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Australis 3in1 Wipes cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin. Rich in aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E and provitamin B5, these wipes remove all traces of make-up including waterproof mascara. Soap, alcohol and fragrance-free, these wipes are suitable for all skin types.



Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

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Average at best.....

At this price it is an okay purchase but there are a ton of other products on the market in the same price range that do a much better job.

I found these wipes effective at removing foundation and powder but downright useless for thick eyeliner and mascara. I wiped multiple times and still had dark spots everywhere.

Ultimately the wipes are just too dry to do an effective job and are not something that i would repurchase.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by cherie470.



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These dry out quickly, use them before they dry,

They dry out too quickly so i wasnt able to use the whole packet. They werent wet enough either, so couldnt remove much eye make up with this. Disappointed because i was really looking for 3-in1.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by babyeest.



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Not good for me

Although I generally love the economically friendly and good quality of Australia cosmeticsnthisnis not a fav of mine.
What I love-
- They come in a pack of 25, which is good value.
- They cost very little! It's a great product for when you have a low budget.
- They have no scent and doesn't irritate even sensitive skin.

What I don't love-
- They don't remove all my makeup, I find that I use more than one wipe to remove my makeup.
- The wipes are quite dry and need to be used very quickly.
- I found that the wipes made my skin very dry as well and I needed to moisturise my skin well afterwards.

Overall I think that this product is good for when you need something on a low budget.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by Anita87.



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Not a great product

I found that these wipes dried out easy and didn't really remove make up properly especially water-proof mascara. Heaps better products out there!

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by LisOnLife.



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Better products on the market

These wipes are not as expessive as some others on the market, but this is noticable in the quality.
I like to use wipes to remove my make up, which I found this to do an average job of. I found I needed to scrub hard over my eyes to remove my mascara and this left my eyes irratated and red.
In general I also find these wipes dry my skin and the wipe itself is rough and scratchy, This is not a product I will re-purchase as there are better products on the market.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by Trudz.



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Not that good at makeup removal. Might be good to throw in the bag for on the go stuff, but not an everyday thing.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by Fibee123.



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it removes makeuo, but not all of it. i don't think anywhere near as good as it seems

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by SwoopingStyles.

cherry pie


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I hate these wipes. They are dry and scratchy and don't remove any make up. They also have fragrance which I don't like in my wipes. I guess I am spoilt by Simple.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by cherry pie.



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Doest the job, effectively removes make up

These wipes are ideal if your not wearing a whole lot of make up. They are veryy gentle and dont irritate the skin a lot.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by chocolatelover.



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This product is so-so.
Many aspects of the wipes influence my decision on whether or not it was a good product, just a few are:

-Significantly cheaper then other brands, especially considering the quantity of 25 wipes compared to that of the competition (who usually have only 15 or 20 for a higher price)
-Wipes off all the make up off my face. Even my waterproof mascara! Super bonus as I often have to use additional wipes just to remove my mascara when it comes to other brands.
-The wipes are smooth and gentle, and aren't too runny or textured like some other brands I've used.

-It didn't 'cleanse', 'tone' or 'moisturise' my skin at all. It felt just like a regular wipe.
-The wipes were a little too dry for my liking. Though the product DID remove my make up, I often found myself having to use an additional wipe a lot of the time.
-It was a pretty ordinary product. I've tried several brands that have worked a lot better than this, and even though this is a little cheaper in price I would rather pay extra and buy a product that I am actually satisfied with.

Overall, I can only give this product 3 stars; because while it did remove my make up, it couldn't really compare to other brands and didn't work as a '3 in 1' product.

Read the full review of 3in1 Wipes by beautylover_23.

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