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Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover is strong enough to remove waterproof mascara without tugging the delicate skin around the eye. The extra-gentle dual-phase formula activates when shaken. It contains aloe and cucumber to soothe skin, and is 100 per cent oil-free with no greasy residue. It is dermatologist developed and ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


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Gentle & Generous!

This product that I was so lucky to be given the opportunity ity to trial was definitely a beauty must have product for me! The main make-up product that I wear everyday is eye make-up. Mascara, eye shadow, liner, primer as well as a brow high light. So this make-up remover had it's work cut out! But I must say I was very impressed with the results. The packaging was in a generous sized bottle with a screw lid. I liked the light blue colour too. It is very easy to use as long as you read the instructions first. You must shake up the bottle really well first otherwise I found the formula to be a little greasy and didn't work that well. Once I'd figured that out, I only needed to use one cotton ball for each eye plus one other for the rest of my face. I found the product to be gentle on my skin and didn't sting my eyes at all when removing my eye make-up, especially my eye liner which is usually a challenge for me to remove without some tears. Overall I loved it but honestly preferred the Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes only because they were quicker to use and left my skin feeling fresher.

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I have a fiarly sensitive under eye area and as nutrogena is usually pretty skin friendly I decided to give it a go when my favourite ran out. Well, as you just apply it straight to a cotton bud, I found it very harsh on my skin and very hard to move around! Additionally, I would still find traces of my eye make up a few days later- gross. Wouldn't buy again

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Gentle yet effective

I was very happy to receive this product to trial from beauty heaven as I had just run out of eye makeup remover and had been keen to give this one a try.
My first impression was that I liked the simple, subtle packaging with the large opening so you can easily put enough product onto a cosmetic pad to saturate the lashes, although it does make it a little difficult to control the amount that comes out.

I have to say I didn’t really like the scent, which to me smelt quite chemical and artificial, but it isn’t overpowering enough to stop me from using the product. It also didn’t work quite as quickly as some other makeup removers that I have tried, so I needed to hold it over my eyes for a little longer than usual, however it felt very gentle and there was no stinging when I accidentally got some of the liquid in my eye – which is a huge bonus and makes the extra minute or so to remove the makeup completely worthwhile.

It is probably also important to note that although the bottle states it is oil-free, there is some greasy residue left behind, so it is still necessary to cleanse properly afterwards – but that is pretty standard as far as makeup removers for waterproof cosmetics go.

Overall I was quite happy with this product, and although it isn’t my favourite eye makeup remover that I have tried, I probably would buy it again because it is effective at a very affordable price.

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Great choice for the budget-conscious

Neutrogena makes some great skincare products for those who want to take a more serious approach to their beauty regiment without breaking the bank.

This eye makeup remover does not disappoint - it's effective and best of all, doesn't irritate the eyes.

I do not wear mascara so cannot comment on its performance in removing stubborn mascara but it performs well in removing pencil/liquid/gel eyeliners.

I simply pour a small amount onto 2 cotton pads and gently press over my area for 10 seconds - enough for the product to soak through and dissolve the eye makeup. After that, a few gentle swipes is all it takes to remove any residual traces.

This product is lightly scented but the scent doesn't linger.

I would prefer if Neutrogena changed the packaging slightly - there needs to be a stopper to eliminate accidental spillage which would make it more travel-friendly.

Otherwise, it's a great beauty buy. My eye area feels soft after use and even though the product is oil-free, it doesn't dry out your skin.

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Oil free?!?!?

