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This quick drying, seductively smooth liquid eyeliner has an easy to apply sponge tip for precision application. The long-lasting formula won’t smudge and the ergonomic handle allows for maximum comfort. Australis Liquid Eyeliner is available in Black and Steel.



Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

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love it

one of my fave lip liners ever and one of the best drug store liners. for beginners or people wanting to save money, this is the liquid liner for you!!!

Miss Chief


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Excellent budget liquid liner that really lasts

I am an avid user of liquid liner and over the years I've tried them all- but I keep coming back to this budget friendly beauty! Once you get some practice under your belt with application, you'll find that this baby really stays put.

The applicator is the perfect size and shape to balance in your hand while you rest your pinky on your cheek (pro tip to keep your hand steady!). Be careful that to wipe the excess from the brush or you could end up with the liner dripping into your eye rather than staying ON it. Therein lies my only criticism- the liquid is too runny and is very irritating to the eyes. I'm certain that the formulation has changed over the years, as I don't recall it being an issue in the past. If so, please make it thicker, Australis, so I can continue my love affair!


Take care to wipe off excess liquid before applying.



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Beautorium grab!

I got this in the last beautorium, I quite like it! very easy application! and I love how the brush applicator is long and thin so its great to get a nice fine line on top of my eyelashes that I love to do. And its great to get a nice flick out the sides.
It dries quite quick once you apply and very easy to wash off! so your not left with panda eyes and trying to rub it all off lol

I would buy this and use it again, and the price is really good for value!



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flakes and wears away quickly

This liner is affordable, and is great for everyday wear- however I would definitely not consider it fantastic.
The packaging is plain and simple, but I do like the applicator brush which is attached to the lid of the bottle, as it makes pplication a breeze.

I found that this liner was quite "sheer", and required a few coats to get a good colour to it. It also smudged and cracked a little within hours- so I wouldn't consider it the best option for a big night out!

All round, a great cheapie to get you through when needed, but I wouldn't rush out to buy again!



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Cheap for long lasting.. Need to build color

Cracked after a few hours , only because I layered it so it was jet black..
Thin formular means it was quite transparent. Good value for money .



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Does the job for the price you pay

I find that this really isn't a bad liquid eyeliner at all... for the price you pay.

When you apply it doesn't look jet black, but if you wait the first to dry, just do a second sweep and it looks dark.

Other than the colour situation I found this really quite good for how cheap it was!

Vintage Chic


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

The best

This liquid eyeliner is by far the best brand I have found. So many black liquid eyeliners look blue/black, or brown/black. But this one is a true black that stays bold and dramatic ALL DAY. It never crumbles or flakes, and I have never had smudging problems (despite having hooded eyelids). Some liquid eyeliners cannot be added to once they are applied, but this eyeliner is easily adjustable if you need to tweak the finished result. I love this eyeliner and it lasts a long time. I always replace mine every 3 months (for health reasons) and it is never fully used up.


I advise applying a thin dusting of loose powder first, as a primer. It doesn't need anything else.



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled


Australis are one of my favourite brands and i really needed a new liquid eyeliner so i brought this and i'm a bit disappointed it chipped off through out the day and i had looked like i had slept with my make up on, it is a cheapie so i didn't expect too much. i dont know, this product just wasn't for me



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Fantastic buy

I have been using this eyeliner for over 2 years now. Why? Because it's cheap, easy to apply and it's very black. If one swipe is not enough for you, it dries very quickly and you can easily layer another layer. I always lose these but considering the price I am never really that bothered. Would highly, highly recommend atleast giving this a go and seeing if it's for you, because it's one of my HG items



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Easy to apply

This is perhaps one of the easiest liquid eyeliners I've applied. I often like brands such as Vani-T, Inglot and Latonas, but for liquid eyeliner I always come back to Australis. I only use the black and the colour is well defined. It's not too runny so it's easy to apply. The small brush is an excellent shape, it's very easy to get the hang of especially if you are not used to liquid liner. It lasts throughout the day, I've even been in the pool with it on and it hasn't come off so it really has staying power.



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