NIVEA Face Care - Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

NIVEA Face Care

Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

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NIVEA Extra Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover gently and instantly dissolves regular eye make up in a non-greasy lotion. Enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to soothe the eye area, opthalmologist tested.


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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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I use this product every night to remove my make up. I find it to be gentle around the eyes. It removes all my makeup in one go, i don't have to scrub the skin.


After i remove my make up i use a face cleaner than pat dry. I then use a toner and let it dry naturally. Afterwards I apply some moisturizer before bed.

Ideal for

For everyone. I'd even recommend for people with sensitive skin it's that gentle.



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Nice and gentle

Good one - very gentle but still does its job. Perfect even for contact lens wearers.

Beauty junkie


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The best

Now iam on my 3rd bottle of this and I keep coming back to it I have tried the lancome bi facial and I like this nivea one better as it's way cheaper and dosnt hurst my eyes at all making it very cost effective as it's super cheap


Soak a cotton round and gently hold on eyes the swipe away



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gentle yet effective

I love mascara and wear lots of it, but when it comes to removing it I need a product which will remove it easily without rubbing too hard on the delicate eye area, and this product does exactly that. My mascara comes off easily, even waterproof mascara comes off with no effort whatsoever! Also being a gentle formula it doesnt sting my eyes which ive found great as some product ive used previously have stung even though I dont have sensitive eyes.


Apply using a cotton pad, you wont need as much product as you would with cotton wool. Hold the pad on your eyes for a few seconds and the mascara slides off easily.

Ideal for

Great for everyone with its gentle formulation



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For what it is and what it claims to do, it's pretty good.

Being someone who has sensitive eyes, this "extra gentle" eye makeup remover is right up my alley. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. As other reviewers have stated, it is not the most powerful eye makeup remover on the market. But it doesn't claim to be - it claims to be gentle, and it is! It feels like water, but it glides nicely over the eye area without pulling the skin. It also smells nice.

I use one of those round cotton pads, squirt a bit of product onto it, swipe over my eyelid, open my eyes (which doesn't sting because this product IS gentle), then while looking in the mirror, I just gently go back and forth under my eye until all of the mascara is gone, then I wash my face. And that works for me. It would be nice to have a product that removes everything immediately, but really about 90 seconds worth of work using a product that will not leave your eyes looking red and irritated is not that bad.

My only problem with this product is a few of the ingredients are "questionable". Having moved toward using strictly organic beauty products, this is not something I will continue to use. But if that was not a concern for me, I'd be happy to use this product indefinitely.


Use in front of the mirror

Ideal for

Sensitive eyes

Chia Seed


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Not good for waterproof mascara, but is gentle

This eye makeup remover does what it says, it is gentle and perfect for all skin types especially sensitive skin. It definitely moisturizes the eye area, keeping my eyelids soft and supple, however it does not effectively remove waterproof mascara. It is extremely difficult to use for waterproof mascara and I have to scrub my eyelids harshly and use up a lot of the product to clean off my mascara slightly. It does remove most of the residue from the makeup, except my mascara. The tiny opening of the product means that it takes a while to get out the makeup remover and sometimes just comes out by the drop. I would only recommend this for light eye makeup and for non-waterproof mascara rather than heavy makeup and waterproof mascara.

Ideal for

Ideal for light eye makeup



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Doesn't remove everything

This is just as it says, Gentle. It does not remove all make up only very light make up. When trying to remove mascara it seems all gone but then I wake up in the morning with panda eyes so I don't recommend this one as a great eye make up remover.

Megan Sauer


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Not all it's cracked up to be.

It works to an extent but that's after I've literally gauged at my eye lids. Using a random skin lotion works better to remove my make up and doesn't hurt as much. I've had the same bottle for months and months now because it doesn't do the job at all.


Steer clear of this product.

Ideal for

Sitting in your drawer, taking up space.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Best eye makeup remover.

This is definitely the best eye makeup remover, although, if you're using it every day, it doesn't last very long :/ lucky it's cheaply priced :) I have sensitive skin, and this doesn't affect my eyes at all.



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Removes normal SPF and light make-up with ease

I have always loved gentle and easy to use makeup remover when on a budget. I love this one so much! I actually use it for all over my face, as from past experiences I found the other makeup removers just didn't agree with my skin. Ever since using this I have softer and more agreeable skin after makeup removal. It is a great remover for anyone who is looking for an affordable item in their beauty closets!


pour over makeup removal cotton pads and use both sides.

Ideal for

removing light makeup

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