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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Book

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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules builds beauty from the inside out, with tips from exercise and eating right to tips about how to achieve great makeup. The book includes step-by-step tutorials and ideas for fresh, healthy skin and makeup. The book includes all the essentials and shows teens how to get creative.


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Basic knowledge

Good book gives you the basics that you need to know but is not the best book out

Parisienne Chic


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A great start to makeup one of the best in the business

Well,i read this (after having bought several other books from other artists),and found it a little,well.....DULL.I ,like the other girls,was already well versed on the tips in here,but for a total would be fantastic.I was impressed with the fact that Bobbi doesn,t just harp on about cosmetics to provide beauty....but a total,holistic approach is raised with the readers.She does give some great tips (and beautiful pics),but i just didn,t find it challenging enough to excite me.


Ideal for younger women, (and of course the teens this is more aimed at )those just wanting to learn the basics...or true BB fans.



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Great for beginners

This is probably my least favourite makeup book as i find it's got a lot of info i already knew and alot of the looks i felt were a bit out-dated. I didn't like it mainly because i knew alot of what was in there, and how to achieve the makeup looks, however it would be a perfect book for beginners. Great for teens.



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It's ok

Good for anyone who is a teen and wants to learn about makeup and cannot be bothered to look online.


The thing about makeup is trial and error especially when it comes to colour there is no right or wrong. The best thing about internet is that you can find tips and how-to videos easily so there is really no point in buying the book unless if you enjoy having one.



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Pretty good.

I personally prefer bobbi brows makeup manual as it's more detailed and has better tips. But this book is also brilliant as well, I've found that it's more so for people that are just starting to learn about makeup, and for those in there young teens. Great book though!

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