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Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover is strong enough to remove waterproof mascara without tugging the delicate skin around the eye. The extra-gentle dual-phase formula activates when shaken. It contains aloe and cucumber to soothe skin, and is 100 per cent oil-free with no greasy residue. It is dermatologist developed and ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


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Best make up remover ever!

This is amazing! I've used Clinique, body shop, Garnier, you name it! I've used it! This is by far the best, doesn't sting eyes, effectively get that waterproof mascara off and has no nasty smells so it. Leaves a bit of residue but I always cleanse my face/clairsonic afterwards so that doesn't matter to me.


Put on a cotton pad and start wiping!

Ideal for

Waterproof make up melts away with this!

Ashlee 849


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great basic eye makeup remover

This is a great basic to have. Easily removes all eye make up with one swipe. I love that its by phase too as i find that these types of removers work best with my makeup. It glides on perfectly without pulling or stinging my skin. There is no perfume. only down fall of this product is that it stays a little oily on my eye area for a fair while after I use this. Maybe its just me but it happena every time i use it.


Blot eye with clean cotton pad after using to soak up any excess oil from product



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Great price

This is pretty effective at removing all traces of eyeliner and mascara. It is oily, though, in spite of its claims, but I always use it before washing my face so it doesn't bother me that much. I wear contacts so I only use it at the end of the day not if I'm redoing my make up for any reason in the middle of the day. - it says it's safe for contacts wearers but I think it's much too greasy to risk it. For the price , I think it's a really good product, and as long as you've remembered to shake the bottle properly it's very effective. I will buy this again



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Love It

i really love this product, i use this to remove only my eye makeup and it does a great job. it will easily remove waterproof/non-waterproof mascara, liquid eye-liner and the layers of eye primer/base/shadow i put on, it all comes off with minimal effort. there is a slight oily residue left behind by this product but it is easily removed with a gentle dab from a small towel/face washer and doesn't bother me at all. i am nearly finished with my first bottle of this and have already bought a backup, i wont go without this any more. would reccomend it.



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Way too oily and greasy

This product does not live up to it's name. Oil-free? More like oily!
While this may be great for removing waterproof mascara, it has definitely left my eye area feeling quite dry. I also notice that once it has dried there were eye patches area around my eye from it. Would not repurchase!

I would recommend the Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 gentle make up remover. This product definitely lives up to its name as a gentle make up remover that easily takes off all your eye make up without a greasy and oily feel like the Neutrogena product.



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Not a fan

This remover is really effective when it comes to getting rid of waterproof make-up on the eyes, however I don't know if it is my sensitive skin or not but this products seriously dries out the skin around my eyes when I use it.

It dries my skin out to the point where it feel like rough sandpaper and even when I apply moisturiser after washing off the residue it leaves behind, a couple of hours later and the next day the skin around my eyes will still be dry and irritated. Like I said though, it could be just my sensitive skin reacting to the product, won't be re-purchasing.



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easily removes waterproof makeup!

This remover has two immiscible layers - an oily layer and a water layer. When shaken, soak a pad with the solution and press onto the eyelid. The formula is very effective in removing EVERY TRACE of waterproof make up on my eyes (this is the only type of make up I wear!). All of the make melts and disintegrates off my eyes without needing to rub, scrub and irritate my eyes. The formula also doesn't sting my eyes - another bonus!

Leaves an oily residue due to the effectiveness of its removing power - I recommend cleansing your face straight afterward to remove this nasty layer!

Great price for a makeup remover that actually removes all waterproof makeup! Definitely recommend to those who regularly wear waterproof makeup, but cleanse your face straight after you remove your makeup to remove the oily residue!



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Great but not amazing

This is great for removing waterproof eye makeup, the only downside is that it leaves a oily residue around my eye area which isn't the best feeling and some of the small amount of makeup that is left over spreads because it's so oily. Good for the price but I think I will keep using my Dior Instant eye makeup remover.



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The only eye make-up remover I use!

I use this all the time and have gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff, it is amazing!
It takes off all of my day to day eye make-up even waterproof mascara like a breeze. It even takes off all of my heavy stage make-up and makes me look normal again.
I just put a little of this onto a cotton pad hold it on my eye for a few seconds then swipe away and it all comes off. If I have any stubborn make-up on then I will gentle wiggle the cotton pad back and forth to shift the make-up and get it off. It is really gentle on your eyes so if you do get it in your eyes it doesn't sting or burn which is a plus. I will even use this to get my false eye lashes off and they literally swipe off with the cotton pad. It helps to loosen the glue so you don't get the pulling on top of your eyes when you remove them by pulling them off.



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Effective, Gentle, great price.

The title says it all. It has a two phase system (so it needs to be shaken before use), is affective at removing all makeup. It has very little smell. Easy to use- no more harsh scrubbing or repeatedly washing face to remove all makeup. I use this before washing my face.

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