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Manicare Mascara Brushes include four disposable mascara brushes to help create four different lash looks. The four brushes are differentiated by their colour. Blue can create a voluminous look while boosting your lashes. Purple is a petite brush that can be used to reach the corners of each eye and perfectly coat the bottom lashes. Red adds extra kink to naturally straight lashes; the curved wand is contoured to sweep the lashes into a curl. With an hourglass shaped brush head Orange separates each lash, allowing full coverage of mascara to create longer looking lashes.

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Not for my lashes, but for my brows!

I love using these little guys for my brows once I I've gone over them in pencil or power, because it really seems to distribute them to make things look a little more natural.

I have also used them for my lashes, and while it does seem to help comb things out a little bit, nothing beats using them for my brows! The other thing that I use them for is to apply fibres to my lashes to make them look fuller. Very versatile and easy to use!



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A waste

I received these in one of my monthly beauty boxes and was keen to try them...I love the colours and the concept. so I found them really appealing.
But then I used them...I picked the lash-look I was after for that day and then placed the wand in my applicator bottle...It wouldn't pick up enough to put on my eyelash....and I don't understand why people say...oh wow, I can use one and then throw it out and not contaminate my mascara - but you are doing the exact same thing with it as your normal have to place it in the mascara tube multiple times to do 2 sets of you're putting whatever germs are on your lashes in the tube anyway - so that doesn't make sense to me!
I just found these fiddly and not needed.

Princess Per...


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Keeps Mascara Fresh

I have the two pack of these mascaras after winning them in a Facebook Friday competition (thanks BH). I wasn't sure I would ever use them but I have had irritated eyes and did get them out. I think they are a great idea for keeping your mascara cleaner for longer and as brushes go it's great that you can achieve different looks depending on which brush you use. They do give nice curl and are easy to use. All in all these are really handy - another great product from Manicare!

Ideal for

Achieving different mascara looks.



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Excellent - just wishing you could buy all one colour

I absolute love the orange wands as I have short and sparse lashes - I found these worked really well with a variety of mascaras, and especially my favourite L'Oreal Illuminizer (in the purple shade) - I wish I could buy a pack of just the orange ones! I have found the purple one great for making sure that you get every single lash (especially on my lower lid), and curling with the red brush on my nieces (who have beautiful long eyelashes) creates quite a noticeable effect (which is stunning on these girls).

I find if I clean them (using a brush cleaner) as soon as possible after use, I get a few uses out of them (I can be a tight-a$$ some times), so they are a great value buy.

Also great for teens who want to "try" different mascaras - as long as the tube has only been used for disposable wands, there's no risk of infection, which is great for girls on a budget who are happy to share.

I just love that you can get a multitude of looks from one tube of mascara - it appeals to my inner penny-pincher, which makes them a great buy for people on a budget.



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an amazing concept

i love that these brushes can give my mascara a totally different look. the bright colours make these easily distinguishable too. i also use them for keeping my brows neat.



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When I received this as part of a gift pack I was wondering why would I need these as anyway every mascara comes with its own brush!
Now I realise how useful these little brushes are. have always struggled with applying mascara for the eye lashes towards the inner eye and at the outer tips, no problem now!
Really helps me to cover the entire lash evenly and make them curl better and look fuller.



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Cool Colour-Co-ordinated And Ever So Handy For Brows & Lashes

The styles of these have been colour co-ordinated so it's easy to grab quickly the style you are after for the job to be done. I love using these on a daily basis to tidy my brows and perfect my lashes.

Generous pack! I was able to give my daughters a coloured 'set' of each of these and we were all happy! A great pack of 'tools' to get good grooming! The different shapes and sizes are excellent to get all those tidying up jobs done for around the eyes. Re-usable. Great Value! Very Highly Recocmmended.



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I got these after great reviews on bh! The smaller pack only comes with two types of wands while the bigger pack contains the 4 wands. I think it's great; it does give me other options/looks with the one mascara. I do re-use each wand a couple of times each, I just ensure that I clean it straightaway after each use.



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Handy tools for your make-up bag

These mascara brushes have made my mascara application so much easier. I can't believe they weren't invented earlier.

I like using the small brush to really define my lashes in harder-to-reach places as most mascara wands are way too big for my eyes.

I do re-use them by cleaning them straight away after use.



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glosscars review

I am reviewing these again for the glosscars. They have gone up a star for me since my last review, all because of a stye. I hate not being able to wear mascara when i have one. Manicare made that possible! I can use one and wash or bin these after each use. Meaning no contamination to my mascara. The different colors make it incredibly easy to know which one i need, whether it be volume, length, corner lashes, this pack has them all. The packaging is compact, so i can carry them around easily in my bag. Love, love, love them. Will continue to be a staple in my make up bag.

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