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Quick alcohol-based brush cleaner

This is a very easy to use spray, I just spray it onto a flannel and onto the brush I want to clean and rub the brush gently until all traces of makeup are gone. It cleans very effectively and the alcohol in this disinfects the brush.

It has a very faint vanilla scent but the alcohol smell is STRONGGG and can be a bit sickening... personally I can deal with the scent because its cheap and works well.

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Great Cleaner

This is an effective brush cleaner, I can see my makeup come off the brushes I use after applying this spray and wiping with a tissue. I think I am doing the right thing by my skin and brushes, by ensuring I disinfect with this cleaner after each makeup use. I love this product and have become obsessed with using it after each makeup application. I still wash my brushes weekly as sometimes this cleaner does not get rid of all residual makeup.

The smell of this product is strong but luckily it disappears quickly. I apply 3 sprays of this product to each brush I use and then use a tissue to wipe off the makeup from my brushes. Overall I am impressed with how well this product works/cleans.

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Quick, easy and effective

This is the only brush cleaner that I've used, so I don't have another brand to compare it to. It quickly removes all makeup from my brushes. I just squirt some of the liquid onto a piece of kitchen paper towel and swipe my brushes in the liquid. I then rinse my brushes in water, but it's probably not necessary to do so. As others have mentioned, the scent of this brush cleaner is a bit strong, but it’s not overpowering.

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Works as it says,

This is a great brush cleaner that cleans brushes fast, drys quickly and doesn't have a strong scent. I have rather sensitive skin an have never had a reacting to this product. It removes all product from brushes fast and effectively without soaking the brushes and making them impossible to use for a while. Great product for the price would recommend it for anyone.

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make your own!

I used to use this religiously and i absolutely loved it, would definetly recommend for tose too lazy to DIY :)

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This is a good solid brush cleanser for in between brush washes. It helps remove quite a lot of product from my brushes and keeps them hygienic.

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Does the job well.

Good brush cleaner/sanitiser with a fragrance to help mask the isoproply alcohol.
Personally I don't like to use sanitisers with fragrance as people with sensitive skin can have a reaction to them to this cleaner wouldn't be my first choice. With that said, if you don't have an issue with fragrance then there is no reason why this wouldn't suit you just perfectly and I actually quite like the smell myself.. kind of like a vanilla undertone.

Does a great job of getting product off brushes and sanitising. I've never had an issue with colour contamination when using between shades and it dries quickly so you aren't waiting around to use your brushes.

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Really like it :):)

I used to always use baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes until i found this. It is gentle on my brushes and cleans effectively so long as i use it as soon as ive finished with the brush, well for my foundation brush anyway. Much more effective than baby shampoo and so much quicker and easier. I dont find the smell too over powering and ive just repurchased, with the last bottle lasting me 2 months.

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maddie kate


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Cleans well, overpowering smell

Cleans my horribly dirty brushes really well, i just squirt the brush and the towel and swirl.
MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN A VENTILATED AREA - like outside - because this really makes me dizzy and feel ill if Im not!
other than that its great :)

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Convenient, quick, affordable and strong smell

Artiste is almost always on sale at priceline so you can definitely get it cheaper than $14.95. It's quick and easy to use. I spray the cleanser on a tissue and swirl my brush into it. It gets off all the product and leaves my brushes looking as good as new. It even got my revlon colourstay off.

The smell can be quite strong but in saying that my brushes smell really nice after. Just be sure not to inhale. The scent is an artificial fresh scent with STRONG alcohol undertones but I quite like it (I'm weird that way).

Overall I think it does what it's supposed to do. And because it's a spray it'll last awhile making the value even better.

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