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I love this! My brows are lighter than how I'd like them and this product gives me the perfect shade (I have black hair). It's not too dark nor too light for me, much like a normal shade of brown.

It filled in all the crappy sparse areas and defined them in such a brilliant way. It was easy to apply as its dry, it was a little too dry towards the end. But during its lifetime it provided me good wear.

I really like this brow product and will snatch more up during a sale as their standard RRP is ridiculous.

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Kat Biscuits


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brilliant day long brows

Super easy to apply and a fantastic color that seems to blend in with several hair shades since im always switching. Stays all day and while it takes some getting used too the application is easy and the shape of the wand naturally creates a great shape

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Natural colour, simple application

This makes my eyebrows look great - it shapes them and controls any odd/stray hairs. I have been trying to grow back my eyebrows after years of over threading and waxing and this has been great to add colour and help as they grow back a little unevenly and very slowly!!

It really does lift and shape.

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Too Dark. Formula doesn't seem right.

I was excited when I received this in the mail but after this excitement, disappoint was soon to come after application. First of all, I love the packaging it comes in as it looks luxurious. A nice gold container encloses the brow product. The product looks light in the container but when applied is way too dark for my eyebrows. It makes me look scary, that is the response I got from my family before leaving my house.

The wand is easy to use but I feel the gel formula is too thick and clumps a bit if excess is not brushed off. Overall the only good thing I thought about the product, is it removes easily with water.

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A great gel, but sadly too dark for me

This is a product that I really wanted to love. It's a gel formula that looks incredibly natural.

Sadly it doesn't come in multiple colours and it's just too dark for my pale eyebrows.

I really hope that they release other colours in the future.

The packaging is great and is easy to use. It also contains a lot of product.

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One size fits all Eyebrows!

I love this product, the colour looks bronze in the tube but amazingly enough, matches almost any colour brow! I'm guilty of changing my hair colour every month, and this product works whether I'm dark brown, auburn or blonde.

The brush is small and easy to control, and while dearer than most brow gels, it lasts for ever!

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HG Product

Only a recent discovery but man, this product is the bomb. It is a perfect colour match for me (could be too dark for some). It's so easy to use. It doesn't move once applied but yet washes off easily when you want to remove it. This is a must for me. I think well maintained eyebrows are important and this is so quick and easy to use.

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Surpising Product

I got this product in a mystery pack, not something I would buy normally but was pleasantly surprised! The colour suits me although I thought it was a bit bronzy on the brush. It's easy to apply & take off and lasts all day.

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Not right for me

I like the concept of this product but the colour and intensity is not right for me. It can come on quite dark and I don't like how it has a shimmer of gold through it. This makes it look quite unnatural.

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I have blonde eyebrows and You can't see them at all. I used to use a pencil/powder but found the colour always to orangey and it would wear off in half the day. A sweep of this darkens and defines my brows and it stays put all day! Depending on what hairstyle I have I can up the intensity with a few more sweeps or mute it with a cotton bud as well! Great!

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