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Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover

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Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover removes all eye make-up including waterproof mascara with a non-greasy formula that doesn’t sting or irritate eyes. Pro-vitamin B5 restores, softens and smoothes skin and the formula is 100 per cent oil free so doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Opthalmologically tested, it’s suitable for contact-lens wearers.



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Gentle but not as effective as you would expect

I bought this because I can't use my oil cleanser to remove my eye makeup or my eyes cloud up and get irritated. While it is indeed gentle and gets my waterproof mascara off my eyes, it transfers some of the waterproof mascara onto my upper lid and below my eye which is impossible to remove - not even the eye makeup remover can remove it! It's almost as it seals it to my skin.



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Effective at removing waterproof mascara

This makeup remover has no dominant scent, and was pretty effective at removing stubborn eye makeup. I simply soaked a cotton pad with this product, and firmly pressed it against my eye for a couple of seconds, before wiping it away. Most of the makeup was removed in one wipe, but sometimes I still found some leftover eyemakeup residue. My eyes weren't irritated, however it did feel a little dry afterwards.



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Stung the first time I used it, but then it was okay

The first time that I used Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover, my eyes stung quite severely - not during application, but afterwards. This was despite me having my eyes shut tight. After that, I was extra careful in using the product and I had no further stinging.

The product was effective with waterproof mascara, but I had to use a large amount of the liquid until the makeup pads were clear of residue. This isn't a big deal as many other non-oily eye makeup removers are just the same. The liquid has no strong scent and it did not leave a greasy residue on the skin.



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Gentle but not hugely effective

Great price and definitely gentle on the eyes as it claims, I had no sensitivity or irritation issues at all. However I had to use a lot of the product to fully remove eyeliner so it's probably not as economical as I originally thought. I also had to scrub quite hard at my eyelids with the product on a pad to really lift the liner. I think there's probably better makeup removers out there.



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Gentle on the eyes

I do not wear make up all that often, but on the rare occasion that I do it's normally just eye make up.
Because of this, I bought this make up remover because it was a small and convenient little bottle for a great price at Coles (In the travel sized product section).

I find this make up remover to be very gentle on the eyes and works well removing my days make up, but I find that I have to wipe over my eyes quite a few times to remove it and still after I have had a shower or rinsed my face under some water, I still get some (very little) black residue in the fine creases under my bottom lash line, but this is probably because I am not thorough enough when removing and I get frustrated when I have to spend so long doing it.

The almost scentless liquid is very nice and gentle to use, and it has lasted me a long time because I don't need to use it very often.


Apply to a cotton make up removing pad and wipe away!

Ideal for

I think this product is great for those with sensitive eyes, and prefer to use or are conscious of using products with no animal derived ingredients.

Temporary Pr...


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Almost awesome

For those seeking an alternative to oily makeup remover, this fits the bill. It may be quite watery, but it definitely takes off more than you'd expect it to initially. It is promoted as a non-irritant to eyes, but as someone with eczema, I have found this to cause a mild reaction above my left eye.

As far as makeup removers go, this is a pretty good one, particularly as it's not oil based, but sadly, it's not 100% for me.



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works for me

I really like this product, it removes my eye makeup without any fuss and doesn't irritate my eyes. Doesn't leave an oily film on my skin and is quite inexpensive too.



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I like this!!

I love this eye makeup remover cos it's quick and easy!! AND NON OILY, I've even found it to remove some water proof mascaras which is great!! I'm almost finished my 2nd bottle & would buy again :)



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Didn't work.

I found this makeup remover barely removed anything let alone waterproof makeup. I thought maybe I got a dud product but my friend said she had the same experience. I was very disappointed and will be sticking with my Mary Kay makeup remover now!



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So Gentle

There are very few eye makeup removers out there they don’t irritate my eyes so I was cautious when I tried this at first. However I have been amazed how gentle this is; I have never been irritated at all by it. I just apply some to a cotton pad, hold it over my eye for 20 seconds and then my mascara comes off effortlessly with no irritation. It isn’t super great with waterproof mascara unfortunately but is great for everyday use.

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