liners (liquid, pencil and kohl) and just haven't had the same results. The gel eyeliner has a beautiful pigmented finish and I would highly recommend this to first time eyeliner users!

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Love Love

I have this in Brown and have been using this eyeliner for about 2 months now and I love it. I apply primer, eyeliner and then some translucent powder over it to ensure it won't budge all day.

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24 hour staying power

Amazing amazing amazing.

This gel liner is a necessity all year round. It's water resistant, fade resistant, tear proof, fool proof! It goes on very easily (use a fine tipped eyeliner brush), and literally lasts until you remove it.

I've had this stuff on for 24 hours before (even slept in it!) and it lasted and lasted. I've had it rained on, worn it in 40+ degree heat...and this bad boy still lasts! Unstoppable.

It's worth the price tag and investment, it won't let you down.

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A cult favourite! - Best in Beauty 2013

This gel liner is housed in a simple, no-frills, classic glass tub and screw-on lid. The packaging is functional, durable, sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. I have a severe case of Butter Fingers, and there has been no damage done despite constant drops on the tiled floor!

Black Ink is exactly that - it's an opaque, intense carbon-black colour that won't smudge, budge or fade after application. The texture of the eyeliner is silky-smooth, and you only need the tiniest dab on your brush to achieve full pigmentation when applied to the eye. Within minutes, the product dries to a smooth, matte finish that is both long-lasting and non-irritating. The effect is the look of liquid liner, with the ease of a pencil liner. It's also great for contact lens wearers as the product doesn't flake, shift or migrate out of the lashline. I love the fact that eyeliner touch-ups are a thing of the past!

The gel eyeliner is perfect for creating dramatic, feline winged eyeliner or softer, smudged lines for a natural look. I like to use an angled eyeliner brush with the liner, bringing the product past the outer corner for a bold, dramatic look. It also stays beautifully on the waterline. On 'lighter' days, I like to use a fine liner brush to push the product into the gaps of my lashes for the illusion of naturally thicker lashes. Despite the initial outlay, the product is very economical - one jar lasts many months!

Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner is once of the best, high-quality, luxe eyeliners on the market. The impressive long-wearing formula, blacker-than-black colour and ease of application will get you addicted faster than Kate Moss and cocaine.

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Best In Beauty 2013

A couple of years ago I had a free makeup lesson at the local Bobbi Brown counter and was introduced to their cult gel eyeliner. Up until then I was scared to try lining my eyes but after being shown how to, I was keen to give it a go. Then and there I purchased the colour Cobalt Ink (a dark blue) along with the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner brush. The same pot is still going strong after almost daily use.

The gel eyeliner is super easy to apply with precision, lasts all day, does not smudge or budge but is also easy to remove with an eye makeup remover. It has a creamy consistency, is very highly pigmented and has yet to dry out in the pot. The colour is vibrant (and more importantly stays vibrant all day), is long lasting and dries quickly on my lids. I have sensitive eyes and love that this gel does not irritate them at all.

I can understand why this pot of gold is highly regarded in the beauty industry- it is brilliant! I have ordered another pot of this in the colour Chocolate Shimmer and I cannot wait to try it out. Highly recommended!

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Best in Beauty 2013.

This is an absolute staple product for anyone who likes to use a gel liner.

The formula glides on like silk and doesn't tug at the skin so getting a perfectly smooth line is made even easier when using this. Once the product sets, which only takes a few seconds, it doesn't move until you are ready to move it, transferring, smudging or streaking is a thing of the past with this product. Unless you have extremely oily eyelids you will have no problems with this product, if you do suffer from oily lids a little dusting of translucent powder will prevent any movement during the wear time.

I use the colour black ink and it is an intense, jet black, it doesn't fade and the pigment is very strong.
I actually find it quite easy to remove, the remover recommended by Bobby Brown is not necessary, any good eye makeup remover or oil based remover/cleanser will remove it with ease.

I find the best way to apply is to take a thin angled liner brush and gently dip it in to the pot, using the angles of the brush apply the liner where you want it, whether you are trying to achieve a beautiful, classic, cat eye flick or a simple, elegant, upper lash line intensity. This can also be used to tightline your upper water line or darken your lower waterline and again, once it has set it will stay there.

The product will last you a long time, it doesn't dry out extremely quickly if you remember to tightly place the lid back on to the pot after use, making this good value for money. By far the best gel liner I have found to date.

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these eyeliners are amazing. they are so easy to use and have great staying power. i thought they would be difficult to use, as i was used to always using a liquid pen liner, but theseare surprisingly easy. i am able to make precise lines and points. i find they they stay in place most of the day without using any sort of primer or setting stuff, but sometimes tend to smudge by the end, but if i use things to prevent this i believe it would stay all day. im just lazy and dont mind a bit of smudging.

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Easy to use Gel Eyeliner

This is my fist gel eyeliner. I had never draw a eyeliner by myself before. This gel eyeliner is super easy to apply. Its very smooth and goes onto an eyeliner brush very easily. It is easy to blend, and does not rub off easily. It works well with a bobbi brown eyeliner brush. It is so easy to use that even a beginer like me can manage to draw a even eyeliner.

It had great staying power which is one of its many advantages. I apply this before the evening and when I get home in the early morning, it has barely budged or flaked. It looks like I had just applied it, and still remains just as pigmented, which is why I love it.


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