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Ulta3 Clear Mascara can be used to control unruly eyelashes and eyebrows as well as adding a subtle shine.



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I like this for my eyebrows. I fill in my eyebrows and use this to gel them in place. This product gives a decent hold at a reasonable price. I don't notice it's there, and it holds my brows in place.

It can make my brows look shiny if I add too much, and it can smudge the lining product if I get too close to my skin but that's a problem I'd have with any product.

This product also comes off fairly easily without irritation, and there isn't an irritating scent. Both good things in my book!


Light layers are key.

Ideal for

Brows, and people with dark brows.



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Very cheap and great for eyebrows.
It does nothing for lashes, just coats them with a clear solution from the bottle, no curl or length etc.
I guess you could use it as a tiop coat for the lashes but what for? weird.
It works on the eyebrows keeping them in place which is great for my unruly eyebrows.!



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Brow beauty

I bought this with the intention of using it on my lashes but i didn't like it at all. It does work great to hold brows in place and give them a glossy look, but the fluffy wire bound brush takes away the brow colour if you sweep it to close to the skin.
Great bargain buy if it is used for the brows.



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on brows

i dont use this on my eyelashes because they make them go straight again.
but on my brows they look good. and its hold it in place really well. it does make my brows look shiny and a little darker i think. but it works :D

Ms Jelena


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i use it on eyebrows

I comb this mascara through my eyebrows to keep them in place after filling them in. I really like it and while I wouldnt use it on my eyelashes, I think it does a very good job on my evebrows



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its okay i guess, gives a nice natural look for a pretty cheap price.



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No Difference

After using one coat, I can't really see a difference, only that my lashes are ever so slightly shinier. They also made them look like sticks

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