This eye make up remover is exactly that. In an excellent sized bottle of 112ml it removes every SINLGE trace of makeup with ease. It is a dual phased product so as advised be sure to shake before use to combine these magical formulations.
I do not usually wear alot of makeup in my eyes however, as I received this as part of the trial team I "glamed up" every day that I had it so that I can leave a fair review. So with a black and grey smokey eye, heavy on the liner and mascara EVERYDAY. I can honestly tell you that this stuff leaves your eyes NAKED. No sweat! I applied mine with a cotton pad, straight on my lid then in a down and out motion evrything was gone in two swipes. I did have a little in my lower lashes but with one stroke under my eye it was as if I had never worn makeup a day in my life. Be sure to shake to combine as recommended.No dragging, pulling, rubbing required at all. Which makes me absolutely adore this genius eye makeup remover. Normally I would be wearing my WATERPROOF LINER AND MASCARA for the next two days but with the make up removal works a dream. There is no stinging, watering or irritation to the eyes, it is as neautral as water.It also does not AT ALL dry out or drag my delicate eye area, quite the opposite actually. Although it is an oil free formula, it does leave a little slick behind, which I actually had NO PROBLEM with as I found it was only enough to leave the eye area nicely moisturised after. It is almost a fragrance free formula as it has an ever so slight smell to it. I could probably say it smells as strong as witch hazel does which is great for me as I can't stand too many irritants(like perfumes and fragrances) in products where it is not necessary. I personally wouldn't purchase any type of makeup remover with extra fragrances in it. So this is great. My only complaint, which does not matter so much as the amount of product is fantastic and you really only need 3-4 drops of the stuff per eye-BUT it is that the lid is a screw off cap, which allows too much product to flow from the bottle. It either needs a spray or squirt top type lid just to prevent so much pouring out onto your cotton pad which can then lead to too much product being applied leaving a greasy feeling residue. Like I said though, you get soo much product and only need a tiny bit per use so it is great stuff. Which is why this will be a keeper for ma and I will 100% be happy to purchase it again and again. Thanks Neautrogena!

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My new 'must have' eyemakeup remover

Make sure you shake the bottle well to combine the 2 components for a brilliant result of removing even the most stubborn eye makeup.

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Good, not great

I was given this product to trial and was pretty stoked since I am always leaving my mascara on to go to bed because I really don't like having to rub my eyes to get it off.

The packaging for this product was a great size however I found the applicationof the product to a makeup removal pad a little difficult. I found that too much of the product came out at once, completely saturating the pad.

On each application, I found the product did take off most of the mascara from my eyelashes. I did need to use 2 makeup removal pads per eye though.

The smell of the product is very subtle, it's not a perfume scent, but it is clean, which I personally prefer.

The product does feel oily after you use it but once washed off (which it does say to do) there is no trace left around the eye area. It did not irritate my skin at all or leave it dry.

Overall, I did like this product but thought that it could be made better. I would use it again though.

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Simple, effective, faultless.

Im not usually a fan of "supermarket brands", you might say im a bit of a snob when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. I never would have picked up this item, had I not received it in the mail as part of the "trial team". When in need of makeup remover, I would have headed straight to a MAC counter or to Myer to pick up some from the Chanel counter.

After trialling this product, I am a snob no more.

Firstly, for approx $11, you are getting quite alot of product. It's a decent size product, and the bottle is easy to use (not one of those annoying ones where you have to press down and twist at the same time, implying that we are little children attempting to break into the medicine box).

The product itself is extremely impressive. With little to no effort you can instantly remove your water proof eyeliner and mascara, without having to tug, wipe and pull around the delicate eye area. I personally use the MAC liquid eye liner every saturday night, and usually end up wearing it until tuesday because it literally will not come off. Until I used this, that is.

The product was very comfortable on my skin and my eyes. Didn't cause any redness or watering, and no stinging or burning sensation was felt.

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Do yourself, and your eyes, a favor and invest $11 in this product. Your eyes will thank you for it!

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Neutrogena oil free eye make-up remover (TT)

I don’t tend to wear a lot of eye make-up, however I am conscious of the delicate eye area and like the fact that this removes everything without tugiing or pulling.

The oil free formula sits separately in the bottle (kind of like one of those paperweights with the ducks floating in it!) and you have to shake it up to activate it. Make sure you shake well because it really doesn’t work anywhere near as well if you don’t.

Although it says it is an oil-free formula it did feel quite greasy on my skin, but a quick all over cleanse fixed that right up. I used quite a bit on a cotton bad and got some in my eye, I braced for the ‘sting and squint’ but it is as gentle as water. Definitely a no more tears formula.

Next morning, not a trace of tell-tale mascara left around the eyes, so it really does its job well.

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Platinum Ms


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The Real Deal

Love this product, it did what is said removed all eye makeup, without any effort or fuss. Who Needs expensive brands when you have this little beauty.

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