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Liquid Eye Liner

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This fine, gently tapered brush tip allows for a controlled application across the upper lash line. Natio Liquid Eye Liner provides high definition to the eyes, helping to achieve dramatic looks. Available in: Black.


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dark, precise

I love this eyeliner, so easy to get a thin dark and precise cat eye. the other traditional style brushes may be a little quicker to apply but the results aren't as good for me at least. I was surprised at bad reviews, but I think it's due to individual technique...
Perfect for me :D

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Not my type of liquid liner

Did not like this at all think it is sitting down the bottom opf my drawer probably never to be used again..
I found the brush too hard to apply with and i made a big mess of it, and because i made a mess i got it in my eye and it stung so much !
The liquid was too runny for me, just not my type of liquid liner.

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The hands down best liquid eyeliner I've ever had. I've tried most other brands (including higher-end brands) and always come back to this one. Does not budge once it has dried and fantastic value for money. How can you go wrong at $12.95?!

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Fashion Fanatic


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Didn't like it at all

Its nice to use, but then the thing with it was that it hurts as it dries... not sure why.. anyone else had that experience with it?
It was my first eyeliner, and its detering me from others now.

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So easy to apply

It's been a while since I have found a really fantastic eye liner that really gets the job done! I've tried them all, powder, liquid, stick, gel you name it I’ve used it! Seeing as I love Natio products I thought I would give their liquid eye liner a go. I have to say I was very surprised with the outcome, I love my liquid eye liner but I’ve always found problems with the applicators that certain companies put with their liners. The thin little brush applicator with this Natio liner is perfect it keeps its shape and there has been no problems with loosing hairs from the applicator which is a bonus as well! I would highly recommend this liner to anyone who wants to try liquid, it’s so incredibly easy and fluid to put on, definitely rate this product!

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Not too sure

Not a fan of the brush handle, its far too long for such a flimsy brush.
I like the colour, its jet black but i hate how much product it picks up and how much of it collects around the lid area.
My applicator keeps breaking off at the cap as well.

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it maked me look good

it dose what some other eye liner don't do for me. It makes my eyes look darker like it has never been before.

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Oooh la la ;).

I'm such a picky user when it comes to liquid eyeliners, but after using this eyeliner, I've been successfully converted!

The Natio Eyeliner not only is affordable, but has long lasting strength, will not rub off or bleed (I prep my skin before with the Natio primer & a foundation as well & it stays on for AGES) & also has a rich black colour which makes your eyes pop out. Mind you, I have sensitive eyes so on the far corner of my eyelids I start to have watery eyes (but that's because my eyes are sensitive).

It takes some getting use to the tip, that's why I put it down a star, but once you ace it, there's no stopping you! :).

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Laquered Che...


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Liquid Eyeliner

Ooh when I tried this out at Myer today, I honestly wasn't expecting such great results. Considering it's price Natio's liquid liner is faublous quality plus the brush tip is pretty precise and small and great for the winged tips, cat eye look.

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Very black eyeliner

This eyeliner is very black, and is very easy to fix up when it's still wet- it comes off clean without smudgying, so it's great for beginners. The tip is also narrow and gives a very nice fine line. However, it does take some getting use to as the tip is quite far from the handle, and can sometimes be hard to be manipulate.

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