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Max Factor

2000 Calorie Mascara

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Up to 300% dramatic lash volume mascara. Feast your eyes.

The Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara will deliver volume to lashes in three unique ways with Dramatic Volume for high drama lashes, Waterproof Volume for water-resistant lashes and Curved Brush to volumise and curl. 2000 Calorie Mascara features a lash-building formula and custom wired brush. Enriched with patented liquid crystals and wax-in-water emulsions, the formula will lengthen and thicken lashes and won’t dry them out. With a wire brush and widely spaced bristles to lock in plenty of pigment, the mascara wiper system removes excess mascara and clumps while delivering three times the volume from the root to tip. Calorie Mascara is available in Black, Black Brown and Waterproof.


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Asian Eyelashes

I have been using this mascara for half a year now and compared to my other ones, i keep coming back to this one. After a curl and a few strokes, i find my eyelashes still volumised by the end of the day. Unlike the others, it evenly coats the lashes and very easy to build up for a definition on your eyes. Mnay of my friends complement me my eyelashes :)


To sustain the mascara fro a longer period of time, wash the brush in hot water, dry it and re-use it

Ideal for

Asian eyelashes that are in dire need for volume!



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My perfect mascara! Holds curl like no other.

I've tried tonnes of mascaras, and am always testing new ones out of curiosity but I ALWAYS come back to the 2000 Calorie Mascara. I use the waterproof formula because I curl my lashes, and it is the only mascara that fully holds my curl and does not let it droop a single bit. The formula is fairly thin, which I like. I'm not a fan of gloopy or thick mascaras so I find the consistency perfect. I find it looks more natural and subtle when the consistency is a little more thin. I don't often absolutely rave about products, but this one I feel is so underrated!!


Definitely use the waterproof formula if you curl your lashes

Ideal for

Everyone. Seriously.



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All time favourite mascara

I have tried basically every mascara that has come out but this one is by far the best one I've used.
It doesn't give me spider lashes, doesn't have any fallout & the brush is perfect for my eyes.
I love that it's really easy to remove as well, so I don't have panda eyes in the mornings.



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My most favourite mascara ever!

I love this mascara and ironically this is the first mascara I've ever tried, then I went through many more different mascaras but my 2000 calorie is always in my cosmetic bag now!
It allows me (with my fine lashes) to achieve good length and curl while looking natural and not clumpy, but I can also keep applying it to create more dramatic look with extra volume!



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Great natural look

I may have bought a mascara that had been on the store's shelves for too long because when I opened the tube, the mascara was a bit dry. I managed to get two weeks of wear out of it before it became unusable. In that short time, I liked using this mascara, despite its dryness.

A couple of coats didn't give my lashes much volume or definition, but if I kept layering the mascara without waiting for each coat to dry, I ended up with good definition. I never experienced any flakiness or smudges. I purchased this mascara with the straight brush, and it made application much easier than other mascaras I've used with chunkier and/or curved brushes.



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Good but is nothing to rave about

It works, lengthen my lashes nicely without clumping but not something I rave about. Have tried countless of mascaras and this is just about average.



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all time favorite

This mascara has never let me down!,
I love the big brush and how i can build it up to big fat lashes or keep them long and simple but always looking plump and amazing.


build the volume up slowly with coats wiggling the brush at the base of your lashes for amazing clump free almost false looking lashes!

Ideal for


Miss Dior


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Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara - Cult Product

Both the straight and curved brush versions are HG material - they're effects are similar but for me the curved brush works better. This is the best ever mascara, a true cult product and the best ever kept secret. Trust me, this is unbeatable.

The trick to getting - and you will with this mascara - defined, separated, false effect, full, thick, dramatic lashes is to keep applying until you get your desired effect. Buildable and non-clumping, you can fix mistakes and go bolder easily. Does not smudge or flake. Can be touched up easy later on in the day.

You must try this one xo



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Super Black!

I was really, really impressed with the rich colour and lash definition of this mascara - super, super dark glossy black and the brush really got to each lash individually. Two quick, light coats give an amazing dramtaic look, which is important to me as I'd rather have 5 more minutes to sleep in in the morning than spend that time on my make-up!

It's really easy to remove - even with just make-up wipes. I usually wear tubing or waterproof mascara, which can take a bit of effort to get off, so my evening cleansing routine is a bit gentler and quicker when I wear the Max Factor.

The only (very slight!) complaint I have is that by lunchtime, there's some transfer to under my eyes, even though I don't put the mascara on my lower lashes. As long as I remember to check in the bathroom mirror during the work day and fix with a quick wipe of a tissue, I can accept that tradeoff for the colour payoff!

I wouldn't recommend wearing this if you're expecting to get sweaty or be out in the rain (it will definitely run!) but overall a great mascara for an air-conditioned office or restaurant.

Spoilt by Pi...


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2000 Calorie Mascara

Because I have sensitive eyes which water and itch easily, I do not usually wear mascara to work by day, instead opting to wear it at night time when I go out somewhere special. None-the-less I was excited to try Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara. I am happy to announce that 2000 Calorie Mascara has completely changed my attitude toward Max Factor mascaras because a few years ago I purchased their Masterpiece MAX mascara and was not happy with the result, but this formula is effective and truly does what it promises to. This fabulous formula is designed to volumise and enhance lashes by up to 300% and from my first application, 2000 Calorie did just that. After a single coat, my lashes were out of this world: thick, separated, noticeable, long and clump-free. The brush head is a little thicker than a brush on a standard mascara wand but it is still easy to manoeuvre around the top and bottom lashes (including the small lashes on the inner and outer corners). For a beautiful natural look, I would advise applying just the one coat because it was more than sufficient, but for an extra enhanced look then two coats is a must! While the regular formula is not waterproof or smudge-proof, I found that once this dries, it sets beautifully and lasts all day without smudging or marking the skin. asmentioned ealier, I do experience sensitive eyes which itch and water often but luckily 2000 Calorie mascara did not upset or affect them in any way. When using a good eye makeup remover, the formula comes off lashes in seconds, without pulling the skin or leaving residue. 2000 Calorie mascara is enriched with patented liquid crystals and a wax-in-water emulsion to ensure the formula stays thick. While this is available in Black, Black-Brown and waterproof formulas, I would love to see this released in brown, plum and navy blue colours as well to complete the collection. I am super impressed by 2000 Calorie and will certainly consider purchasing this in the future.

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