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High Impact Mascara

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This multi-benefit mascara effortlessly adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while combing for separation. Provides rich, intense colour. Clinique High Impact Mascara is available in: Black and Black/Brown.

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my go to mascara

I seriously love this macasra. i have never been a big mascara wearer because they are usually clumpy, messy and a pain to take off.
This mascara is awesome, i get ZERO clumps even when i apply a couple of coats. My lashes look defined and long!!

Also, i love that it is so easy to remove, it doesn't leave any marks and i don't have to vigorously rub my eyes to get it off!
I got a sample size of this with gift with purchase, so im keen to buy a full size one!



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Ok mascara

After reading rave reviews on this product, I saw that it was a gift with magazine which I bought. It is a black ordinary mascara with a silver lid. The brush is fine and at first it applies easily and after I have curled my lashes. The impact is not so bad, however I noticed that my mascara runs and smudges by the end of the day.
I was quite disappointed but in a way glad I havent bought the full sized product nor the full price. I know there is a waterproof version of the mascara but I dont think I will try it.



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My go to every day mascara

This mascara is amazing. It's great for every day use with one coat and multiple coats for a night out. It thickens and lengthens at the same time! I also love that when I jump in the shower it rinses off completely and leaves no black marks on my face so it's perfect if you're heading out for lunch and then for a swim!

Melissa :)


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Got this as a gift purchase freebie, and was pretty happy to receive it.
It's much better than 'drugstore' brand mascara, in my opinion, not sure if I'd pay $42 for it.
For me it doesn't smudge at all, doesn't clump, has a little volume added. Definitely a more natural look.



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Best in Beauty 2014

High Impact Mascara.

I tend to buy my Clinique products when there is a gift with purchase offer.

I love all,the little freebies, but in particular the mascara.
I do not wear makeup or mascara everyday and if I buy a full size tube it either drys up or I have to throw it out after six months having used only a third of the product.

Clinique High Impact GWP size has a standard brush andis very easy to apply it does not flake or irritate my eyes and lasts all day.
It gives me lovely jet black lashes and is a breeze to remove.
I love the GWP size as it gives me the perfect excuse to buy my favourite perfume at the moment Calyx and my cant live without winter skin treat Moisure Surge,



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Very versatile

I received this mascara in a gift with purchase. This mascara gives them the perfect amount of pigment, definition and fullness without ever being chunky or wearing off by the end of the day. I also really love the classic style of the brush.

It is the perfect mascara as it separates and lengthens my lashes without giving me a very "spidery" effect. This mascara is very versatile. I've used it for several different types of looks, and it works wonderfully for each. The mascara is subtle enough to be worn with everyday/natural makeup, but can easily work for more dramatic, night time looks by adding a few more coats.

One problem I do have with this product is it can dry up pretty fast, I usually replace my mascara every 3 months, and with high impact, at the 3 month mark, it pretty much becomes unusable. I also prefer waterproof mascara as living in Brisbane means it can be sunny but it’ll start raining and nobody likes the panda look. It is a great mascara but a little expensive, I think I'll be trying other mascaras on the market to find one that's in my price range.



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Best in Beauty 2014 - An old favourite

High Impact mascara has been my go-to mascara for as long as I can remember. It isn’t special or super-duper amazing, but it is reliable. It gives me the everyday look I want without fail, and it has never let me down. Easily gets five stars from me for best mascara!

High Impact mascara is the perfect no-fuss everyday mascara. It often gets some average reviews from people, but I feel that is because they think it will be life-changing. High Impact mascara is not in the business of changing lives, it is, however, in the business of giving you great lashes every day. High Impact mascara comes in simple and practical packaging. The brush is pretty standard, and it is not too big or not too small. High Impact mascara applies to lashes easily and doesn’t clump. It leaves your lashes looking defined and makes them pop … but not too much. High Impact mascara finishes your eye makeup and leaves you ready to face the day.

High Impact mascara has good longevity. When its lasting power fades it does not flake onto your face, it fades away gradually with no mess. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this mascara is it removes SO easily. It comes off with warm water with not a trace left behind. This makes it perfect for dry or sensitive eyes where you want to avoid rubbing away your eyes to remove eye makeup.

High Impact mascara is trusty, convenient and an easy choice for everyday lashes. It doesn’t give you mind-blowing lashes, there are other mascaras or false lashes for that. It does, however, define lashes without clumping, and gives you a polished eye makeup look. High Impact mascara is a reliable old favourite which gets my vote for best mascara!



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Best in Beauty: A Reliable High Performer!

Do you ever have those products that don't really "dazzle" you right out of the box, but time after time you keep coming back? It's like those jeans that aren't anything special, but you seem to reach for them every time you don't want to look like you tried too hard but still want to feel sexy and confident. High Impact Mascara is that product for me.

I love the brush. It's not a weird shape, or curved, or gigantic, it's just a nice straight brush with a zillion bristles that grab every lash and separate them perfectly. I never get clumping with High Impact, and my lashes always look perfectly fanned and much more plentiful than they actually are. High Impact holds a curl all day, and never smears or flakes. I've used mascaras that gave more volume, or a little more length, but they were fiddly to work with, or flaked into my eyes, or smudged. With High Impact mascara I know that I can apply it quickly and easily, and my lashes will look fabulous and stay that way - even my bottom lashes!

The formula itself is what I'd call a "drier" formula, rather than being overly wet and shiny, and the brush and tube are designed well to ensure the brush doesn't get overloaded with product. I usually apply two coats, with no waiting time between coats, and I love the result.

This isn't a "false lash effect" mascara by any means, but it does make my lashes look defined, fuller and more abundant, and it's a comfortable formula that stays all day and removes easily. This is an excellent everyday mascara and one of my makeup bag staples.

Ideal for

Ideal for daily use.



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Best mascara

I got this as a tester from Clinique and never looked back. It doesn't give 'spidery' lashes. Is really buildable, makes you look like you have lots of long lashes naturally. I haven't found a better mascara.

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Fantastic Mascara

I love this mascara, it is one of the best I have used in quite a while. It goes om nicely, separates the lashes perfectly and builds up coverage well if you increase the amount of coats you put on. Lovely and intense black colour. The brush is good quality. I really recommend this mascara.

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